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Find Out Why Islamic Terrorism Is 

Causing Black Africans To Return To 

Their Native Religions 

Letters! Letters! 





200 Muslims Anack 12 

Pagans at Lompoc 



Blames Pagans 

hk $ 

The Red Hair Lord of 


Christian Ritual 

CKild Abuse 

Creates S. & M. Master 
The Marquis 

de Sade 

I^.O. XEfcox 
^wood, Ca 

California Q0038 

is influenced by Dr. Anton 
LaVey's Social Darwinian 
think tank, the Church of 

However, Scape Goat is not a 
religious organization 
mouth niece. It is a bold, in- 
dependent voice of the Left 
Handed Path. Scape Goat 
covers every topic dealing 
with the Satanic and Pagan 
lifestyle* They interview 
some of the top names in the 
Satanic\ Neo-Pagan music 
scene, write pieces on 
counter culture icons, ex- 
plore Satanic erotica and 
morality, expose Christian 
hypocrisy, review the 
newest releases in occult mu- 
sic, and much, much more! 

Scape Goat recently has inter- 
viewed such underground nota- 
bles as Church of Satan leader, 
Social Darwinian, and Industrial 
musician Boyd Rice, Hie Gothic 
band Type 6 Negative, the out- 
rageous Electric Hellfire Club, 
heavy metal rocker Glen Danzig, 
the Third Positionist American 
Front leader James Porrazzo, Sa- 
tanic rockers Acheron, the Euro- 
centric Pagan band Death In 
June, underground publisher 
Adam Parfrey, and a whole lot 


and Sf 

v one year ^/vitliin the United 

\*± *<=z<=i***^ m Outside the U.S. cr^v* 

-• one year and ^ 


J^agaxx ^Revival 

Contents . 

Islamic Terrorism Is Turning Black Africans Back Home 
To Paganism Page 6 

The Nordic Sub-tradition of the Verbena Page 7 

Why the Vikings Were Powerful Page 15 

The Aztlan Reconquista Page 15 

The Icelandic Sagas page 19 

The Jesus and Mary Passion Play Page 20 

The Lost Identity Movement Page 21 

Reviews: Music Page 5, Books Page 22, Movies Page 
25, Zines Page 40, Letters Page 5 & Page 26, Books For 
Sale Page 29 

Baal, The Red Hair Lord of Canaan Page 37 

Do You Know This Quote? 

Many issues back of Pagan Revival, I don't recall the issue 
number, I wrote an article about Chieftain Calgacus and his small 
army of Pictish warriors who were ravaged in the Battle of 
Grampian Mountains by overwhelming numbers and superior tech- 
nology. 30, 000 of his men died in this battle. Nonetheless, the 
Romans retreated south, behind their fortified walls. Even though 
the Battle of the Grampian Mountains was a Roman victory, the 
Pictish (Scottish) resistance convinced the invaders that occupa- 
tion of the Scottish mountains would be too costly. The Battle of 
Grampian Mountains showed the rest of the British islands that the 
army of Rome could be beaten. Calgacus helped spark the flames 
of rebellion that eventually drove the invaders out My article was 
called: SITTING ON THE EDGE OF HISTORY. It, also, ap- 
peared later in the WAR newspaper. There was a quote by Chief- 
tain Calgacus: 

"We who live on the edge of the Earth and who are 
the last bulwark of freedom, have to this day been 
protected by our remoteness and by the mystery and 
fear created by our name. But now the frontiers of 
Britain are open and beyond us are no other people, 
nothing but the sea, and still the Romans come. 
Their usurpation is not to be escaped by flight, self- 
abasement, nor appeasement. These plunders of the 
Earth are now Invading the seas because, having 
devastated everything, they now have no more land. 
If their enemy Is wealthy, they are greedy; if he is 
poor; they will be after glory—this race whom nei- 
ther east nor west is home. Alone among people 
they have looked with equal greed of both rich and 
poor alike. Stealing, murdering, and plundering they 
call government; and where they created a desert 
they call It peace." 

/got the quote from a History of the Celts type book and can't 
recall the title nor author. He was quoting an ancient Roman histo- 
rian I think around the first century C.E. However, I can't recall 
which Roman it was either. Is it from Tacitus' Agricola? It would 
be too late to be in Caesar's The Gaulic Wars, right? If you know, 
could you send me the info? If someone is on the net, could you 
try to find it because a brother needs it for a project. Thanks, Wy- 


200 Muslims, Chrisians 

Attack 12 Pagans In 


Christian Guard Blames Pagans 

Many of you know this story already. 12 members 
of an Odinist kindred In Lompoc Prison were minding 
their own business, when they were violently at- 
tacked by a mob of 200. Since we live under a 
democracy where the mob forces its will on the mi- 
nority, and since America is a Christian country, the 
Christian majority who run the prison decided to 
punish the Pagans for being battered. Minority peo- 
ple can never find justice under democracy- 
Dear Wyatt: 

Greetings Kinsman! 1 hope this finds all going well for you. 
Thanks you for the Yule card. I also want to thank you for the sup- t 
port you have given me and the other eleven Whites in the hole 
with me. Yes, I am still in the hole waiting my disciplinary hear- 
ing, so far seven of us have had their hearings. Five were found 
not guilty of rioting and had their incident reports expunged, but 
they remain in the hole , waiting their administrative transfers. The 
other two were found guilty and given 60 days disciplinary segre- 
gation, loss of good time and will be getting a disciplinary transfer. . 
The only difference between those who were found guilty and 
those who were found not guilty is that their incident reports were 
written by two different guards. 

Some Whites had to be found guilty in order to be Politically 
Correct and not show any "favoritism". My incident report was 
written by the same guard who wrote the reports on the two men 
found guilty. This guard also wrote a report which states he saw 
me punching and kicking blacks. 

As much as I wish this were true, the fact is it's not The melee 
started when I was hit from behind, knocked out, and stomped on, 
while I lay unconscious on the ground. I didn't get a chance to 
raise my hands in self-defense much less make an act of aggression 
towards anyone. 

They had me in the hole for a few months this summer and at- 
tempted to send me back to Marion for no other reason than the 
blacks dropped a bunch of notes on me for they were afraid of the 
White unity our Odinist gatherings were bringing about. 

I didn't get sent then, but now they have "a reason", and I figure 
that after I do my disciplinary segregation time I'll be sent back to 

...with that I am going to sign off. Give my best wishes to all. I 
hope your Yule went well. 14 words, Richard Scutari 

Pagan Revival 

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Pagan Revival supports all Aryan Pagan and Eurocentric tradi- 

The magazine's goal is to promote the survival and advance- 
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ing our people how to love themselves. ..(2.) Building an eco- 
nomic base for the Odinic community through the encourage- 
ment of Odinic run businesses and urging Odinists to invest in 
Ihe stocks of legitimate, mainstream companies...(3.) Creating . 
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If knowledge is power, and if power cor- 
rupts, and if absolute power corrupts abso- 
lutely, wouldn't the only way to fight ab- 
solute corruption be to hang everyone with 
aPh.D.? Wyatt 2: 16 


Hear the Voice of an anti-Christian White Female Racial Loyalist 
Speaking About The Need for More Women in The White Cause, 6a 
minute auto tape. $6 to: The World Church of the Creator, P.O. Box 2002, E. Peoria, IL 
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Maslc Mew 

WARHORSE, P.O. Box 673, Worcester, MA 01602, Burden of 
Being Records, 5 songs self titled CD, $7, U.S., $10 World, web 
site WarHorse calls their . 
brand of melancholy metal: Apocalyptic Stoner Doom. If you're 
too cranked up on speed metal, WarHorse's tranquil Doom will 
bring you down to Earth. This is intensely Dark metal. Seriously 
leaden melodies of extreme Stone/ Doom. The murkiness of 
WarHorse brings back memories of Iron Butterfly's Metamor- 
phose album, or perhaps, even early Black Sabbath. WarHorse 
grows on you. The first time I heard this CD I wasn't impressed by 
it, but the more times I played it, the better it got. I have played it 
about 50 times now, and it's God damn good. I'll be playing this 
WarHorse CD for many full moons before I get burnt out on it 
WarHorse is well worth $7. 

Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden, Blood Axis, Cold Meat Industry, P.O. 
Box 1$81, 581 17, Linkoping, Sweden. 12 songs. Type of music 
Apocalyptic Pagan Folk music. Blot is a live recording of the 
band's Swedish concert. Blood Axis is a Euro-Pagan band. Blot 
opens up with a speech calling for national revolution. Lord of 
Ages, a remarkable song about the Roman God Mithra, Reign I 
Forever, an important song about the Norse God Thor, and Be- 
tween Birds of Prey, a musical reading from Friedrich Nietzsche's 
spiritual book Thus Spoke Zarathustra are my three favorite. All 
the songs are great, and I like how they use the echoed howls of . 
wolves to introduce the next song. The CD has many varied styles 
from the Celtic folk sound of The March of Brain Boru to the 
Church organs on The Gospel of Inhumanity. The cover art is cool 
it shows a Blot to the God Thor in an ancient (Hot) temple. Man, 
how I long for the good old days! The CD ends with the folk song the Hang- 
man and the Papist, which is about the Christian killing of a man who refuse 
to give loyalty to a Christian King and the false Christian God. Blot is a 
great addition to your Pagan music collection. 


Hey, thanks for the copy of Pagan Revival. I like the variety and 
wide ranging scholastic approach. Here's a copy of Paniscus Re- 
vue #2. 1 have #3 finished, so a review of your pub will be in #4. 
Thanks again. T. Crites 


thanks for your sane and the art work. I'll try to use the art in the 
nextP.R. Your reviews are a lot better than mine. I like how you 
use photos of what you are reviewing. It has a bigger impact I 
noticed you mentioned Robert Ward's Fifth Path magazine. It 
amazes me that Robert has not put out Fifth Path for many years, 
and he only did about five issues and people are still talking about 
that zine. That was a great zine. Robert is now with the Asatru 
Alliance and puts out their Vor Tru magazine. I've never seen the 
new Vor Tru, but if Robert is involved, it must be good. Anyway, 
looking forward to seeing your next issue. Wyatt 


Thank you very much for issue #41 of Pagan Revival which is 
excellent. I hope you have had time to read the current issue of 
The Scorpion. I have just sent you two back issues of The Scor- 
pion as a gift.... 

I followed the e-mail with great interest. Perhaps you'll feel in- 
terested enough by the debate in the pages of The Scorpion to con- 
tribute to it? I am thinking especially of the Jordan/Harrington 
debate.... Yours sincerely, Michael Walker, The Scorpion, Postfach 
850505, 51030 Koln, Germany 

Brother Michael: 

Thanks, in advance* for the copies of your zine. The Scorpion 
sounds interesting. Most Americans don'rknow a thing about 
what is happening overseas. I know of both Jordan and Harrington. 
I can imagine what their debate would be like. Wyatt 

Dear Friend: 

Thanks you for Pagan Revival. # 41 -enclosed is the five dollars I 
owe you for it... 

Interesting what you had on Zoroastrianism. It is mainly from 
down loading text off the Internet that one is able to recite the 
Yashts, etc. We try to do the month/day Jashans (Despite some 
Yashts being lost I am working on "reconstructing" them.) , but 
we don't do the Gohombers, rather we do the seasonal Sabbaths(a 
Celtic/Persian synthesis, sort of). David Brock, Magister, ULL 
(Biythonic), P.O. Box 15259, Portland, OR 97293 

Dear David: 

You should contact Paras Havewala, P.O. Box 1770, North Syd- 

Letter Continued on Page 32 

Islamic Terrorism Is Turning Black Africans Back 

Home To Paganism 

In the summer of 1998, Islamic terrorists bombed two American embassies, one 
in Kenya and the other in Tanzania, Africa. These bombings killed and wounded a 
few Americans, but over 240 Black Africans died and over 5,000 were wounded. 
Many of the survivors were disabled for life. Black children left blind. Black fathers missing 
limbs. Black mother's suffering permanent brain damage. The United States' retaliation by 
bombing targets in both Sudan and Afghanistan had the expected results (1 .) These strikes 
took the American public's mind off of Clinton's sex scandal for a few moments, and (2.) The 
American air strikes united the Muslim world against the United States, Zionism, Christianity, 
the White race, and, also, stoked the flames of Islamic nationalism. However, one unexpected 
consequence of America's counter-terrorist attacks is it caused many Africans to denounce Is- 
lam and return home to their native African pagan religions. 

How could the American counter bombing of Islamic terrorists 
cause a Black Pagan Revival? The Muslim response to the Ameri- 
can air strikes enraged most Black Africans. Eight Islamic terror- 
ists were killed by the. Americans and every Muslim nation con- t 
demned the attack. The Muslim world sent food, money, and med- 
ical supplies to help the families of the eight dead terrorists. 

Not one Muslim nation condemned the bombings in Kenya and 
Tanzania. Not one Muslim nation sent rescue teams. Not one Mus- 
lim nation sent food, blankets, nor medical supplies when over 240 
Blacks were killed and over 5,000 Blacks were wounded. 
Most of these Blacks were not connected with the American em- 
bassies and were just pedestrians. 

Even more vexatious, was that the Muslim world sent messages 
to mosques in both Kenya and Tanzania, ordering them to join the 
rest of Islam in public condemnations of the America attacks. This 
communique' was even sent to mosques which had members with 
love ones lost in the bombings. Needless to say, this lack of sym- 
pathy for African suffering didn't play well, even among Black 

One story that got a lot of press in African newspapers is the in- 
sensitive tale of one bombing suspect by the name of Mohammed 

Mohammed Odeh is a Palestinian who was ordered by Islam to 
move to Mombassa, Kenya and get close to the American em- 
bassy. In 1994, with the help of Muslim money, Odeh bought a 
fishery and married a young Kenyan woman named Nassim, whose 
family had ties with the embassy. Mohammed Odeh helped bomb 
the Kenyan embassy. Some of his wife's family members were 
victims of the bombing. Afterwards, Odeh abandoned his pregnant 
wife and fled to Islamic Pakistan. Mohammed didn't care enough 
about his pregnant wife to even say good-bye, and for many days 
after the bombing Nassim had feared her husband either died in 
the blast or was trapped in the ruins of the embassy. It never oc- 
' curred to her that he was involved. 

Black Africa felt the Islamic world had knifed them in the back. 

Then on August 26 came the Cape Town bombing of the Planet 
Hollywood restaurant, which killed one and injured 27. A group 
calling itself Muslims Against Global Oppression planted the 
bomb in retaliation for the American strikes. 

According to Professor George B.N. Ayittey, president of the Free 
Africa Foundation and author of the book "Africa In Chaos", now 
many Africans are asking: "'What sort of religion would teach its 
disciples to commit such barbaric acts of terror'?' Some African 
Muslims have vowed to renounce Islam and revert to native reli- 
gions. A few threaten to expel the 'Arab infidels 9 from Africa and 
demand-reparations for slavery." 

Anti-Arab feels in Africa is nothing new, but the growing hatred 
of the Muslim religion is a fairly recent occurrence. 

Muslim disrespect of native African tradition showed itself in 
Morocco with the passing of the 1996 law which outlawed all 
African first and last names and ordered that they be replaced with 
Arabic and Islamic names. In the Sudan, the Muslims passed laws 
outlawing all native African religions and established Islam as the 
state religion. This provoked Black Pagans in southern Sudan to 
take up arms. However, the greatest efirontery Muslims commit 
against the native African religions is the continuing of the slave 
trade. Albeit the United Nations has outlawed slaveiy, during the 
1990s alone, Muslims have captured millions of Black Pagans and 
sold them on the Arabic slave market. 

In Mauritania, Rwanda, and other African nations with large 
Pagan populations, Muslim slave traders have taken entire towns 
and sold the people to the Islamic world. In Sudan, besides being a 
training ground for terrorists, the Muslim dictator Lt Gen. Omar 
Bashir has his Islamic shock troops round up members of the 
Dirika tribe and put them on the auction block. Women and chil- 
dren bring in the highest price, for not only can they be used as 
laborers, but also, the Arabs use them for sex. Black slave children 
are a real prize and a twelve year old virgin boy or girl can bring as 
much as 1 5 America dollars. 

While in the West, Liberals paint a picture of African slavery 
being created by White Christians. Some Black nationalists in 
America say Jews created the African trade. However, among a 
new generation of African historians, the Arabs are seen as 
equally guilty. The only difference is the Arabs never stopped tak- 
ing Black slaves. 

A new breed of African nationalists see both Christianity and 
Islam as foreign cults that raped their continent Both cults in- 
vaded their homeland, established foreign colonies, exploit Black 

labor and natural resources, took Black slaves, oppressed native 
African religions, and forced masses of Africans to covert to for- 
eign cults. Islam and Christianity did to Africa what Judaism and 
Christianity did to Europe. 

Even though Jews played a considerable role in the African slave 
trade, mainly as bankers investing in the trade and ship owners 
who moved the merchandise, they never colonized Africa. This is 
not because they were more moral than their Christian and Islamic 
kinfolk, but because the Jews were not numerous enough and Ju- 
daism was not as powerful during the Renaissance and Age of 
Reason as it was in Biblical times. 

White and Brown Christians controlled the slave trade in West 
Africa, while the Arabic Muslims monopolized the Northern, Cen- 
tral, and Eastern African market. More than 20 million Black 
slaves were sent to Arabia alone, greatly changing the racial make ° 
up of that area. An additional nine million Black slaves were 
shipped to Northern Africa, also, darkening the face of the region. 
Compare this with the United States where no more than a few 
hundred thousand Black slaves were ever brought in. Most of the 
Black slaves brought to the Americas were shipped to South 
America, especially the slave rich nation of Brazil, and the 
Caribbean by brown skinned Latino Christians from Spain and 
Portugal. Any fair read of African history will reveal the fact that 
brown people both Christian and Muslim are to blame for most of 
the Black race's plight Even though Christians and Jews played 
the major roles in Black slavery in the United States, it is Islam 
which hurt the Black race the greater. A growing number of 
Africans are beginning to see this truth. 

The American Left's racial strategy in the 1950s and '60s was to 
have a united front of Jews, homosexuals, women, and people of 
color against White Christian men. All the so-called oppressed 
minorities of the world were to come together and fight The Man. 
The scheme was international. It not only united the Black African 
independence movement with the American civil rights movement, 
but it also made for some strange.unions. The Islamic slave traders 
joined the Black communities' fight against White people, as did 
the former Latino slave-masters. Spanish < and Portuguese people 
who committed the greatest acts of genocide against the American 
Indians, now joined the Indian crusade to wipe the White race off 
the face of the Earth. Homosexuals, children molesters, and femi- 
nists coupled their assault against straight White men. Democracy 
encouraged White women to turn against their men and kill their 
children. Left wing Jews and Muslims allied against the so-called 
White male Christian establishment. This un-natural coalition 
couldn't last for long. 

African Blacks sought aid from Arabs, and in return, took a 
stand against Zionism. American Black nationalists denounced 
their "White slave master" names and replaced them with Islamic 
ones. American Blacks, also, broke with their Jewish allies in sup- 
port of their Arab brothers. They denounced Israel and Zionism as 
racist and just another form of European colonialism. 

The Arab and African union began to decay shortly after the 
White forces lost Africa. The native Africans began to realize that 
the Arab Muslims were just as corrupt as the Christian Europeans. 

The little crack which now is growing into a canyon began to 
separate with the 1973 Arab oil embargo. The rich oil producing 
Arab nations stopped production in order to jack up the price of 
oil. This caused long lines at the gas pumps in the United States 
and Europe, but it was literally murder on poor and underdevel- 
oped nations. While Arabs raked in billions with their embargo 
scam, tractors in Africa couldn't plow fields for lack of fuel. They 
couldn't harvest their corps nor get them to market Many Africans 

died. The Muslim world gave Africa no relief. The Arabs and 
American Left blamed the White race for the suffering the em- 
bargo caused. When ever non-Whites have trouble, no matter who 
is responsible, the White male is to blame. 

In Ethiopia, and else where, Muslims blocked food shipments to 
areas with heavy Pagan populations in order to intimidate Africans 
to convert to Islam. Most of the hunger in Africa is man 
made.. .Muslim made. The propaganda machines of the Left and of 
Islam blames the West (This means White males) for starvation is 
Africa. The truth is the West has sent billions and billions in aid to 
Africa. Whatever hardship Christianity caused Africa, Whites are 
now Africa's best friend. The Muslim world has never tried to help 
Africa and are still exploiting her. And the Left, all they ever do 
once they take power is murder people by the millions. An increas- 
ing number of Africans are beginning to see this. The twin em- 
bassy bombings are opening up many eyes to the true nature of 
Islam. The native African religions are appealing to the younger 
generation. Hopefully, Africa will wake up and drive all the alien 
cults off her soil. Africa will never be free from the alien yoke un- 
til she finds her racial soul, until she returns to her own Folk ways. 

Asatni - The Nordic Sub- 
tradition of the Verbena 

By Anders Sandberg 

(Editor's note: I don't agree with a lot of what Brother Sand- 
berg says. For instance, I believe in magick, but I don't prac- 
tice it often. You need the Gods to make magick work. Most 
people who use magick try to order the Gods around for 
their own selfish needs. 

To me, this will just get you in bad Wyrd. I believe deeply 
in Wyrdic law. Wyrdic law is the Aryan Ideal of a gift for a 
gift and an eye for an eye. In India, the idea of Wyrd got con- 
fused as the Aryan culture got mixed up with the Negro 
and the new mulatto culture turned Wyrd into the touchy, 
feely concept of karma. The idea of karma is a passive ac- 
ceptance of divine punishment and reward, whereas the 
original Aryan Wyrd is the guardian spirits of three sisters 
who reward those who help and punish those who hurt the 
Folk, also, the Wyrd sisters have the power to inspire non- 
Pagans to dish out Wyrdic justice. The Christians murdered 
us by the millions, demonized our Gods, burned our holy 
books, dishonored White females, destroyed our temples 
and groves; Joe Stalin killed over 30 million Christians: thaf s 
divine justice! The Jews murdered us by the millions, they 
cut open pregnant Pagan women and smashed their unborn 
babies against rocks, they mocked our Gods, and burned our 
temples; the Wyrds sent Adolf Hitler to punish the Jews and 
straighten out their bad karma. The Muslims murdered us 
by the millions, burned our books, raped and killed our 
women, mocked our Gods, destroyed our temples; the 
Wyrds sent Vlad the Impaler to shove poles up their asses 
and let the ravens pick out their eyes; now thaf s girl power! 

Wyrd is trans-generational. It does not matter if it takes a 

million years; one day the Wyrds willThring all who have, 
ever oppressed us to justice. Never forgive, never forget! 
This is the essence of Wyrd. The pages of the Koran, the Tal- 
mud, and the Bible drip with the sainted blood of martyred 
Pagans. Our Wyrd is avenging Pagan suffering. 

Another great Aryan Ideal that is connected to Wyrd is the 
Blood Feud. A Feud is a trans-generational fight between 
families, tribes, or races. Feuds are a religious act and in an- 
cient days sometimes went on until one side's seed were 
wipe off the face of die Earth. The mono theists started a 
Blood Feud with us when the demon Abraham first began 
smashing Pagan religious artifacts and their 5,000 year long 
genocidal war against our people has gone on and on, until 
all our temples were destroyed, all our holy books were 
burned, all our priests were murdered, and all our land was 
occupied by an alien diseases. We, Pagan Folk , have risen 
from the grave to avenge the Folk, regain the West, and 
purge the alien disease from the soul. Adolf Hitler said the 
reason the Jews and Christians defeat the Pagans for control . 
of Europe is that when the Pagans were strong they were 
very liberal and tolerant towards the Jews and Christians 
and allowed them to practice their religion in relative free- 
dom. However, when the Jews and Christians were strong, 
they were very intolerant and bigoted towards the Pagans 
and outlawed Pagan religion and tortured to death any one 
who dared to be a Pagan. We must learn from the Jews, 
Christians, and Muslims how to be religious bigots. We must 
read the Talmud, Koran, and Bible and learn the art of hat- 
ing people because of their religion. The only way to fight 
monotheism is to become as evil, as fanatical, as narrow- 
minded, and as lethal as they have been for the last 5,000 
years. The New Paganism is an militant crusade to regain 
the West our land, our people, and our soul 

Blood sacrifices were a part of the old religion. Asatni is a 
living religion, therefore it is always evolving. In days of 
yore when the Folk were agronomists, slaughtering animals 
was a part of life. Today, less than 10% of the White race are 
farmers. It is only natural to incorporate every day events 
into our religion. However, harvest rituals and tile butcher- 
ing of the livestock are as alien to the Computer Age Aryans 
as big screen televisions and pagers would have been to the 
Aryan Folk of old . If Asatru is to remain relevant to the Folk, 
it must grow and change as the Folk evolves. For example, 
horses were sacrificed to the God Frey and the blood, lungs, 
kidneys, entrails, and other un-edible parts of the animals 
were offered to the God while the meat of the horses were 
roasted and the Folk feasted on the flesh in the God's honor. 
Horse offerings were tine for the Viking Age, but we no 
longer live in the Viking Age. If you live on a farm and need 
to butcher your livestock, by all means incorporate that 
event into Asatru, but if you normally buy your meat from a 
super market, it would be un-natural to go out to buy a cow, 
a pig, or what have you just to sacrifice it Secondly, we live 
under the oppression of democracy. The mob rules and 
forces it will on the weak. We are a minority religion and 
democracy in its ideal form is a dictatorship of the majority. 
Democracy in its real form is a corporate con game. All the 
laws we are forced to obey by the majority are monotheistic 
laws. The monotheists can kill millions of animals a year in 
their slaughter houses and it is no big deal. However, could 

you image how hard fucking democracy would stomp its 
Iron Heel on us if the pigs foimd out we were praying over 
animals before we killed them? The pig media would treat it 
as if it were the crime of the century. The pig-Ice department 
would use it as an excuse to do another Waco-style baby 
roast The only way we can have religious freedom is to de- 
stroy democracy, or to become the majority so we can demo- 
cratically oppress our opposition like the pigs do to us. 
Democratic rights is a big lie. The only right we have under 
democracy is the rigfrt to be fucked over by the majority . 

I believe in the literal existence of the Gods, but I also be- 
lieve myth is man made. Some Norse myths were invented 
by Christians to mock the Gods, others were invented by 
Pagans to make the Gods more human and understandable. 
Still other myths are based on dreams holy men and women 
had. The Gods speak to the Folk through our dreams and 
dreams need to be interpreted. 
Anyway, this was just meant to be a brief note saying I 
don't agree with everything Brother Sandberg said about 
Asatru. Here's Sandberg's piece:) 

The Speech of the High One: 

I know I hung on that windswept tree, Swung there for nine 
long nights. Wounded with my own blade, Bloodied for Odinn, 
Myself and offering to myself, Bound to the tree That no man 
knows Wither the roots of it run. 

None gave me bread, None gave me drink, Down to deepest 
depths I peered Until I spied the Runes. With a roaring cry I 
seized them up, Then dizzy and fainting, I fell. 

Well-being I won And wisdom too* I grew and took joy in my 
growth: From a word to a word I was led to a word. From a 
deed to another deed. From the Poetic Edda 

History of the Asatru 

The Verbena have always been regional, and differ much from 
area to area. In Scandinavia, the Verbena have been the protectors 
of the old religion and the old ways against the tide of Christianity 
and the Technocracy. Actually, the Verbena was behind the Old 
Faith of Asatru which ruled before Christianity. Asatru means the 
"belief in the Aesir", th6 old Pagan Gods. 

During the pre-Christian times they were the priests and coun- 
selled the leaders about the will of the Gods. Their magiek was 
devoted to practical things like helping the crops, fishing and hunt- 
ing, protecting the people from wild animals and worse, control- 
ling the weather and protecting the universe from the forces which 
sought to bring about Ragnarok, the destruction of the world. 

During this time magiek was more common than today, and most 
people knew a few minor magics. These were often of a simple 
protective nature and used to protect against spirits, the faeries, the 
dead, injuries, accidents and bad luck. These magics consisted 
often in inscribing a special rune (The runic alphabet was regarded 
as magical, and to be able to inscribe runes was regarded as a kind 
of magic), or singing the galders, songs sung in a high-pitched 
voice These rotes were passed down through generations, or given 
to people by the priests or sibyls. All in all, minor magic seems to 
have been quite common, a bit like how most people today know a 
few tricks with technology. 

Year 829 AD a monk named Ansgar arrived in Sweden. He was 
sent out by emperor Ludwig to convert 1 the Vikings of Sweden to 
Christianity (perhaps to lessen their raids and make them easier to 
trade with). The attempt failed, but soon other missionaries ar- 
rived. The Celestial Chorus were probably among them, and a 
struggle ensued between the Pagans and the Choristers. The strug- 
gle continued for several centuries, but Christianity slowly became 
the religion of the kings and leaders and later the rest of the inhab- 
itants. Both groups adapted to each other, and it seems as the 
Asatru went underground and continued its activities with support 
from the people, while the Choristers left them and their beliefs 
more or less alone as long as they weren't visible. Then came the 
Technocracy, which defeated the Celestial Chorus. Asatru re- 
mained hidden. 

Asatru Today 

Today the Asatru has survived in remote corners of Scandinavia. 

During its long persecution by the Church and Technocracy its 
members have become adept at hiding, often in plain sight. Much 
of the old faith has survived as old superstition and local customs, 
and the secret priests have carefully protected the faithful. Most 
of the believers live in rural or wilderness areas far from 
civilization. They live in small settlements in the forests of 
Sweden, in small fishing villages in Norway or in the remote 
corners of Iceland (their current stronghold). Some of them 
emigrated to America during the 1800s and built their own small 
communities there, far from civilization. They often keep to 
themselves, and avoid outsiders. The belief often goes in the 
family, tying the tradition together with bands of blood. 

While their enemies control the political world and society at 
large, the believers in Asatru work on the local scale, with 
practical methods. They promote their own and similar beliefs, 
often spreading the old superstitions to undermine the new faith. 
They have succeeded very well with spreading respect and affinity 
to nature among the masses in Scandinavia. They infiltrate 
agricultural organizations and influence their work, often using 
them as tools to strike 'at the projects of the city-dwellers. They 
promote a healthy xenophobia to protect their old customs from 
the influence foreigners and city-dwellers. In fact, many of them 
are supporting local low-level nationalism and racism to encourage 
the sleepers to become more tied to their roots and to mistrust 
anything else. 

Their relations to environmental organizations are a bit ambiva- 
lent. On one hand they support them, since the protection of 
nature is one of their own most important tenets, but on the other 
hand they regard the environmentalists as do-gooders from the city 
who don't know anything about the real problems and only care 
about cute seals or flowers, not the uglier aspects of nature. In 
fact, many of the believers work against the environmentalists, 
seeking to protect their land' and way of living against environmen- 
tal laws or restoration programs which they regard as yet another 
way for die masters to try to wipe them out. 

Recently some New Agers have begun to worship the old Gods 
and form different groups more or less based on Asatru. The real 
mages view this with scorn, and generally dislike them. The New 
Agers have just borrowed much of the names and myths, and then 
tinned them into yet another fuzzy and nice mythology. The real 
Asatru believers scornfully remark that most of them dont even 
sacrifice blood on the blots. However, some of the real believers 
have begun using these groups as places to recruit people and a 
way 1o gain a foothold into die cities. Since most of the New Agers 
are so easily manipulated, they provide quite useful pawns. The 

same is true about neo-nazis, which the believers subvert by their 
magick and their grasp of ancient myth. They can be used in a sim- 
ilar manner, and are a very good method of harassing their enemies 
or diverting the attention of media and government from their own 

The Faith 

Asatru revolves about the worship of the old Gods, the Aesir. 
They represent the forces which have formed the universe, and still 
uphold it By worshipping them the believers help upholding the 
universe against chaos and destruction, and may also gain help 
from them. Unlike modem monotheistic religions, does not de- 
mand that the believers should serve the gods. Instead the Gods 
will help those who ask them for help in exchange for following 
their ideals and respecting them. This doesnt have to be much, a 
salutation or a small sacrifice of some food and drink is often 
enough to make the Gods friendly. Anyone can perform the small 
acts of devotion to get the help of the Gods. 

However, the mages are more advanced than this. They are the 
priests of the cult, and arrange the larger celebrations, the Blot. 
Blot are by tradition held at the Sabbaths, especially at the four 
equinoxes. The blot are mostly held in remote places, where the 
worshippers can meet without suspicion. In Sweden the cult-places 
are often glens with one or more oaks around it, on Iceland old 
stone-circles are used. The blot generally involve the ritual 
sacrifice of animals whose blood are used to ensure fertility, 
harmony and the old ways. The.priests collect the blood in the 
hlautbowl, consecrate it to the Gods and sprinkle it using 
evergreen twigs at the trees, on the idols of the Gods and on the 
participants. Afterwards the blot turn into a feast where the 
meat from the sacrifices is eaten. 

The tree is a sacred symbol to the Folk, symbolizing the World 
Tree Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is a great ash, which grows through the 
worlds of the dead (Hel), the living (Midgard) and the Gods 
(Asgard) and upholds creation. It must be protected from the 
forces which seek to kill it, because if it dies the world will be de- 
stroyed. That's why the priests carefully water it with the blood of 
the blot, and seek to heal any damage to it they are able to heal. 

The Gods are not representations of abstract forces, but powerful 
beings which happen to be good at different things. They are not 
the ultimate lords of the universe, merely the creators of it and 
the currently most powerful beings. They might be powerful, but 
they have a human side and can become angry, drunk, fall in love 
or otherwise behave like normal humans, just on,a higher level. 
The most important Gods are: 

Odin is the oldest and most powerful God. Together with his 
brothers Vile and Ve he killed the giant Ymir and shaped the 
universe out of the dead body. He is the God of wisdom, magick, 
war, death and leadership, riding on his eightlegged horse Sleipnir 
to oversee battles together with the Valkyrias. If he throws his 
spear Gugner over somebody, that person will die in the fight. 
Odin has two ravens, Hugin and Munin, who spy on everything 
that happens and whisper it into his ears. He is also one-eyed, 
since he gave his right eye in deposit in the Well of Wisdom. 

The sacred animals of Odin is the horse and raven, and he is also 
the god of the hanged ones (because he voluntarily hanged himself 
on Yggdrasil as a sacrifice to himself to gain the secret knowledge 
of the runes). At blots in his honor in the autumn the priests 
hang horses and people in the trees as sacrifices. They are left 
hanging so the ravens can gorge themselves on the carcasses. 

The God of thunder, Thor^istatherwell known. The red bearded 
God races across the heaven in his chariot drawn by goats, throw- 
ing his hammer Mjolnir at the trolls and giants, protecting 
mankind and Gods from the forces of evil. He is the God of 
strength, fighting provess and the forces of nature, especially light- 
ening, but also farming and marriage. The sign of his hammer 
scare away the trolls and elves, and give protection from lighten- 

Frey and his sister Freya, are the Gods of fertility, growth and 
love. Both are extensively worshipped to ensure the harvests, good 
weather, health and virility. Both are described as blond and fair, 
and Frey is often depicted as a sitting figure with a drinking horn 
and large phallus. The sacred animal of Frey is the boar and of 
Freya the cat. They are the most often invoked Gods at the blot, 
and while Odin and Thor are generally mentioned first, Frey and 
Freya are the ones that most worshippers really love. The Blot of 
Spring is celebrated in honor of Frey, so that he will bless the 
crops and livestock and make the weather good during Spring and 
Summer. Horses and boars are sacrificed in his honor, and usually 
the worshippers select a young, blond man who will represent Frey 
during the celebrations. The God is then carried around with great 
adoration, and he blesses the fields and worshippers. The Blot of 
Midsummer is celebrated to Freya, so that she will make the men 
virile and the women fertile. The participants sing bawdy songs 
and engage in ritual sex. 

Balder is the God of light and peace. (Editor's Note: there is 
great doubt if Balder was a God, but merely a Christian in- 
vention. At the beginning of the Viking Age, Bebe wrote that 
Balder was, not a God, but a Viking hero. There were never 
temples in Pagan times to Balder, nor were there ever any 
blots held in his name. The Christians made him a God 
around the 13th century) He is said to be the most 
beautiful and shining of the Aesir, and both wise, eloquent and 
helpful, although a bit impractical. His sacred plant is the 
mistletoe, because he was killed by an mistletoe arrow fired by his 
blind brother fteder (who was fooled to fire by the treacherous 
Loki). It is to his honor the Blot of Midwinter is celebrated, so 
that the light will return to the world. 

There are many other Gods revered by the worshippers. Heimdallr 
is the perceptive sentinel of the Gods, standing watch at the rain- 
bow for any intruders into Asgard. Skadi is the wild Goddess of 
hunting, roaming the mountains in the winter with her bow and her 
wolves. Her husband Njord is the God of the sea, fishing and 
travel. Loki is the God (Editor' note: I question that Loki was 
ever thought of as a true God) of fire, deceit, wits and theft 
who causes and solve problems. Idun is the Goddess of health and 
longevity, and her husband Brage is the god of poetry. Frigg, the 
wife of Odin, is the Goddess of home and motherhood. Tyr is the 
God of war and bravery. Hel is the-dark Goddess of death. And so 
on, there are many lesser deities revered in special situations. 


(Editor's Note: A lot of this is taken from the Eddas. The Ed- 
das were written by Christian monks who wanted to belittle 
the Asatru religion. The myth of Ragnarok was invented by 
Christians to argue that the Gods were doomed to die, and 
the Christ-like Balder was destined to replace them with a 
new religion. The Christians burned all books written by Pa- 
gans, and then the Christians wrote the Eddas and Sagas 
and pretended they were authentic Pagan accounts. The Ed- 

das even go as far as to trace Odin's family tree back to the 
Jewish myth of Noah's Ark. Un-fucking-real! The Eddas i , 
and Saga are just Christian bullshit. They should be read 
with a very large grain of salt!) 

"Once upon a time there was only the great void of Ginungagap. 
When the ice from Nifelheim (the wprld of ice and mist) and the , 
fire from Muspelheim (the world of fire and heat) met in the void, 
they created the immense giant Ymir. The three brothers Odin, 
Vile and Ve, the grandsons of Bure, killed him, and formed the 
world out of his body. His blood became the seas, his bones be- 
came the mountains, his flesh became the earth and his skull be- 
came the sky. However, Bergelmer, one of the sons of Ymir, sur- 
vived the cataclysm of his fathers death. He swore revenge against 
the Gods, and his descendants, the giants, still seek the undoing of 
the Gods and to destroy the world. They are helped by the giants 
from Muspelheim and Nifelheim, the traitorous Loki and his three 
children Hel, the Fenris wolf and the Midgard serpent One day 
Ragnarok will come,when the world and most of the Gods will die. 
(Editor's note: Ass fucking Christian bullshit!) Before it there 
will be the great Fimbulda-winter, three winters in a row without 
any summer between. War and violence will spread across the 
world, and the three roosters will signal the final day to the Gods, 
the giants and the dead. AH bonds break, the dead invade the 
world, the Gods and giants kill each other in battle, the sun dark- 
ens and the World Tree Yggdrasil catches fire and falls, taking the 
world with it. But from the wreckage a new world will emerge, 
with clear waters and lush vegetation. The fields will bear crops 
without any planting and Balder will rule with peace and light 
That is why we must protect the world as long as it stands. We 
must fight the forces that seek to bring it down, be they supernatu- 
ral or mundane. We must keep Yggdrasil healthy and strong, heal 
its wounds and fight its enemies. We must keep the giants and the 
dark forces at bay. We must protect the old traditions of the blot 
and the runes, so that the people will not forget the Gods entirely 
and the Gods will not forget us. We must strengthen the people so 
they will fight bravely against the forces of death and destruction, 
or the giants will surely win. M 


The believers congregate around sacred sites and are led by their 
priests. These priests are generally equal, although the oldest and 
most respected of them lead the others. Different groups have 
little contact, but sometimes priests contact neighboring groups 
to discuss mutual problems. 


Mainly at the equinoxes, especially Midwinter, Spring and 
Midsummer. Also some ceremonies at the other Sabbaths and at 
special occasions (often just to celebrate and thank the Gods for 
success, or to ask them for help). Beside the blot, many 
worshippers hold small "prayer meetings'* where the participants 
toast the Gods, sing the ancient songs and sacrifice some food. 


The initiates are mostly chosen among the faithful. One common 
way to awaken the initiate is to ceremonially hang them in a sacred 
oak, and let them hang there. The delirious initiate will undergo 

the same visions that Odin saw when he hung himself; and will 
thus b&ome awakened, or the initiate will die and become a sacri- 
fice to Odin. 


Asatru has no true chantries. There have been no real chantries in 
Sweden since the burning of the temple of Uppsala around year 
1 100, and probably no others in the rest of Scandinavia. Instead 
the believers often form small isolated communities, where they 
can practice their religion in peace. The acolytes most often come 
from these communities. 


Farmers, survivalists, neo-nazis, fishermen and hunters. 


Life. The priests especially devoted to Odin generally learn about 
Mind and Prime, while the priests of Thor learn Forces and Matter. 
Female priests tend to concentrate on the preparation of potions, 
and the singing of galders, while male priests learn the art of the 
runes. The vfllvas are the only mages who deal mainly in 
Spirit and Time (see below). • 

Foci: Blood: Life, Prime 

This is the most important focus. The blood of the sacrifices is 
especially powerful, an4 the sacrifices from the blot is the best. 
Human blood is naturally powerful, and the blood of voluntarily 
sacrificed believer have amazing power. The bloodline is impor- 
tant, and royal blood is of course the most powerful (in the old 
days the priests used to sacrifice the king to stave off famine if it 
looked really bad). In using the blood, it is important for the, mage 
to give at least some to the Gods to show respect, otherwise they 
might become angered. However, in Life magick other bodily flu- 
ids cant be used, especially in magick regarding to the giver. 

Bowl: Entropy, Spirit 

This is known as a hlautbowl, where the blood or drink is first 
poured and consecrated by the priest. It is often a wooden or 
silver bowl with intricate ornaments. Hlautbowls are often inher- 
ited through generations in families of believers, and regarded as 

Herbs: Matter 

This works as normal for Verbena, but substances from the ani- 
mal or mineral kingdoms are sometimes used. Some specially im- 
portant substances are oak leaves, mistletoe, salt, yeast, earth, iron, 
snake venom, ice and poisonous mushrooms. 

Hammer: Correspondence, Forces, Time 

This is the hammer of Thor, Mjollnir. Most often it is a small 
stylized hammer worn around the neck. Currently this is rather 
popular fashion in Scandinavia, so it is easy to hide. In earlier 
times the mages sometime used crosses to hide their true faith. 

Circlet: Mind 

This circlet imitates to the Brosingamene, the silver necklace 
worn by Freya. According to one myth, she has to let Loki wear it 
half of the year after he stole it and tricked her into his debt. Dur- 
ing this time nature vanes and darkness reign, but in the spring she 
will wear it again and become happy, thus ensuring spring and 
summer. It thus represent both the allurement of Freya and the 
cunning of Loki, a fitting symbol for Mind. 


Recluse, local politician, eccentric, sect leader Quote: "What 
are you doing to protect the World Tree, Yggdrasil? Dont you see 
how the dragon Nidhflgg gnaws at its roots, how the frost giants of 
Nifelheim and the fire giants of Muspelheim just await the right 
moment to bring about RagnarGk? You might think this is just old 
myths, but we know they are real, far too real..." 


(Editors note: I edited the living hell out of this section. It 
was meant as a sort of "Can't we all just get along" chant It 
was written as a collection of stereotypes between different 
Pagan groups and, also, between Non-Pagans as well. It 
was so universalistic that I almost blew chunks. So I chopped 
the shit out of this part, but left some things I liked in). 

Akashic Brothers: "They might be good warriors, but spending 
all day thinking is not good for any man." 

Celestial Chorus "Their god of light and caring is a worse tyrant 
than any mortal king! They mercilessly crush anything in their 
path just to make sure nobody dare to disagree with them! They 
burnt our temples, bribed the leaders and defaced the runes! They 
deserve all misfortunes they have suffered, and more." 

Cult of Ecstasy They celebrate the joy of living like we do, but 
without any respect. 

Wild, powerful and scary. Those people are dangerous, and more 
than a little insane. You would probably be a bit insane too if 
your faith had been prosecuted for thousands of years, I guess. 

Dreamspeakers: Like us they respect nature, but they don't con- 
trol it. They believe that Erda will help them and give them orders, 
unlike us, who knows that we must fend for ourselves. The Gods 
help those who help themselves. 

Euthanatos: Noble in their own way, but easily misled. They seek 
out those fylgia has reached them, and do what needs to be done. 
We have done the same ourselves through generations without 
having to build elaborate theories about it. 

They have understood that death is just a beginning, and most of 
them dont fear it. While their ceremonies and myths may be good 
or bad, their mindset is very balanced. Many of them have the fa- 
talism of true warriors. 

Order of Hermes: Typical city dwellers. They spend all their time 
in their houses looking in books, instead of looking at the reality 

that surrounds them. 

Th^y have some primitive understanding of the importance of the 
balance oftheforc^ofnature, but are trapped in primitive 
beliefs and their religion. They must learn that the world around 
them is just a small cog in the great wheel 

Sons of Ether: Useless gadgeteers. They could learn much from 
the dwarves. 

Virtual Adepts: What's the point? They have lost contact com- 
pletely with the ground and are living in their nice castles of air. 
What will they do when the storm comes? 

Technocracy: They are our enemies, and must be crushed in the 
long run before they bring about Ragnarok in their own way. How- 
ever; while they control the cities we are taking over what really 
matters, the countryside. 

Marauders: The followers of Loki. Like their master they will one 
day show their true allegiance and turn to the forces of 
. destruction completely. 

Nephandi: These are the servants of the giants. They seek to help 
their masters to undermine the World Tree, weaken the people and 
betray the gods. These are our true enemies, and on the day of 
Ragnarok we will destroy them. 

The Undead: We have known for a long time of the existence of 
undead beings, ghosts, wraiths, vampires, wights and whatever. 
These beings should be sent back to Hel where they belong to 
protect the living from their evil. 

The Werewolves: The children of Fenris are our enemies. These 
grandchildren of Loki attack our villages* kill the livestock and 
destroy our sacred places. They must be hunted down and de- 
stroyed for the preservation of trjeTieel . 

These Wyrm-spawned breeders are a blight upon the land and 
must be cleansed away! They deal with dark forces and protect the 
humans against our righteous wrath! By Trior, we will not rest un- 
til every one of these accused mages are left dead! 

The fey: These beings are toodiverse to be judged. Some, like 
the dwarves, can be our grudging allies while the trolls and giants 
are our enemies. But every one of them is an individual, and most 
of them are capricious. Be careful in dealing with them, and re- 
member that they flee the iron of Mjollnir. 

Funny figures... have danced in their sacred spots a father long 
time now. We would really like to play more with them, but they 
have so much cold iron around them all the time... 


Heritage of the Blood (Time 2 Liie 1) 

In ancient time, the God Heimdallr traveled the land, and sired 
the thralls, the bards, the farmers and the jarls (the leaders). 
The trace of the God is still upon the people, and a priest 
. knowledgeable in the ways of the blood can still see it By feeling 
the force in the blood, the mage can follow the lineage back 

through time to its source, and see which group someone really 
belongs to. This is also used to trace the lineages, and find rJiose 
special bloodlines which contain the life of the people. 

Brew Venom (Life 2 Prime 2 Entropy 1 ) 

/ While the Vikings regarded poison as foul* some of the modern 
mages use it in the defense of their homes and traditions. By boil- 
ing together a foul mixture of blood, salt, yeast, earth, iron, ice and 
some drops of snake venom under invocations of the powers of 
death, they create a potent and untraceable poison. The poison can 
be applied in food or drink, placed on weapons or even on sur- 

The poison will seek out the weakest point of the victim and make 
him very sick or kill him. [ The poison works as an infection or 
other disease, completely coincidental. Typical effects can be heart 
attacks, allergic reactions or food poisoning. It will find the weak- 
est point in the body of the victim using an effect like Dim Mak 
and then strike. It does three times the number of successes dam- 
age levels. ] 

Magic Mead (Matter 2 Prime 2 Mind 2) 

By adding special herbs and some blood to mead and then brew- 
ing it together, the priestess can create a mead which will infuse 
the drinker with the emotions of the her choice. This is used to 
create the mead drunk during the blot, or a subtle way of influenc- 
ing people. 

Mead of blood (Life 3 Prime 2) 


This rote may have started as a kind of travesty of the Catholic 
Mass. By pouring mead into the bo wl and adding a few drops of 
blood, the priest can turn it into blood However, it doesnt have 
to look like blood or taste like it, the priest can make it appear 
to be normal mead. Afterwards, the mead can be used instead of 
blood as a foci, be imbibed as a source of strength or even used as 
sustenance for vampires (although practically no modem kindred 
know about this. Only the oldest Scandinavian Methuselahs have 
tasted such mead). 


Galders are magickal songs sung in a peculiar high pitched voice, 
with simple and practical effects. These were the most common 
type of personal magick during the old days, and were completely 
coincidental. However, as reality became more rigid, they became 
harder to sing with effect, and today only the priests can use them. 
They have some peculiar advantages and disadvantages; on one 
hand they do not require any foci except the song itself. However, 
the only galders which .work today are those which have beefi sung 
since the old days, and it is impossible to create new galders with 
power. It seems as if they have become locked info static reality 
and cannot change anymore. Naturally, the mages have spent much 
time preserving and researching the old songs, but unfortunately 
only a few are known. Here are some typical examples: 

Ettergalder (Matter 1) This galder was used by the legendary Egil 
Skallagrimson when he suspected that his drink was poisoned. He 
sung it to the mug, and it shattered, showing that the contents 
were poisoned. 
Frostegalder (Life 1) This galder protects from cold and freezing. 

The mage sings the galder to his flesh and limbs, making them 
liven up and get warm again. 

Runegalder (Prime 1) This galder makes the runes in the vicinity 
of the singer to shine with their light, making them easy to read. 
By the intensity of the light the mage can se how powerfully they 
were inscribed 

Gastegalder (Spirit 2) This galder protects from ghosts and other 
denizens of the night. By singing it the mage can scare away most 
of the lesser unbeings. 

Bragdegalder (Mind 2) This is a rousing galder which inspires 
frenzy and bravery among those who hear it 

Giljegalder (Mind 2) This galder evokes loving feelings from a 
person of the opposite sex. 

Losegalder (Matter 3) This is a galder which helps mages who 
have been imprisoned. The mage sings the galder to the bonds, 
which will release him. 

Runes (Prime 3) 

The art of carving runes is one of the best kept secret of Asatru. 
Even Odin had to pay dearly for the secret Once anybody who 
knew how could carve the magical runes, but today they require 
quite powerful magick to create. The physical shape of a rune is no 
problem, but creating the secret pattern inside which gives it 
power is hard today after the activities of the Church and the 
Technocracy. Each rune has to be consecrated With a drop of 
blood by the carver while he whispers its secret name and concen- 
trates, and the inscription must be charged by tass. However, when 
finished, the text of runes will work as a kind of talisman, 
retaining its powers as long as it is charged. If they are recharged 
or placed on a place where they can recharge from the 
environment they will last nearly forever, (like on the runestones, 
which are often placed on ley-lines or nodes. Many retain their 
power even today) 

Vigrunor (Entropy 1 Mind 2 Prime 3) 
These are runes which are inscribed on a weapon under invoca- 
tions to Tyr, and will give the wielder success in battle. He will be 
able to see the weaknesses of his enemies, become brave and 
fearsome to his foes. [ The Entropy effect will make the user no- 
tice the weaknesses of his foe, while the two Mind effects will 
make him brave and fearless while his foes will become nervous. ] 

Brfinningsrunor (Entropy 2 Prime 3) 

These runes protect ships at sea from accidents and wreckage. 

They are inscribed on the bow and on the helm. 

[ The runes will protect from all random accidents and give the 

helmsman a subconscious ability to find the best course through 

storms and reefs. Each success will add to his skill. ] 

Lemrunor (Life 4 Prime 3) 

These runes are the most potent way of healing somebody there 
are today in Asatru. Once this type of healing was quite simple, 
but it has turned hard. The priest writes the runes on the bark of a 
tree, usually with the blood of the patient. This creates a potent 
healing force that will seek to heal the patient continuously, thus 
overcoming and hindering even the most serious diseases as long 
as the runes are inscribed on the tree/ However, the runes can also 

be used to curse, causing wounds or sickness in the same way as 
they can heal. By adding or deleting a rune, the inscription can be 
turned around, which makes it important to keep them secret from 

[ The runes will seek to heal any wounds and sickness of the per- 
son they mention. Each time he is hurt or become sick, the runes 
will get a chance to heal him. If they cannot heal him completely, 
they will at least prevent any worsening of the condition.] 

Protection Runes (Varies, Prime 3) 

These runes are inscribed on the runestones marking and protect- 
ing the old nodes and ley-lines. Usually they consist of nasty and 
powerful curses (generally the most powerful the present priests 
can invoke). If the runes are destroyed, the flow of power through 
the stone is disrupted or somebody moves it, the curse will 
activate. This has given the Technocracy in Sweden a lot of 
problems in the past when they have wanted to move the ley-lines. 
Currently they simply let the stones stand (and actually protects 
them, to avoid having any spurious magick getting loose) and lead 
new ley-lines around them. 

Edsrunor (Varies, Prime 3) 

These runes are used to seal oaths, deals and curses. When 
finished, they force the parts to obey to the text If any part 
breaks it, he will suffer the effects described. These are usually 
the worst possible curses the priest can do, and it is not uncommon 
to add curses beyond the ability of the mage just for effect. In 
the case of pure curses, the victim is forced to obey the caster or 
suffer the fUll curse. These texts are usually inscribed on stone 
or wooden boards, and then often placed in sacred places for 
safekeeping. The only way to remove a curse is to find the runes 
and erase them, but some really cunning mages write them on 
pine-needles and scatter them in the forest 

Seid (Spirit, Time) 

The magick of the Asatru does not deal much with the world of/ 
spirits or advanced forms of divination. That was the realm of 
seid, a kind of magick not done by the normal priests and mages; It 
was originally a type of magick of the Lapp shamen of northern 
Scandinavia, and it was regarded with suspicion and fear. Today it 
is more accepted, but still it remains a slightly separate 
tradition. However, some elements has been incorporated into 
modern and is used by specialized priestesses, known as vdlvas. 
They are respected, but a bit apart from the priesthood of the 
Aesir. They are recognized by their magickal rods (vdlva means 
literally female bearer ofa rod), which are their unique foci 
for Spirit and Time. Some vdlvas are even said to fry on then- 
rods, or on wolves. Their link to this rod is so strong, that they 
are said to protect it even after their own death. 

Seid involves ecstatic trances, where the vdlva can communicate 
with the spirits and see the future and past These are achieved by 
her sitting on a special settee singing certain ancient galders (or ' 
having acolytes sing them at her). These galders are reputedly both 
beautiful and terrifying, but seems, to send the vdlva into trance. 
Now she can go out into the spirit world, summon the dead, see 
past and future or reveal the hidden secrets. 


Idols (Talisman 1) 

Iron or wooden idols of the Gods are placed around holy places or 

in shrines in the homes of believers. Some are enchanted and have 
special powers. They are often offered small sacrifices in exchange 
for working, and some believers even thank them with blood if 
they have done especially well. Most popular are idols of Frey, 
which promote fertility and virility when kept in the house and 
good crops when placed by the fields. Instead of a humanoid idol a 
phallus is sometimes used. Idols of Thor protect against 
lightening, faeries, ghosts and evil forces (sometimes just a 
stylized hammer is used). Idols of Odin are rare and regarded as a 
bit spooky, and most are placed as guardians around sacred places 
(especially where oaks grow). They will somehow alert the 
worshippers that somebody is coming. Idols of Heimdallr are used 
similarly, but are often placed in the home too. Idols of Skadi 
gives good hunting and Idols of Njord helps sailing and fishing. 
Idols of Frigg are placed by the beds of children to protect them 
and keep them healthy. 

Bolverk (talisman 2) 

This is an old Viking sword, with a dull and dark finish which 
wont go away regardless of any attempts of polishing it. When it 
is drawn from its scabbard it emits a hissing noise, like a snake. 
Its name means "Bringer of pain/death w , which is also one of the 
titles of Odin. According to the myth, the sword was forged on the 
autumn solstice by a priest of Odin, who had turned to the dark 
aspect of his god. It was later Wielded by the infamous Ingjald 
Two-Tongue, and was reputedly buried with him. But it has 
reappeared since then, according to the legend wielded by the 
Wraith of the cruel Ingjald. Besides being eternally sharp, 
regardless of how dull it looks it has the nasty effect of causing 
excruciating pain from any wounds. There are also rumors that it 
actually seeks contact with living flesh to cause more pain, and 
will cut through the skin of anybody touching it carelessly just to 
cause pain. [ A Matter 1 effect keeps it eternally sharp. A Life/ 
Mind effect doubles all wound penalties made by the sword, and 
bruised is at-1.] 

Spawn of Draupnir (Talisman 2) 

One of the most prized possessions of Odin was the ring Draupnir, 
which eveiy ninth night spawned eight similar rings. Some of 
these rings also had the power of multiplication, and a few seems 
to have been accidentally given to humans (or stolen). These rings 
look like a heavy Viking ring of pure gold, artfully ornamented 
into three dragonsnakes braiding together and biting their tails. If 
left alone, it will spawn eight similar rings every ninth night. It 
was originally made by the dwarves, and no dwarf can resist any 
chance of getting the ring, by whatever means. 

Rod of the VOlva (Talisman 3) 

Some of the vdlvas enchanted their rods so that they could be used 
more easily. By holding the rod and going into a trance (or being 
sleepy, drunk or something like that), the wielder will get visions 
of the past, present and future. These visions are partially 
random, partially controlled by what the user want to see (not only 
consciously, but also subconsciously), and may be dangerously 
biased. Some rods are still strongly influenced by their makers, 
and will be biased towards their views. The link between the rod 
and the original owner is often so strong, that it is possible to 
communicate with her soul in the realm of death (note that most 
vdlvas have no grasp of modern languages). How she reacts to the 
mage who disturbs her sleep depends much on how she is treated 
and what he asks her. Some vdlvas are happy to help in any way 
they can, while others trick and curse people seeking help 

[ The rod uses a Correspondence 3 Time 2 rote to show distant 
places and times for the user, and a Spirit rote to contact the 

Mead of Poetiy (Artifact) 

The Gods created a man called Kvaser as a part of a peace treaty 
" after a civil war. Kvaser was the wisest man who has ever lived, 
and was able to answer any question. He traveled around the world 
giving advice and helping people, but one day he was invited as 
guest by two dwarves called Fjalar and Galar, who killed him. To 
the Gods they explained that Kvaser had gagged on his own wis- 
dom, since nobody could ask him enough. The dwarves brewed 
the Mead of Poetiy out of his blood, which was able to turn any- 
one into a great poet by drinking it. After many adventures the 
mead was finally stolen by Odin, who drank most of it and gave 
some to his fellow Gods and some humans. There may still be 
some mead left somewhere, and if anybody find it and drink it they 
will gain the gift of poetry. 

Further Reading 

See especially the Helsdottir by Ben Buckner. This document de- 
scribes a strange and grim being, very knowledgeable in the old 
magick (the sections about the Blood Mead, nine magick and sei- 
dhr are a must read!). 

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( A small note: The old Nordic names are not easy to tran- 
scribe, and frankly I lack any linguistic knowledge in this 
area. I have used those names who fit my impression of old 
Scandinavian best or have appeared in my sources. Not to 
mention the problems with the national characters (which 
didn't exist before the 16th century). Another thing to remem- 
ber is that the myths are contradictory in many places, and I 
have made no attempt to simplify things. ) 

'A Pagan Is angone who sagsr 

Saint Frtedrtch Nietzsche 


Wty the. Viting* Were Powerful The Aztlan Reconquista 

The Vikings probably were descended from blue-eyed and blond 
invaders from the south of Scandinavia. There they found and con- 
quered a short, dark-haired race. Long-limbed and muscular, with 
flaxen or red hair hanging below their shoulders, Norsemen were 
trained from childhood to be strong and self-reliant Running, 
jumping, and wrestling took the place of reading, writing, and 
arithmetic. Their other subjects were skating, skiing, snowshoeing, 
swimming, rowing, and riding horseback. As soon as a youngster 
could carry a weapon, he was taught to thrust a sword, to swing a 
battle-ax, and to throw a spear. 

Just as much of the race movement's failure is due to atheism or 
the mixed messages Christian identity brings to the movement 
Much of the Norsemen's success was due to their religion, for the 
Norsemen's Gods were warriors too. Thor the Thunderer made 
constant war against the ice and snow giants of the North. The 
chief god, Odin, presided over Valhalla, the warrior's heaven. 
Death in battle was considered the most honorable death. 

Only by that death could a Norseman enter Valhalla. So the . 
Norsemen battled unafraid and joyful, calling upon their Gods to 
help them. 

The Norsemen were the most skilled and daring seamen of their 
day. Because the compass was still unknown, they navigated by 
sun and star. When fog hid the stars, their ships drifted until the 
weather cleared. Not fearing death, they took great chances. Their 
experiences and discoveries were therefore many. Compare the 
brave and successful Norsemen to the cowardly losers in the race 
movement. It is easier for people who believe in a pro- White war- 
rior afterlife to be brave, than it is for people who are atheists and 
believe in nothing or racist Christians who must deal with the fact 
that almost all Christians believe Jesus is anti-racist, loves all 
races, and that Identity Christians are going to hell for misleading 
people about Christ's teachings. 

The Norsemen dared not risk open fires aboard their wooden 
ships, and in those days there were no stoves. So, unless they were 
on a long sea voyage, they would anchor in a quiet bay each 
evening. Then they pitched tents on the shore, kindled fires, and 
cooked their food. Porridge with dried meat or fish was the usual 
diet Sometimes they had bread, butter, and cheese. If they spent 
the night aboard ship, they unrolled their skin sleeping gear and 
stretched out on the rowers 1 benches. A successful Viking expedi- 
tion might bring fortune, fame, and, perhaps, noble rank to those 
who took part. Many Karl and Thrall teenagers would join the 
crews of a Viking raider, so they could prove themselves 'in battle 
and earn a place within the Jarl or warrior caste. The famous 
Viking Egil Skalla-Grimsson was bom a slave. He ran away from 
his master, joined the crew of a longship, who raided every Chris- 
tian town they found, and, due to his bravery, Egil became a great 
Viking King; one of Odin's favorite sons. Many Thralls and Karls 
dreamt of fighting for the Folk and becoming a great King. So by 
the time they were 15 or 16, Norse boys were eager to try their 
luck in battle. Compare this to today's worthless, lazy, pot smok- - 
ing, M-^TV watching youth, and you can see just how far our race 
has fallen under Christianity and all its universalistic kin. 

It takes no great imagination for a visitor to South- 
ern California to feel witness to a great tide of history. 
Heading south toward Los Angeles on U.S. 101, a val- 
ley opens up near Qxnard: with coastal mountains 
surging magnificently on the left, and the Pacific on 
the right, a driver can see flat green fields stretching 
for miles. There, stooped at the waist in orderly lines, 
are hundreds and hundreds of Mexican laborers. 

Such a scene, with the mountains and speeding cars and 
lush fields, was visible thirty years ago as well, but without 
the same resonance. Americans could think, and many did, 
about the tedium and difficulty of the farm work and the 
poverty of the workers, all in a state of such plenty. But today 
this tableau gives rise to more powerful interpretations. 
These are more often explored by Mexican intellectuals or 
Mexican-American activists, but they should be in our minds 
as well. 

Listen to the late Carlos Loret de Mola, writing in one of 
Mexico's leading newspapers: "A peaceful mass of people, 
hardworking, carries out slowly and patiently an unstoppable 
invasion, the most important in human history. You cannot 
give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave by 
an ant-like multitude, stubborn, unarmed, and carried on in 
the face of the most powerful and best-armed nation on 
earth." The result of this migration, he continues, is to return 
the land "to the jurisdiction of Mexico without the firing of a 
single shot. 11 For despite the wealth of the United States and 
its historic ability to absorb immigrants and convert them into 
Americans, these workers "continue to be Mexican and 
even to impress their personality on their surroundings." The 
American upper classes live "in increasing splendor, [but] 
their luxury . . . marks the beginning of their decadence." 
The land, Loret de Mola concludes, "ends up in the hands of 
those who deserve it." 

An exaggeration? A flight of romantic nationalist rhetoric? 
One would like to think so. But it cannot be shrugged off as 
easily as it might have been 1 5 years ago, when it was first 

Since then, the immigration debate in the United States has 
grown from infancy to adolescence. Legislation to curb illegal 
(primarily Mexican) passage across the southern border has 
been introduced, debated, and passed - with little decisive 
effect. Competing lobbies battle in Washington. Many politi- 
cians huddle somewhere in the middle and, if asked to 
speak out, stick to well-worn grooves. 

Usually, a congressman or senator will oppose illegal immi- 
gration - at least in principle. As for legal immigrants, the 
congressman will tell you, they should assimilate. Assimila- 
tion has become the new magic word in the immigration de- 
bate, brandished like a cross before a vampire at those who 
worry out loud about the impact on American national cohe- 
sion of large numbers of newcomers from not always com- 
patible cultures. Assimilation evokes the misty past of Ellis 
Island, through which millions entered, eventually seeing 
their descendants become as American as George Wash- 
ington. For those who insist on viewing the present through 
the Ellis Island prism, today's immigration is full of promising 
parallels. David Rieff, in his insightful book, Los Angeles: 
Capital of the Third World, tells of the West LA. bourgeois 
who sees in today's Mexican immigrants a likeness to the 
Italians who came through New York early this century. 

Meanwhile, the simile goes, the well-educated and highly 
entrepreneurial Koreans and Chinese resemble the Jews 
(the speaker's own forebears) from Poland and the Pale of 
Settlement. It is such a reassuring comparison, and these 
days one hears it often. 

But such analogies prove shaky if examined. This one in 
the first place suffers from a pronounced lack of historical 
imagination - as if there could be no other relevant model 
for a mass migration of peoples than the one which took 
place from Europe to the United States between 1 880 and 
1924. Furthermore, it ignores such fundamental factors as 
today's vastly different American economy, with its narrower 
paths to upward mobility. It gives short shrift to the history 
and geography of the American Southwest, and to the prox- 
imity and population of Mexico today, as compared to Italy 
then. Most negligently, it ignores the ideas and attitudes of 
the Mexican and Mexican-American politicians and activists 
who speak to - and on behalf of -the new immigrants. 

Some who tout assimilation at least acknowledge how large 
is the wager being placed on it. Peter Salins, whose Assimi- 
lation, American Style has become a lodestar for Republican 
advocates of high immigration, admits that intergroup har- 
mony in a multi-ethnic state is fragile and, historically speak- 
ing, rare. Only through vigorous assimilation of new immi- 
grants has the United States avoided the strife which has 
plagued multi-ethnic states throughout history. Meanwhile, 
not enough assimilation is taking place, Salins contends; the 
process needs reinvigoration. 

He recommends a retreat from bilingual education and re- 
emphasis on teaching English in the schools, a rooting out of 
multicultural curriculums to encourage immigrants to adopt a 
primarily American political identity, and a reinvigoration of 
the Protestant ethic - which he boils down to a readiness to 
work hard, make money, and get ahead. Worthy goals all, 
but given the circumstances of today's immigration, far more 
easily proposed than accomplished. 

However, a revival of "traditional" assimilation practices will 
hardly suffice, examine California. The 1990 Census indi- 
cated that 38 per cent of America's foreign-bom are from 
Latin America, and well over half of those are from Mexico. 
The real percentages are probably higher, since illegal aliens 
avoid the Census, and most illegals come from those re- 
gions. If assimilation can be revived it has to be revived 
among Latinos. The obstacles are daunting. 

Economic and material conditions cannot account for the 
politics of individuals, or of larger groups. But they give im- 
portant clues. About the circumstances of Mexican- 
Americans and other Latinos, two points stand out, plain to 
any observer in Los Ahgeles, and buttressed by reams of 
recent social-science data: as a group Latinos are hard- 
working; also, they are poor. Last year, federal data showed 
that, for the first time, the Hispanic poverty rate had begun to 
exceed that of American blacks. In 1995, in the midst of a 
powerful economic recovery, household income rose for ev- 
ery ethnic group except Hispanics, for whom it dropped 5 per 
cent. Latinos (the terms Latino and Hispanic are used inter- 
changeably) now make up a quarter of the nation's poor peo- 
ple, and are more than three times as likely to be impover- 
ished than whites. This decline in income has taken place 
despite high rates of labor-force participation by Latino men, 
and despite what some researchers hopefully describe as an 
"emerging" Latino middle class. In California, where Latinos 
are now approaching one-third of the population, a recent 
Rand study, Immigration in a Changing Economy, reached 
gloomy conclusions about the economic prospects of immi- 

grants from Mexico and Central America. Their education 
levels were for lower than those of other immigrants, and 
they earned about half of what native-born Californians earn. 

Thus, for the first time in the history of American immigra- 
tion, hard work is not leading to economic advancement. 
Why? Immigrants in service jobs face unrelenting labor- 
market pressure from more recently arrived immigrants, in- 
variably eager to work for less. In clothing and furniture man- 
ufacture, where Mexican immigrants are concentrated, 
wages have dropped $6,000 a year in real terms since 1970; 
they are dropping for truck drivers and janitors as well. The 
warnings of the Rand report are echoed by a new Urban In- 
stitute study on form workers, which concluded that "rural 
poverty in California is being re-created through immigration" 
and that a constant flow of new low-skilled workers pouring 
into California's labor camp "coloriias" would make such 
poverty more difficult to root out than in the past (Both Rand 
and the Urban Institute have long been enthusiasts for immi- 

The narrowing of the pathways of upward mobility has im- 
plications which immigration analysts are only beginning, to 
come to terms with. The Rand study is one of several recent 
volumes to express worry about the so-called "second gen- 
eration 11 - the children of recent immigrants. Alejandro 
Portes, editor of a just-published book on the subject, asks 
whether "today's children of immigrants will follow their Eu- 
ropean predecessors and move into the middle-class main- 
stream, or whether, on the contrary, their ascent will be 
blocked and they will join children of earlier black and Puerto 
Rican migrants as part of an expanded multi-ethnic under- 
class." Portes's insinuation that it is the responsibility of the 
host society if immigrants fail to advance ("their ascent will 
be blocked") is not unusual in this literature, and indeed 
some scholars recommend that the United States adapt its 
economy to the needs of the Latino immigrant stream (e.g., 
by creating more jobs for uneducated workers) rather than 
shape its immigration policies to American needs. 

Portes and his colleagues argue that the modern Ameri- 
can economy is shaped like an hourglass - there are a good 
number of jobs for unskilled people at the bottom, and a fair 
number of jobs for the educated at the top. But for those 
without a college education or special skills, jobs in the mid- 
dle are scarce. Historian Fred Siegel, in his recent study of 
three American cities (Los Angeles among them), The Fu- 
ture Once Happened Here, notes that first-generation immi- 
grants compare their circumstances to what they left. In the 
case of those who came from grinding poverty they adjust to 
the falling wages, sometimes making efforts to hold families 
together with two or three menial jobs. 

But their children and grandchildren will riot compare them- 
selves to those they left behind in Michoacan or the slums of 
Santo Domingo, but to other U.S. groups. They are unlikely 
to be content as maids, gardeners, or fruit pickers. But 
unionized factory jobs, which once provided a step up for the 
second generation of past waves of immigrant, have been 
disappearing for decades. Rand, pointing to a growing diver- 
gence between skilled and unskilled wages, forecasts.that 
85 per cent of California's new jobs will require post- 
secondary education. 

And although many Latino immigrants possess an impres- 
sive work ethic, the pursuit of higher education has not been 
a strength of theirs. The Hispanic high-school dropqjjj rate 
nationwide is 30 per cent - three times the rate for whites 
and twice the rate for blacks. This has puzzled re- 

searchers. Perhaps language is the problem - either failed 

bilingual-education programs or (as others argue) an insuffi- 
cient number of them. But the dropout rate for Hispanics 
bom in the United States is even higher than for young immi- 
grants. Among Mexican-Americans, high-school dropout 
rates actually rise between the second and third generation. 
This is an astonishing feet, which portends that Hispanic 
poverty rates will not diminish as the immigrants 
"assimilate." Scholars who have done field work among 
young Latinos say that many in the second and third genera- 
tions see themselves as locked jn irremediable conflict with 
white society, and are quick to deride successful Mexican 
students as "wannabes." For them, to study hard is to "act 
white" and exhibit group disloyalty. 

The parallels to the well-chronicled cultural patterns in 
African-American ghettoes are plain enough. And it is worth 
remembering that it was not generally the black Americans 
who migrated from the rural South to Northern cities who 
took part in riots and civil insurrections in the 1960s, but their 
children and grandchildren. 

The assimilation problem is not simple economics. Even if 
it were possible to ensure that Latino immigrants would ex- 
perience the upward mobility that equally unschooled Euro- 
pean immigrants managed a hundred years ago, their politi- 
cal assimilation would by no means be assured. The Latino 
sense of the United States has always been different. As 
David Rieff puts it, Mexicans arrive with the title-deeds to the 
land already in their pockets; someone fresh off a pick-up 
truck in Los Angeles comes to a city where a main boulevard 
is named for a former Mexican governor, and where most 
place names reflect the state's Hispanic past Earl Shorris, in 
his eloquent panegyric, Latinos: A Biography of the People, 
writes, with evident satisfaction, that Latinos have been more 
resistant to the meKing pot than any other group. Their entry 
en masse into the United States will "test the limits" of the 
American experiment - a forecast which is hard to dispute. 

Two words, "Aztlan" and "Reconquista," hover over the 
Mexican immigration issue, sometimes at a safe height, 
sometimes swooping uncomfortably low. Generations of 
American children have skipped over the Mexican - Ameri- 
can War of 1846 - 48 as a brief skirmish, a blip in a history 
that includes the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, two 
World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. But for Mexicans and 
Mexican-Americans with a sense of history it was a monu- 
mental event. Mexico lost half of its territory to a self- 
confident and expanding United States. It is true that the ter- 
ritory ceded by Mexico in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 
was barely populated, and not really administered by Mexico 
City; it is also true that Mexico itself was a chaotic despotism 
in 1848. 

Nevertheless, Mexicans know in a way that few Americans 
do that California, Arizona, and New Mexico were lost to 
them through that treaty; Texas had won Its independence 
12 years before. The opening pages of Rodolfo Acuna's Oc- 
cupied America - probably the most widely assigned text in 
the nation's burgeoning Chicane Studies programs - dis- 
plays a map showing "the Mexican republic" in 1822 reach- 
ing up into Kansas and Oklahoma, and including within it 
Utah, Nevada, and everything west and south of there. The 
United States' rapid victory in the war has left a mark be- 
tween the two nations which, as Shorris puts it, few Ameri- 
cans think about and few Mexicans are able to forget. For 
the latter the conflict is a "devastating loss of face" - in the 
aftermath of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Americans would speak of 
Mexicans as docile, and the latter would describe them- 
selves as a people able to endure. To "correct" these per- 

ceptions, writes Shorris, has been the primary task of every 
Mexican-American social activist. 

In the late 1960s, a nascent Mexican-American movement 
adopted for itself the word "Chicano" (which had a connota- 
tion of low class) and broke forth with surprising suddenness. 
Compared to Black Power and to the white New Left, the 
Chicano movement was a small part of 1960s radicalism 
(and it has been virtually ignored in many of the recently 
published histories of that era). But "Chicanismo" left its 
mark on today's Mexican-American leaders - a group 
whose power has grown rapidly as their community has 
swollen in numbers. 

In 1968, tens of thousands of Chicano students walked out 
of barrio high schools in East Los Angeles. It was widely be- 
lieved that the Brown Berets, a militant group styled on the 
Black Panthers, had organized the walkout. Similar protests 
soon followed in Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. This was a 
new kind of Mexican-American politics, with demands and 
rhetoric neither linked to the power struggles within Mexico 
nor focused simply on securing civil rights for Mexican- 
Americans. Instead, the Chicanos were developing a politics 
of ethnic and racial identity with a territorial edge. Rejection 
of assimilation into the American cultural mainstream was its 
main point. Chicano activists took pride in denying that 
Columbus "discovered" America; they held up the Aztecs 
and Mayans as their founding fathers. In 1967, the former 
professional boxer Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales published an 
epic poem, I Am Joaquiacute, a telescoped rendering of 
thousands of years of Chicano history. Read out loud at 
meetings throughout the Southwest, its message was: "I will 
never be absorbed." In 1969, the Chicano Youth Liberation 
Conference convened in Denver; there, amid a flurry of na- 
tionalist rhetoric and manifestos, Gonzales declared in defi- 
ance of the archaeological evidence that Aztlan, the mythical 
homeland of the Aztecs, was in the American Southwest. 

Later that year MEChA, or Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano 
de Aztlan - a group which exists today on college campuses 
in ten states— was established. In 1970, in one of the most 
concrete manifestations of the movement's aims, a political 
party called La Raza Unida won control of the smalltown of 
Crystal City, Texas. As Ignacio Garca, a sympathetic ob- 
server, describes its reign in Chicanismo (a new text for Chi- 
cano Studies courses): "Bureaucrats, clerks, teachers, ad- 
ministrators, policemen, and a host of other governmental 
and educational professionals lost their jobs and were re- 
placed by Chicanos sympathetic to the new party. Army re- 
cruiters were unwelcome, only UFW lettuce was eaten." Af- 
ter one of the party's leaders won a county judgeship in 
1974, court sessions were conducted in Spanish and Chi- 
cano criminals were given lenient sentences. The courts also 
harassed non-supportive Mexican-Americans and intimi- 
dated White farmers and businessmen. 

La Raza Unida did not last, and, like many other radical 
movements, Chicanismo fell plague to personal rivalries and 
ideological splits. Its greatest institutional legacy may be the 
Chicano Studies departments now sprinkled around the 
country. Radical works like Acuna's Occupied America (now 
in its third edition) are read (in English) by Chicano students; 
it is rare to find a Chicano Studies text today that does not 
treat the decline of the movement with remorse. 

Some Chicano leaders migrated to the Democratic Party, 
where, to be sure, they toned down their ethnic rhetoric. But 
who can doubt that the sentiments expressed in I Am 
Joaquiacute - which reach deep into the wellsprings of 
group memory and pride, while rubbing salt into old wounds 

left by the White race - are more alive today than the Port 
Huron Statement or anything said by Abbie Hoffman? Why 
should those sentiments evaporate as Latinos see their 
share of California's and America's population rise? In 1970 
Latinos made up 12 percent of California's population, and 
Hispanics were not even counted as a distinct category in 
the national Census. In 1990, Hispanics made up 9 per cent 
of the nation, and they are expected to be more than a quar- 
ter of the U.S. population in two generations. More than 30 
per cent of the population of California - the key electoral 
state - are Latinos; the figure will rise to 40 per cent before 
the year 2,000. 

And, sure enough, among both activists and elected lead- 
ers, a good deal of Chicanoist rhetoric lives on. Peter Skerry, 
one of the country's shrewder analysts of contemporary 
Mexican-American politics, has labeled Mexican-Americans 
'the ambivalent minority." He describes them as torn be- 
tween the impulse to organize and present themselves as an 
aggrieved racial group, following the model of African Ameri- 
cans, and the countervailing impulse to view themselves as 
part of the American immigration story, as an ethnic group 
that will blend in its own way into the United States, as Ital- 
ians and Irish have. In purely political terms, the aggrieved- 
minority position has won hands down; one is hard put to 
find a Mexican-American political leader of consequence 
who rejects racial quotas for Hispanics, for instance. 

But the legacy of Chicano nationalism and Mexican history 
raises a third possibility: that Mexican-Americans will see 
themselves as part of the continuum of Mexican civilization. 
Mexico's proximity makes this a plausible option, in a way 
that it really is not for American blacks vis-a-vis Africa. 

Mainstream Mexican-American politicians use rhetoric 
laced with a racism that no White politician these days could 
get away with. Former State Senator Art Torres paid no 
great price in public obloquy when he deemed California's 
Proposition 187 "the last gasp of white America. 1 ' Torres, 
now chairman of the state Democratic Committee, had long 
been viewed as one of the more moderate of Latino politi- 
cians - chosen, for instance, as statewide spokesman for 
the Mondale presidential campaign. 

In a way, such rhetoric may be simply common sense: why 
should a Latino politician, representing a district heavily pop- 
ulated with non-citizens who speak little or no English and 
who have flouted American laws to enter the country, identify 
with the retreating White culture? Already by the late 1980s, 
the concept of "MexAmerica" had acquired a certain legiti- 
macy in academic circles; the term underscored an uncer- 
tainty about where Mexico ended and Southern California 
began. Politicians like Torres began speaking of 
"reclamation" - asserting that "our modem metropolis is 
returning to the enduring Pueblo of Los Angeles of years 
past." Was this not a more realistic assessment of the mean- 
ing of the Latino migration than the sunny talk about 

Other leaders speak even more aggressively. Rodolfo 
Acuna is given to referring to Whites as Nazis. At a MEChA 
conference last year, he told listeners, "Right now you are in 
the Nazi United States of America." His textbook, which 
dresses up such sentiments in Marxist language, shows that 
the nation's changing demographics makes White-bashing 
good business for publishers. Elsewhere on California cam- 
puses, the descendants of the Chicanismo generation keep 
the flames alive. Last year the MEChA student publication, 
Voz Fronteriza, greeted the Republican Convention in San 
Diego by observing that "a large gathering of racist and fas- 

cist European settlers" is planning to convene, in order to 
forge plans for "genocide and deportation of the Mexicano, 
African, arid other oppressed people. 1 ' The authors de- 
claimed: ''Every Mexicano must become an enemy of the 
colonial settler state." Voz Fronteriza gloats when Border 
Patrol officers are killed in the line of duty; it refers to them 
as "migra" pigs trying to defend "la frontera falsa." So 
speaks the tax payer-funded Latino student press in the Cali- 
fornia university system. 

Slightly bowdlerized, the same attitudes are spread in high- 
school textbooks. One such work, Five Hundred Years of 
Chicano History in Pictures, edited by Elizabeth Martinez, is 
used in over three hundred schools throughout the West 
Written in Spanish arid Spanglish, the work seeks to 
"celebrate our resistance to being colonized and absorbed 
by racist empire builders." The authors reserve special 
venom for the Border Patrol and the Immigration and Natu- 
ralization Service, described as "the Gestapo for Mexicans." 
Nevertheless, the book is optimistic about the future: 
"Latinos are now realizing that the power to control Aztian 
may once again be in their hands." Your tax dollars at work! 

The book's widespread use in California has gone unchal- 
lenged. Any challenge against these Chicano activists by 
Whites would be viewed as a hate crime. 

Chicano activists find solace in the rising numbers of Lati- 
nos in "Aztian, 11 they can also draw satisfaction from the 
Mexican government's growing reach across the border 
(unrestrained, apparently, by its financial dependence upon 
Washington). Mexico once disdained its northward migrants 
as "pochbs" whose culture had been coarsened by resi- 
dence amidst the Whites. No longer. Mexico's major political 
parties agree in principle that migrants should no longer for- 
feit their citizenship by becoming U.S. citizens; they are tak- 
ing steps to let them vote in Mexican elections. President 
Ernesto Zedillo recently warned that Mexico will not tolerate 
"foreign forces enacting laws on Mexicans" - an apparent 
reference to stepped-up efforts by the U.S. to prevent illegal 
border crossings. Latinos are responding. California politi- 
cians now lead delegations to Mexico City, where they echo 
such complaints about efforts to stem immigration. 

Picture a large and growing population, predominantly 
Spanish-speaking, wooed by the politicians and Voting in the 
elections of two countries. It is hard to see where this might 
fit into the assimilation paradigm celebrated by those who 
favor continued mass immigration. 

Even where politics plays no large role, assimilation is 
slowing or reversing itself. In Los Angeles, immigrant neigh- 
borhoods that were once stepping stones into the broader 
United States are being "re-Mexicanized" (in Fred Slegel's 
phrase) by a continuing flow of new immigrants, as long- 
established Mexican-American residents are forced to adapt 
to the newcomers. This re-Mexicanization is a cultural foot, 
involving things like the language spoken in public and the 
music played in the streets. It proceeds without the hard 
edge of anti-White resentment, but this is often not the case 
amongst the more Americanized, English-speaking Latino 
politicians and educators. Assimilation is by no means a 
one-way street. 

A recent study of undergraduates at Berkeley - a group 
which necessarily includes some of California's most aca- 
demically successful Latino students - bears this out. The 
Berkeley report found that many young Latinos, having 
grown up assimilated in predominantly white neighborhoods, 
lacked any sod of strong Chicano/Latino identity before en- 
tering college. Berkeley changed that - spurring a process of 

racialization and reawakening ethnic consciousness. Some 
Latino students described themselves as being "born again" 
as Chicanos, and finding themselves resentful over what 
they had lost of Mexican language and culture. Such re- 
morse among third- and fourth-generation immigrants has 
ample precedent in American history, and need not have 
political implications. What is new is that such feelings are 
reinforced and given a political twist by organizations like 
MEChA, by Chicano Studies departments, by the intrusions 
of Mexican politicians, and above all by an unceasing flow of 
new immigrants. 

The assimilation of a wave of new immigrants would seem 
to require that several things go well at once. Upward mobil- 
ity may be a necessity. In this century at least, material ad- 
vancement has become an inextricable part of the 
"American Dream." Assimilation also requires (as writers 
like Peter Sarins acknowledge) that immigrants and particu- 
larly their children use English as a primary language, give 
their political loyalties to the United States, and embrace the 
ideals of the Founding Fathers as their own. 

This triple bankshot was pulled off brilliantly with immigrants 
from Europe, in a different era. It seems unlikely to happen 
with America's Chicanos because of the gradual ascendancy 
of Spanish over English in East LA., the declining wages in 
jobs held by immigrants, and the culture of resistance forged 
by Chicanos all suggest that something quite different from 
the old American pattern of assimilation is taking place. Even 
in relatively mainstream political venues like the National 
Council of La Raza, delegates courted by leading national 
Democrats and Republicans chant Viva Mexico! No one 
blinks when a moderate like Arturo Vargas, executive direc- 
tor of the National Association of Latino Elected and Ap- 
pointed Officials, points to our changing demographics and 
says, %% We will overwhelm." 

Ahd indeed such expressions are, in their way, the most 
normal and predictable of political sentiments; nationalism 
after all has been history's vital engine for centuries. What 
seems off. key and nearly inexplicable is the insistence of so 
many of America's political arid intellectual elite that such 
phenomena are really just an updated version of the Ellis 
Island experience. 

"I gave the Earth to the Aryan," 

spoke Indra-Tor, The Red haired, Hammer welding, 

thunder God and Ruler of the Vedlc Hindu Gods 

Rig Veda 4*26.2 

"I am an Aryan, the son of an 

An ancient Persian warrior boast commonly 
found on weapons. 

The Icelandic Sagas 

Although less well known than other writings, the Icelandic 
sagas were some of the finest pieces of literature produced in Eu- 
rope during the Middle Ages. The word saga is derived from the 
Old Norse verb meaning "to say" or "to tell." A traditional form of 
household entertainment in medieval Iceland was reading stories 
aloud. In this saga entertainment all kinds of written narratives 
were used. \ 

As written literature developed in Iceland, it fell into several 
categories. Some books were translations of other European 
works, including lives of the saints, ancient epics, and French ro- 
mances. By the end of the 1 1th century, Icelandic historians were 
writing about their own counties past A Latin history of the kings 
of Norway by Saemund Sigfusson has been lost, but The Book of 
the Icelanders' by Ari Thorgilsson has survived. 

Another work, the Icelanders Saga* by Sturla Thordarson de- 
scribes in vivid detail the personal and political feuds of the 13th 

The major sagas that survived are those that tell of the lives of 
kings, legends of heroes, and stories of ordinary Icelanders. The 
royal sagas are mainly about Norway. These sagas reached their 
greatest literary height in the work of the Icelandic poet Snorri 
Sturluson (1 179-1241). His'Heimskringla* describes the history of 
the kings of Norway from their legendary descent from the god 
Odin to Magnus Erlingsson in 1184. 

The legendary sagas are about the pre-Christian past of Iceland. 
The "Poetic Edda', compiled inthe second half of the 13th century, 
is a collection of poems based on the Norse gods, and it contains a 
retelling of the Nibelung legend. Some of these sagas were also 
heroic tales of the Viking exploits in Europe. Many are romantic 
stories. They were influenced by similar French romances of the 
period. Late in the 12th century, Icelandic writers began to fiction- 
alize the early history of their island. The central characters are 
mainly formers, some of whom were also local chieftains. The au- 
thorship of these sagas is unknown. 

The period from 1230 to 1290 is considered the golden age of 
the saga. Some are tragic stories, as is 'Njals Saga 1 , the best of 
them. In some sagas love is the main theme. Other masterpieces of 
the time include 'Egils Saga 1 (probably written by Snorri Sturlu- 
son), 'Grettis Saga 1 , "Hrafhkels Saga', 'Haehsa-Thoris Saga 1 , 
Havardar Saga 1 , 'Viga-Glums Saga*, 'Gisla Saga', 'Laxdaela Saga 1 , 
and "Vatnsdaela Saga'. Many are available in English translation. 

The desvs cmd Hwg PussSmn M«» 

To show that Pagan Revival holds no hard feeling 
against our Christian brothers and sisters, we have 
decided to run this lovely play about The Lord Jesus 
and his virgin mother. Just because the monotheists 
murdered our people by the 100s of millions, burned 
our books, destroyed our temples, fell our groves, 
put our children in pots of boiling water until their 
skin peeled off their bodies, roasted our women 
alive, took our land, annihilated our world, mocked 
bur Gods every motherfucking chahce they could, 
doesn't mean we should hate them. I say we should 
love those who torture to death our children. Why 
can't we all just get along? What's a little genocide 
among friends? The Jesus and Mary Passion Play is 
our olive branch of peace to our Christian play- 
mates. Christian brothers and sisters, please be our 
frlends^We love you. And we forgive you. If the 
Passion Play helps build a friendship bridge between 
Pagans and Christians, you'll see more pro-Christian 
articles in the pages of Pagan Revival. 

Act One: Scene One 

As the curtain opens and the stage lights slowly brightens, 
the audience can see a man and a woman sitting next to one 
another on the corner of a bed inside a seedy motel room in 
North Hollywood 

The Lord Jesus: Sainted Virgin, Sacred Mother, you are 
my hallowed heart. 

The Virgin Mary: And you are my darling Son, heavenly 
Father, and eternal Husband. 

The Lord Jesus: How could there be any other woman 
for me? Oh, sweet Mother of God! As the Bible teaches us, when 
you die, you will join me in holy matrimony in the Kingdom of 
Heaven. Gracious Bride of God! I, God the Father, Son, and 
Holy Ghost are going the fuck the hell out of you on our wedding 

The Virgin Mary: However, first off, we'll have to do the 
talk show circuit. Middle Eastern Messiahs and the Mothers who . 
love them on the next Jerry Springer! 

The Lord Jesus: Mother, you don't know how lonely I've 
been since my twelve Apostles went celibate. 

The Virgin Mary: Son, why do so many of your followers 
elect to go celibate? Do they feel that pleasures of the flesh are 
merely detours on the road to spiritual fulfillment? 

The Lord Jesus: That's an interesting way of putting it, 
Mom. But in truth, when men start hanging but with me, sex be- 
comes nothing more than a giant pain in the ass. 

The Virgin Mary: My lovely, lonely boy; My Master and 
Lord, my Son and Lover, my Father in Heaven, I will be your duti- 
ful harlot. I hear vice is nice, but incest is best. We will own all the 
equity in the Kingdom of God. I worship you, my Lord. I am your 
devoted servant Precious martyr, you understand how much I rel- 
ish being your seductive stay at home Mummy. I will do anything 
for my child. Son, I will suck your dick hard just like Saint Peter 
does. My God, you are my angelic Father, I am a child of God. I 
am your little girl, your innocent little daughter, your eternal sex 
toy. Daddy, come deflower me! Fuck me like a drunken step 


TheLord Jesus: Child, I'll buy you candy and a new 
dolly. Passionate Mother, I will make you a Saint I will build 
Churches to honor you. Great choirs will sing praises to thee! For- 
give me Father for I have sinned. Three Hail Marys. Mather of 
God, how I long for your tight ass! Disrobe now! 

God's Bride stands tug and I disrobes for her son. 

TheLord Jesus: Holy Mother! Where's the beef? Those 
evil Roman Pagans did this to you; didn't they! They cut offyour 
penis! Those damn Pagans stole my Mother's penis! I'll created 
another flood and kill their women and children! 

The Virgin Mary: Son, women don't have penises. Only 
men. . 

The Lord Jesus: When I fuck my bitches in the butt, I 
like to grab on to their penises for leverage. Mother, how can I 
pack your peanut butter properly if you have no penis for me to 
hold on to? 

The Virgin Mary: Actually, Yahweh, I don't really like it 
in the butt I was hoping We could have genitalia sex. 

The Lord Jesus; Mother, have can we possibly have sex 
with our genitalia when you don't have a penis to rub against 

The Virgin Mary: Father, I want you to take your im- 
mense two inch fudge packer and stick it inside my untouched 
fuck hole. Son, come on and pop your Mother's cherry. 

The Lord Jesus: You want me, King of the Jews, God of 
Israel, Savior of the Meek, to put my penis inside that putrid cat- 
fish crater of yours? What kind of pervert do you take me for? 

The Virgin Mary: Father, Son, and Holy Goat... 

The Lord Jesus: That's Holy Ghost, not a goat Lam a 
Ghost and Divine Sheep Herder. Satan is the goat, trying to lead 
my sheep out of the flock. 

the Virgin Mary: Holy Christ, fuck the sheep! 

The Lord Jesus: Been there. Done that 

The Virgin Mary: Oh, Christ, fuck me like an alter boy! 

The Lord Jesus: Alter boy? Hell, bitch, I'll fuck you like 
a Christian holy man. Now, fish cunt, shut the fuck up, get on the 
bed, spread open your butt cheeks, and bare your poop chute 



Zine, And I'll Review Your Zine 

In Mine 

Send me your zine with your revie# of 
Pagan Revival and I'll review your publica- 
tion. Also, m reprint your review of Pagan 
Revival with your address in my zine. This 
way your address will appear twice in Pa- 
gan Revival. Your zine will be plugged 

Lst's 'if pie Il^tevtfs! 

Itows From tin Lost ktonttty Movomant 

Whackoes The World Over All Claim To Be 
Mythical Lost Tribe Of Israel 

Of all the weirdoes announcing their "lost tribes of Israel" lin- 
eage, the talking lamp shades known as the Christian Identity 
movement have to be the most bizarre. The main dogma of the 
Christian Identity movements states that (1 .) Jews are not White 
people (2.) Jews are the children of Satan, (3.) Jews are the great- 
est enemies of the White race, (4.) All Jews must be killed, and 
(5.), {now, this is the central idea behind the Identity movement}, 
Christian Identity people are the true Jews. Logically, if Christian 
Identity people are the true Jews and all Jews must be killed, 
shouldn't we kill everyone who is Christian Identity in order to 
save the White race from Satan? It seems only logical to me. What 
kind of a nut would believe in Christian Identity? The same booger 
eating White trash that we see on the Jerry Springer show that's 
who? My dear lost Hebrew friends, eat a big, juicy, green booger 
for YAHWEH and you will go to the great trailer park in the sky. 

All Christian Identity people are idiots, however, not all imbe- 
ciles live in Idaho. Nor is every crackpot, who believes to be a 
member of the mythical "lost tribes of Israel", White. Screwballs 
come is all races and colors. The south African Lemba tribe, num- 
bering 100,000, don't eat pork (the Bible forbids cannibalism) and 
butcher their sons' penises and offer the foreskins to YAHWEH as 
a savory snack on the eighth day. The Lemba claim they are the 
true Jews, descended from the "lost tribe". As evidence, they cite 
the rite of penis mutilation and their Hebrew-like alimentary de- 

The Lemba tribe laugh at the Aryan Nations Jewish pedigree. 
The Negro Jews believe that, albeit the lost trailer park tribe of 
Israel are in deed lost halfwits, they doubt if they are lost kikes. 
The Negro Jews even go so far as state that Aryan Nation Hebrews 
can't possibly be "the true Jews" because you can't make a good 
bar of soap out of a (Clansman. I must confess every time I have 
tried to wash with Christian Identity soap it left a dirty, slimy film 
on my skin. However, I have had better luck with the shampoo 
made out of Identity children. It leaves my hair soft and silky. In 
the Aryan Revolution, we will even fine a good use for the lost 
Hebrews among us. I once knew this big, fat lost Identity Jew boy 
in the American Nazi Party who I always felt would make a really 
nice pair of black leather jack boots. Negroes or crackers? Will 
the fools who lost their Identity ever get the fuck off of our Pagan 
land? Israel in the trailer parks. Israel in the Congo. The lost Jew 
idea is more popular in Africa than in America. 

Zambia, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Dahomey, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, 
Sudan, Nigeria, Senegal, and other African countries are saturated 
with tribes of "true Jew" Negroes, waiting for their turn to migrate 
to Israel, find their true Identity, and take their share of the welfare 

Africa and America aren't the only places full of lost Jews. In 
Pakistan, a group of 1 5 million Sunni Moslems named the Pathans 
declare King Saul among their ancestry. The Pathans practice over 
some 30 Hebrew customs, such as butchering their sons cocks 
with sharp knifes and having sex with their wives through a hole 
in a bed sheet. In Northern India, there are five million Kash- 
miris, who claim to be "true Jews" and seek a free ticket to the 
"holy land". On the India and Burma border, two million Shin- 
lung tribesmen allege an Israelite pedigree from the Hebrew clan 
of Manasseh. According to the Shinlung tradition, when the Aryan 
people known as the Assyrians smashed northern Israel, the Man- 

asseh ran to Aryan Persia, then to China, Vietnam, Thailand, 
Burma, and India. 

Chala, a Shinlung farmer, in 1950, had a dream that his people 
were really the "lost tribe of Israel" and should begin preparations 
immediately for a mass emigration to the brand-new welfare State 
of Israel. The Israelite Law of Return is an open door to all who 
claim Jewish lineage. Oy Vey, all you Christian Identity kikes, 
what are you waiting for, the S.S. to give you each a loaf of bread 
and ajar of marmalade to climb into the box cars? The train is 
leaving for Israel by way of Auschwitz. All aboard! Lost Hebrews 
returning to the Holy land. Praise YAHWEH! And don't forget to 
take a nice long shower. I have long felt if we could just shove all 
Identity Christians in the box cars and ship them off to 
Auschwitz...I mean Israel that the Promised Messiah will return 
and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Praise be YAHWEH! 

Work may set the Christian Identity Hebrews free, but the lost 
Hebrews from the Third World are looking towards Israel for a 
free ride. Chala and his people found a friend in Israeli rabbi 
Eliyahu Avichail, who was a disciple of the lost tribe myth and 
began bringing the Indian tribesmen to Israel. Rabbi Avichail's 
motivation is to return all Jews to Israel, so, as the Talmud 
teaches, the Jewish Messiah can come and save his people from 
pussy eating sin. 

Rabbi Avichail now dedicates his life to finding "lost Jews" and 
returning them to Israel. He has found missing Hebrews on every 
continent, except North America! If YAHWEH is willing, perhaps 
Rabbi Avichail will round up all the Christian Identity "lost He- 
brews" and take them back to Israel where they belong. The Sec- 
ond Coming of Christ will not happen until all Jews, especially 
the "lost Jews" in the White Power movement get the fuck out of 
the Aryan homeland and go back to Israel. This is what the Bible 
says. Not to obey the Bible is to disobey the word of Gdd. Identity 
Christians, you hooked nose mother fuckers, YAHWEH wants you 
to return to the Holy land. It is Satan who is tricking you into mov- 
ing to the Pacific North West. It is the destiny of all lost Hebrews 
to get their bagel eating asses back to the Middle East. Oh, Chil- 
dren of Israel, would you stand in the way of Bible prophesy? 
YAHWEH calls you home to Israel. Satan calls you to Idaho. 
Think about your eternal souls. If you die on Pagan land will your 
kike souls find their way to heaven? I think not. 

Lost Hebrews need to get the fuck lost! 

All these "lost Hebrews" can be categorized as nothing more 
than freaks, fakes, and fortune hunters. In fact, most Israeli citi- 
zens regard them as alien invaders. 

Rabbi Avichail and his "lost Jews" may prove to be a real time 
bomb when the flood gate opens and tens of thousands 
of gold-digging third-world mud immigrants from the Earth's slim- 
iest shit holes swarm down on Israel like a Biblical plague of lo- 
cust. Jews worry that third world converts will take advantage of 
the so-called family reunification provisions in the Law of Return 
and bring in enormous numbers of their non-Jewish mud relatives. 

Of course, the mud invaders could be stopped at Israel's borders 
if all the true Jew Christian Nazis, Klansmen, and Aryan Nations 
types would open up their ears and hear Yahweh's word, return 
home to Zion, and defend their Hebrew homeland. 

If the anti-Jewish, pro-Aryan Israelite, pro-Zion, anti-Zionist true 
Jew cult of Lost Hebrew Identity Christian Nazism isn't the 
weirdest fucking shit on Earth, I'd like to know what is. When 
Aryan Israelites join a pogroms, do they go home and smash the 
windows in their own house? Do they beat themselves up? Do they 
rape their own daughters? How bizarre reality becomes when one 
has lost his true Identity. 

At Home With The Marquis de Sade by Francinedu 
Plessix Gray Simon & Schuster, 491 pages, $27.50 

A while back, I rented a movie called the Black Prince, which was 
about The Marquis de Sade. I didn't know much about de Sade 
except that he lived in France some 200 years age, the word 
Sadism was coined after him because supposedly de Sade got 
much pleasure from the pain of others, and I knew Marxists, femi- 
nists, and Christians all hated him. De Sade sounded like an inter- 
esting guy, so I rented the flick. The movie kicked ass. It was to- 
tally anti-Christian. My favorite part is when the Christian courts 
sentenced de Sade to be behead for writing the erotic book Justine; 
de Sade walked out, placed his head in the guillotine, and right 
before the blade struck, he reached up and grabbed a fucking 
Christ puke preacher and threw the fagot's head in the guillotine, 
WHACK! !! Man, I 'm so fucking glad VCRs have a re-play but- 
ton. I had to read up on my new hero. 

The movie had a happy ending. Besides the preacher getting be- 
headed, the city's law men and religious leaders were arrested for 
murdering a girl, and our hero de Sade rode off into the sun set 
with the lovely girl Justine. A perfect ending for a romantic movie. 

Except when I read the book, "At Home With The Marquis de 
Sade M by Francinedu Plessix Gray , I found out that this gifted 
writer was persecuted by the Christ puke tyrants and died in an 
insane asylum. You know if shit like this keeps up, I am really 
going to start disliking Christ pukes. 

The Marquis in the movie was very into sexual experimentation 
and S & M role playing games. The film showed him as a sexual 
revolutionary in a very hypocritical and sexually oppressive age* 
However, Gray's book is less generous to The Marquis. I haven't 
read any of de Sade's books, so I don't know which account is 

The profoundly insightful and controversial "anti-feminist" 
feminist author Camille Paglia said " Sade is a great writer 
and philosopher whose absence from university curricula illus- 
trates the timidity and hypocrisy of the liberal humanities." 
Camille Pagila is one of the few feminists I like, Her book, The 
Sexual Persona, floored me. So, if Camille Pagila thinks de Sade is 
an important writer that's endorsement enough for me. 

Most people think Marquis is de Sade's first name, it is not. A 
Marquis is a rank under Christian feudalism just above a count or 
earl. For the majority of Aryan history our people have lived under 
some form of meritocracy, some meritocracies are far superior to 
others; it wasn't until the capitalists and free masons started the 
American and French revolutions a little over 200 years ago that 
all this equality and justice for the scum of the earth shit really 
took off. Meritocracy made the White race strong and the strict 
caste system guard die racial health of the Folk. After a little more 
than 200 years of democracy our race is being over run by non- 
Whites, our youth are rotting their DNA with drugs, and any one 
in the West who is pro- West is branded a hate criminal. The baby 
boomer generation may very well be the last White generation the 
world will ever see. All the grief our people now face was caused 
by the creeping Christian morality of love and equality and our 
turning our backs on the Gods and the Pagan warrior caste system. 
Jesus Christ has done more to spread communism than Karl Marx. 
Atheistic communism is a failure. However, religious communism 

has enslaved the West for nearly 2,000 years. The greatest threat 
the White race feces is the tact that religious communism, or better 
known as the cult of the fagot on a stick, is rotting the souls of the 
Aryan people. The cancer of religious communism, this powerful 
mixture of spirituality and politics, is so seductive that it even con- 
taminates the Aryan movement in the form known as the Lost 
Identity movement. The Jews created the Lost Identity so White 
racists would have a hard time attacking Christianity without of- 
fending our Lost "allies". Christianity makes the Folk weak with 
its gospel of universal love. The true Children of Zion are building 
the New Israel on American soil. No, shit! No, fucking shit! Chris- 
tianity is creating a new tri-racial American people. The New 
Americans will be the same racial make up as the Jews of the 
Bible: part Aryan, part African, and part Asian. How else could 
the Hebrews build the New Israel without turning America into a 
tri-racial melting pot as our free mason forefathers so long ago 

One reason the Left hate The Marquis is that he was born of a 
noble family. Liberals often use de Sade as an example of the 
"depravity" of a system based on nobility, duty, and honor rather 
than a Marxist/Christian system that is based on equality between 
stupid, lazy, good for nothing bums and those great people who 
work and sacrifice for the good of society. The Marquis is used as 
a symbol of how out of control the elite White man can get. When 
the liberals teach us about the naughty Marquis de Sade, it is a 
lesson in the need for universal equality and brotherhood for all of 
God's creatures. 

Europe's system of elite rule, noble blood lines, and warrior 
aristocracy set the stage for White racism and the anti-Christ. 

Donatien de Sade... The Marquis was born into French nobility in 
1740 and died 1814. 

The movie portrayed The Marquis as a corrupt looking man with ' 
raven black hair and dark, evil eyes, however, in real life, he was 
said to be very handsome with wavy blond hair, sky blue eyes, and 
text book Nordic fecial features. 

It is very interesting the parallels between how both Adolf 
Hitler's and de Sade's enemies describe their childhood. His oppo- 
nents claim de Sade became the "violent, sexually depraved, ego 
driven monster" they paint him as because he was raised by an 
lonely aunt who spoiled him rotten and could never say no to, him. 
This is the same thing they say about Hitler. Even though Hitler 
had several siblings, the anti-Hitler mob usually say that Adolf 
Hitler was created because he was the only child, spoiled by a 
lonely mother. The movie The Boys From Brazil used this false 
"fact" as a central point of the movie. The movie's plot went like 
this: the Hitler clones must be raised in a single child home in or- 
der to spoil the child enough to be a great Nazi leader. I read one 
anti-Hitler book that repeated the "spoiled, single child" lie in the 
first chapters of the book and in the middle of the book the author 
repeated an equally popular big lie that Hitler had a love affair 
with his biological niece. If Hitler was an only child where did his 
biological niece come from? Most of you have seen the photo of 
Hitler sitting next to his niece on a lawn. I guess that photo kind of 
topples the Boys From Brazil syndrome, right? Most Hitler haters 
use this photo as "proof ' of incest An uncle sitting next to his 
niece must mean incest What else could it mean? The liberal logic 
goes: if Hitler wouldn't have been an only child, then he would 
never have Men in love with his sibling's kid. What twisted rea- 
soning! This is the logic of liberalism. 

In truth, one of Hitler's siblings, a brother, owned a bar 
that was used as a meeting hall for National Socialists in the 
1920s and became a very fashionable tourist hang out in the 

1930s. Hitler's brother was famous for doing tricks while serving 
drinks like catching glasses behind his back. He was kind of the 
Billy Carter of the Third Reich, a good old boy who became afflu- 
ent and prestigious off his brother's ability and name. Intellectu- 
als don't care about the facts, especially when the facts get in the 
way of their attacks on White males. 

Miss Gray ascribes The Marquis' Sexual hunger to his uncaring 
mother, his elitism, "and his education by Jesuits, because of their 
emphasis on corporal punishment, their reputation for sodomy (in 
laymen's terms Gray is saying Catholic priests tend to butt fuck 
little boys), and their tradition of staging lavish theatrical produc- 

De Sade's uncle was a Catholic priest, who, unlike the rest of his 
ilk, liked women, and he took the young Marquis to the finest cat 
houses in Paris. De Sade got into sexual experimenting. From his 
torn cat days, de Sade wrote the book "The 120 Days of Sodom", a 
scientific work which explores every orifice on the female body. 

De Sade had a reputation for using Christian religious objects as 
props in love making. He once had a prostitute dress up in a nun's 
habit, and he took a Christian cross and sodomized the "Mother 
Superior". Talk about symbolism! Shoving the holy emblem of 
Christianity up a nun's ass. It makqs you wonder what the Jesuits 
did to him in boarding school. Perhaps if the Christian priests 
hadn't sexually abused The Marquis as a little boy, he would not 
have become the "libertine Christ hater" in adulthood. It never 
occurred to me that the Marquis de Sade might have been a victim 
of Christian Sexual Abuse as Miss Gray implies. 

As a historical reference, The Marquis' sexual adventures were 
on the twilight of the Great Witch Trials and the Inquisition. Dur- 
ing the Witch Trials of the 1600s over 120,000 "witches" were 
tortured to death in Germany alone. The majority of the people 
Christianity tortured to death were Aryan women. The people who 
were doing the torture were male members of the Catholic priest- 
hood. These men worshipped an asexual Jew God named YAH- 
WEH who had a Jew son who was also asexual. In the first story 
of the Jewish Bible, the book of creation, the foundation of hatred 
for women is set. The story goes: on the sixth day the Jew god 
created man in his own image and put him in the Garden of Eden. 
Eden was paradise. Just YAHWEH and his boyfriend Adam. 
There was no sin, no hate, no knowledge, no pussy. Male celibacy. 
Asexuality. Perhaps homosexuality. No women around is the 
Bible's ideal Utopia. Who would write such anti-heterosexual bull- 
shit? Celibate male monks that's who. And the Bible goes on to 
tell how Adam got bored with being Yahweh's boy toy and told 
the Hebrew god that he wanted a playmate. Now what happens 
next is a major event in monotheistic myth, for this event shapes 
the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic view towards women. Albeit 
YAHWEH created man in his own image, he made woman out of 
one of Adam's ribs. Man is the image of God, but woman is just a 
part of man. An inferior to man. Now the Jew god told Adam and 
Eve that they could eat the fruit from the tree of life, but not the 
tree of knowledge. Why is YAHWEH so afraid of knowledge? 
Because if humanity had knowledge, they would realize monothe- 
ism is bullshit Monotheists defend Yahweh's fear of the tree of 
knowledge by claiming that what YAHWEH really feared was 
carnal knowledge. Carnal knowledge? That means sexual inter- 
course. That mean fucking! YAHWEH fears heterosexuality. The 
Bible teaches Satan appeared as a snake.. .a phallic symbol. Many 
pictures of Eve show the snake\penis working its way up Eve's 
leg. So Eve eats the forbidden fruit from the tree of carnal knowl- 
edge and she brings sin into the Garden and YAHWEH gets 
pissed. God's butthole is on fire! "You smoke cunt you fucked my 

boyfriend!" The Hebrew god was hysterical and kicked the two of 
them out of paradise. Paradise was lost because of woman. The 
monotheists call this original sin, and they believe man has separated 
himself through the act of original sin. Heterosexual fucking is the 
original sin in the monotheist cults. Fuck is Yahweh's enemy. Fuck 
is the anti-Christ. Fuck is the devil. To the monotheist, FUCK is the 
most evil word in the English language. God fearing people hate and 
fear FUCK! Kill FUCK! Eve brought FUCK into the Garden of 
Eden. Eve tricked Adam into FUCKING like a heathen. Celibacy is 
purity. Fucking is sin. Read the Bible. All through that silly Middle 
Eastern book evil, horny, sinful women are poisoning the purity of 
men with FUCK. Was it not the Whore of Babylon who turned the 
Jewish men away from God? Was is not Lot's daughters who got ^ 
their Father drunk on wine and tricked him into fucking them? Not 
once, but twice! Was it not Delilah and her hot Pagan pussy who 
turned the righteous Samson against God. Most of the stories in the 
Jewish Bible show men as the virtuous servants of YAHWEH and 
women as the temptresses. Numerous times the Bible and Yahweh 
refer to all women as temptresses. Look up temptress in a large the- 
saurus and you get words like: greedy monster, bitch, whore, harlot, 
harpy, demon, ogress, devil, sphinx, monster, vampire, hag, 
witch, battle-ax, bag, harridan, hellcat, bat, she-dog, gorgon, 
snake, serpent, biddy, beldam.... This is what the asexual god of Is- 
rael thinks about women. Is it any wonder that since Christianity 
came to Europe, Aryan women have been treated like second rate 
human beings. 

Is it any wonder that when the Catholic Church ordered the Inqui- 
sition and the Witch Hunts to rid Europe of Satan's temptations that 
women, the great temptresses, would be the main target? 

One of the most popular charges the asexual Church Fathers ac- 
cused women of was having sex with the devil. I have never found a 
case of a male "witch" being accused of having sex with Satan. I 
guest the priests didn't see homosexual sex with Satan as being sin- 

To a monotheist, anyone who doesn't have a twisted Middle 
Eastern view on human sexuality is a pervert. Christianity, Islam, 
and Judaism are all Semite cults that idolize the celibate male and 
view heterosexual FUCKING as a sin against their asexual god. 
Christianity has poisoned the Aryan movement with Middle East- 
ern fuckphobia. For the Aryan race to survive, we must purge all 
alien ideas from the Folk. Fuckphobia is Jewish. If you were to 
have told our Aryan Pagan progenitors, ANYTHING, and I mean 
ANYTHING a White man and a White woman did together in bed 
was evil, dirty, and nasty, they would have caved your skull in and 
rightly so! 

The Great Witch Trials is an ample example of how Middle East- 
ern fuckphobia has hurt our Folk. One illustration of the Semitic 
fuckphobia cancer is the case of Greta Hoffman. 

Little Greta Hoffman was a five year old Aryan girl living in Ger- 
many in the 1600s who was accused of witchcraft and having sex 
with the devil by the Catholic church. 

Catholic priests took and tied her to a wagon wheel and spun her 
around and around until she got sick. The asexual priests told her to 
confess to being a witch and having sex with Satan. Just think how 
frightened, friendless, and alone little Greta must have felt sur- 
rounded by a mob of hate-filled Christian sodomites. Image a five 
old girl or boy that you know and love being in poor Greta's place, 
being brutalized by a cult of psychotic, asexual Christian monsters. 
The sexually demented Christians wanted Greta Hoffman to confess 
to fucking Satan. What mental disease would cause adults to fanta- 
size that a five year old girl was fucking the devil? Christianity is the 
disease which turns normal people into sexually deranged monsters. 

Greta was a typical little girl and had no idea what these pukes 
wanted her to confess to: what five year knows anything about 
sex? Ri^ht before the Christians burned Greta Hoffinan alive for 
witchcraft, the pukes took an iron poker and stuck it in a fire until 
it was White hot, then the Children of Israel shoved the white hot 
poker inside of her until she confessed to every sexual perversion 
the insane Christian mind could imagine. The sources don't tell 
which of Greta's cavities the Christians shoved the White hot 
poker in, but logically, it could not be her mouth, since if the 
priests burnt her tongue off, then our darling little^aikyrie 
couldn't confess to the Christian's lies. Considering the Christian 
priests love for Sodomizing little children, I seriously doubt that a 
Catholic would do anything to stretch out the tightness of a chikPs 
asshole. So you can rule out they would have harmed her butt. The 
Christians must of shoved the White hot poker up Greta's vagina. 
The female sex organ is the source of original sin. It's what got 
Adam kicked out of the Garden of Eden. What other place on a 
little girl's body would be hated more by a hysterical mob of asex- 
ual priest than her vagina with, as the Bible states, its "unclean 
smell of the harlot." In the New Testament, the book of Revela- 
tions tells us that the "unclean smell of the harlot" will bring on 
Armageddon. This is the temptress myth run full circle. Adam gets 
kicked out of Eden because he had KNOWN Eve, and the "smells 
of the harlot" causes the end of the world. Yahweh sure hates 

In the refreshingly anti-Christian novel, Candide, the book opens 
up with a savage war between Catholics and Protestants. Voltaire 
tells us Candide was an alter boy who was raped by Christian war- 
riors. Voltaire says that homosexual rapes committed by Christian 
warriors had nothing to do with sex, but are the product of Chris- 
tian hate and bigotry. Catholic warriors raped Protestant boys, < 
while Protestants raped Catholic boys. It was just one big fudge 
pack for Christ. If you haven't read Candide , do so; very good 
insight into Christianity during the Witch Trials and Inquisition. 

Once Voltaire was ask: what could be done about the Catholic 
problem? Whereas Voltaire responded that we should wait until 
Sunday when all the Catholic churches were full, board up all the 
windows and doors so no one could escape, then burn all the 
Catholic churches to the ground. My only question is: what can 
we do about the Protestant problem? 

With this background of the Sodomites for Christ committing 
100s of 1,000s of the most cruel and torturous murders in History, 
how the hell did the Marquis de Sade become the poster boy for 
sexual depravity and cruelty? The Marquis never killed anyone. 
The only thing he was ever guiltily of was enjoying eccentric sex 
games with willing prostitutes. Instead of being called Sadism, 
shouldn't the love of sexual cruelty be called Christism? 
Shit, man, it was the Christian church that got off on torturing to 
death little White girls, not de Sade. 

De Sade served in the French army where, as Gray tells us, 
"mores were notoriously loose". De Sade is portrayed as the ulti- 
mate hedonist: getting drunk and banging whores. Oh, my! Imag- 
ine that. A soldier drinking booze and having sex with women. 
The horror! The horror! Again, how in the fuck did de Sade be- 
come the symbol of debauchery? He never fucked little White 
boys nor did he ever torture to death little White girls like the 
Christians did, so what gives? Oh, yes, the Marquis de Sade in- 
cluded anti-Christian "blasphemy" in his sex games, the beast! 

The Marquis got in trouble the day he got married. De Sade's 
wife was not the problem; she was a loving and devoted wife. Or 
as Miss Gray so hypocritically put it: "a monster of devotion" for 
the "monster of immorality" ,. what historically blind bullshit! 

The nobleman de Sade got his dick in the ringer because his 
mother-in-law was a nosy Christian bitch. She worked over time to 
get her "anti-Christ" son-in-law tossed in prison. The fucking she- 
puke got her evil wish hi 1763. The mother-in-law got De Sade 
arrested after he spent the night in a cat house with a hooker. The 
Marquis and his prostitute friend engaged in a lecherous night of 
flagellation, Christian inspired. Sodomy and u saerile#6us" acts 
with a "Holy Communion" host. I am not into flagellation and 
Sodomy really stinks, but I guess you have to, as Gmy implies, 
chalk that stuff up to what the Jesuits did to him in boarding 
school. However, who can't enjoy de Sade's anti-Christian blas- 
phemy? In Catholic France, on the tails of the Great Witch Hunt, 
de Sade took a Communion wafer, did the Catholic sacrament, of 
the Last Supper, "The bread you are about to eat is the body of 
Christ" , then he took the "body of Christ? and "fed" it up the 
fanny of a "Nun". Hell, I wonder what de Sade did with the bottle 
of wine? If Christianity wasn't so sexually oppressive, it wouldn't 
create people like de Sade. Ted Bundy, who claimed to have killed 
over 200 White women, was created by a Christian mother who 
smothered his sexuality. However, de Sade was no Ted Bundy. De 
Sade never killed nor raped anyone. A lot of falsehood has been 
built around de Sade. Even the scene in the movie where de Sade 
kills the preacher is untrue. 

The only victim here would be the hooker, and she didn't mind 
that de Sade was putting Christian crackers up her rear, so what 
right did the police have to jail de Sade? What a White man and 
White woman elect to do behind closed doors is no one's business 
but their own. 

De Sade was in the stockade for three weeks before his first 
defiant jail break. From now on The Marquis's life is the paragon 
of "heroic" outlawry. Repeatedly de Sade's life fell into this pat- 
tern: anti-Christian sex, arrested for blasphemy, thrown in jail, 
daring escape, back to the whore houses to nail a harlots in a 
Nuns' habits, arrested again for mocking Jesus, back in jail, es- 
cape, orgies, jail, escape, orgies.... 

Finally, the Christians got de Sade and locked him up for thir- 
teen years in the Bastille. De Sade wrote his most famous novel, 
Justine, in prison. Whereas The 120 Days of Sodom explores the 
female body, Justine explores her mind. It lis about, Justine, a fine, 
upper class Christian virgin who is kidnapped by a brute who 
locks her up in his basement and tortures her both physically and 
psychologically until she becomes his willing sex slave. Justine is 
basically a whacky guide on how to brain wash Christian women 
into becoming your sex slave. The virtuous Justine escapes her 
keeper only to have God strike her down with a bolt of lighting. 
De Sade's writings are a lot like The Turner Diaries or the 
Hunter novel. They are so beyond the pale of decency, morality, 
and reality that they are funny as hell! The big problem with all 
three novels is some people see them as something more than a 
goofy joke and try to bring the silly fantasy novels to reality. These 
three nutty novels are a great way to end up in prison if you take 
them too seriously. Read them as the bullshit they are, and these 
novels are harmless fun. Read them as reality, and kiss your life 
good-bye! De Sade was a prolific writer. The Christians destroyed 
much of his woik, but still much has survived. 

At Home With The Marquis de Sade by Francinedu Plessix Gray 
is a very interesting book. As I said earlier, I have never read any 
of de Sade's writings, only what his detractors have wrote. It may 
be worth our while to explore the works of this much hated man. 

Just promise me you're not going to lock up a virgin in your 

Move Reviews 

The Big One (1998) 

Michael Moore of TV Nation feme produced, directed and starred 
in this comical documentary which follows Moore on a book sign- 
ing tour for his newest book, Down Size This! Albeit this film is 
flawed and some times comes off as a commercial for Michael 
Moore: Champion of the Working Folks, Inc., the flick does have 
its moments. If you cut out 45 minutes of this 90 minute docu- 
mentary, you could have a fairly good film about the de- - 
industrialization of America. The film has three formats. The first 
revolves around Moore's book signing tour. The second shows 
Moore speaking to what appears to be college audiences; each of 
these speeches are blessed with long, tiresome applauds for 
Moore, Working Class Hero. The third format is a camera crew 
who follows Moore around as he goes into corporate offices and 
tries to confront the CEOs on why they are moving all the well 
paying American jobs to Third World nations. If the movie would 
have cut out all of Michael Moore's ego masturbation and focused 
on the issue of job flight, he would of had a great movie. One of 
my favorite parts in the movie was when Moore went into this 
company's corporate office that just recently moved numerous 
American jobs to Mexico, and Moore gave the public relations 
woman a check for 80 cent in order to pay for the first hour's wage 
of one Mexican workers. It took this lady forever to figure out 
Moore was making fun of her. Moore has some good insight to the 
economic decay of America. He is aware that the rich Capitalists 
feel ho loyalty to the American worker. It's only too bad this film 
didn't focus more oh the plight of American jobs and focus less on 
what a great guy Michael Moore is. 

This is the second movie this year that deals with the fairy pho- 
tographing crazy around the First World War. This movie stars 
Toby Stephens as a professional photographer wlio specializes in 
photo touch ups. He gets married, and on his honeymoon, his wife 
is killed in a freak accident He questions the meaning of life and 
whether or not there is an afterlife. In his line of work as a photog- 
rapher, he runs into the local chapter of a Wicca like occult group 
who fake spiritual occurrences. He begins to debunk occult fakery, 
but a woman shows him a photo of her two daughters holding a 
fairy. At first the man thinks this too is a Me, but once in the lab, 
he starts wondering if it might not be for real. He journeys to the 
woman's house in the woods, and after eating a magic flower, sees 
the fairies first hand. The fairies are well done. Hell, and they are 
buck naked! Peter Pan would have been a better movie if Tinker 
Bell was nude. The photographer befriends Sir Conan Doyle, who 
created master detective Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle lost his 
son in the war and his wife of many years recently died. The writer 
was obsessed with the occult and the afterlife. The two men ex- 
change ideas of what the fairies are. One theory is that they are the 
guardians to the afterlife. Not to wreck the movie for you, all I'll 
tell you is the fairies turn out to be guardians. Ben Kingsley is also 
in this movie and plays a Christian who gets killed. This was a 
cool scene. Of interest to Pagans, this movie supports the Pagan 
view of the afterlife. Monotheists teach that the afterlife is not 
physical, but only spiritual. In their heaven, there is no physical 
touching, no fucking, no eating, Yuck. You are just a formless, 
bodiless spirit. On the other hand, Pagans believe that the afterlife 
is very much like this one. You can touch other people. Eat food, 
drink water, pee. You can even get drunk and have sexual inter- 
course. Why would any one want to go to a monotheistic heaven? 

The movie shows the afterlife to be a Pagan place. The photogra- 
pher is united with his dead wife in the life after death, and they 
make love like a couple of lovely March hares. A wonderful family 
movie. Sex after life, what a groovy concept! 


The enchanting Catherine McCormack stars as a 16th century 
Aryan woman who was forced into becoming a Venetian courtesan 
by the oppressive, Christian society. This is a great movie that 
shows the wickedness of Christianity and how this corrupt He- 
brew cult has poisoned the minds of Aryans with its hatred of 
healthy heterosexuality. During the Renaissance, Christianity ar- 
ranged it so White women could only be free if they became 
whores. Courtesans or prostitutes were the only women the Chris- 
tians would allow to become literate. This was do to the Biblical 
myth of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Man was in paradise when he 
was asexual, ignorant, and womanless, then the woman Eve came 
along and introduced him to the fruit of the tree of knowledge and 
brought sin into the Garden. According to monotheism, women are 
easily corrupted by Satan and will be the down fall of mankind. 

Women aren't the only creatures Yahweh hates; he, also, de- 
spises felines. Cats are the totem spirit of the Goddess Frigga. The 
Jewish Church had demonized the Aryan Gods. The kooky Chris- 
tians put cats on trial as witches and burned them. Christianity 
almost made European cats extinct. Cats eat rats. Rats spread the 
black plague. The Christian witchcraft craze helped spread the 
plague because the Church killed cats. 

However, all Christians are lying, demented freaks and the 
Church sees the truth as an anti-Christian hate crime. The Church 
blamed Aryan women for the black plague. The Bible teaches 
women bewitch men with their lust and sexuality. Women do Sa- 
tan's work by spreading open their legs to damn men's souls. Yah- 
weh hates sex! He, like all losers, hates what he can never have. 
The Church created the Inquisition to punish its greatest enemy, 
women, for spreading the plague. In DANGEROUS BEAUTY, the 
God fearing town's people turned on the harlots and brought them 
before a witch trial. DANGEROUS BEAUTY is a great way to 
spend an evening. Scenes of strong sexuality and nudity make this 
movie unfit for our sexually debased Christian Identity friends, but 
it is highly recommended for normal people. 


Gary Oldman, Juliette Lewis, Annabella Sciorra, Lena Olin 
Gary Oldman stars as a corrupt cop who is hired by the mob to 
whack a foxy hit woman. The main stream movie critics I read 
really panned this movie. I'm a fan of Gary Oldman, so I liked the 
movie. The only problem I had with the flick was the actress play- 
ing the mob hit woman was hard to swallow as a killer. I've known 
my share of criminals, and believe me, this wench is no criminal. 
She belongs in Show Girls, not a mob hit movie. Other than that 
the movie has a lot of good twists. 


Adapted from Neil Sheehan's Pulitzer Prize winning book. Bill 
Paxton stars as the real life commander Lt. Col. John Paul Vann, 
who tried unsuccessfully to get the U.S. military to ally itself with 
the Vietnamese peasants instead of the corrupt South Vietnamese 
government. As Platoon showed the Vietnam war from the foot 
soldier's view point, this movie reveals the insanity from the lead- 
ers point of view. The South Vietnamese army is really shown as 
the corrupt, inane, and cowardly Third World goof balls they were. 
This is a good rental. Well worth a buck. 


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lished, say so in each letter. 

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and\or address published, say so in 
your letter. 

Otherwise, only the first name and 
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Pagan Revival may editor your let- 
ters if they are too long, too private, or 
too full of gossip. Where letters are 
edited an eclipse (....) will be used. 

Dear Mr. Kaldenberg: 

...I heard about Pagan Revival from Tom Metzger. I appreciate 
your powerful essays in W.A.R. and hope you keep it up. 

14 words! .Chris, New York 

Dear Wyatt Kaldenberg: 

...To elaborate on myself, I have been trying to research and 
gather information on the old Teutonic\Germanic Pagan Aryan 
religions, particularly the actual rituals, fire ceremonies, and how 
to correctly perform them. Information on Wotan\Wuotan\Odin 
(sometimes spelled Othinn) is also of interest. I plan to do schol- 
arly research on these important subjects, and I like you, I would 
like to see a strong return to the Aryan Teutonic religion. How- 
ever, I do not advise us to return to the polytheistic religions of 
ancient Rome or Greece, only the polytheistic religions of the Teu- 
tons. I plan to do further scholarly reading on these subjects and I 
thought your magazine would provide some useful input into my 
quest for knowledge. 1 plan to write a self-published work, giving 
the actual descriptive and illustrative detail of a traditional BET- 
LAINE {May-Day} Fire Ceremony, as well as what it means and 
represents. 1 would also include Solstice fires and other noble fes- 
tivals of the Teutons and giving their in-depth meaning, as well as 
•small safety precautions for when dealing with fire. 

As one of German and Austrian decent, I feel that you are on 
the right track when you state that the Folk should return to the 
original ancient religion of their ancestors. OdinNWotan is a God 
who is a strong supporter of his Folk. He, and his true messages 
are not necessarily "racist" mind you, in the sense you mean racist 
He has never espoused or spoken of starting a "race war" or some 
of the things, but maybe not all, that you or most of the so-called 
skin head movement advocate, even through other people's vi- 
sions. I strongly feel that Odinist\Wotanist Pagan religion is 
healthy for the Folk. 

Having a strong sense of pride in one's Aryan past is very 
healthy, especially with the revival of the religion with its cere- 
monies and their meaning intact. 

In Pagan Revival #40, you've brought out a point about some 
religions and their attitudes towards sex, such as the Monotheists, 

etc, and even though I would have written perhaps a very similar 
point of view with language less vulgar, it's something I've been 
thinking for a long time! ...the Catholic church and Vatican estab- 
lishment with its religious laws for their Priests and Nuns regard* 
ing sex and other matters is very un-healthy! 
Maybe that is why so many Catholic priests become pedophiles, 
sexual freaks, and acquire homosexuals tendencies! You are right! 
Some of the established religions like the ones you spoke of in 
issue #40 have a lot of sexual hang ups. Hang ups about sexuality, 
nudity, women's bodies, and in some cases women in general. 
These sexual hung ups are entrenched. Their bizarre beliefs of a 
high level of morality is not only spiritually and psychologically 
unhealthy. It's un-natural! I'm not saying that decadence or ex- 
treme promiscuity is the answer, certainly not! Nor am I saying 
that full nudity should be excepted in every place, point, and time, 
like the office, the supermarket, or at school But Europe histori- 
cally has had a much more healthier and more mature attitude to- 
wards sexuality than the U.S. So I think the revival of the true 
Aryan Pagan religion would be very beneficial to both men and 
women alike. I don't believe, however, it should be a well estab- 
lished religion. What is your views on this? 

In order to have this revival, it will require some deep under- 
standing into each ofthe various festivals and rituals, and their 
meaning, as well as what forces of nature and cosmos they are as- 
sociated with, and why we commemorate them! As a potential 
scholar may I, if you're hot already familiar with, refer you to 
some very noteworthy books on the subject that one should have. 
The book "The Pagan Book of Days: A guide to the Festivals', Tra- 
ditions, and Sacred Days ofthe Year" by Nigel Pennick (1992) 
Destiny Books ( a division of Inner Traditions International) ISBN 
#0-89281-369-5 You might want to call their sales department at: 
1 -800-246-8648 or get their catalog to obtain and sell unlimited 
quantities of book. The Pagan Book of Days is a must! It contains 
all the actual dates of festivals obtained through reliable sources. 
It's totally Euro-centered, in that it contents are only derived from 
the Teuton, Celtic, Norseman, and Druid Pagan 
calendars of notable days, as well as some or all of the Roman and 
Greek days that fall through out the solar year. There is also some 
Kemetic or "Egyptian" days commemorated by ancient Kemetic or 
"Egyptian" people, but not a lot. These are the only ones non- 
Euro-centered The part I've found to be most interesting was 
called "Runic Half-Mouths" , which our forebears made note of 
specific designated periods each month, in which a particular cor- 
responding quality of a particular Rune designated for that period 
is said through ancient Teutonic legend, to be especially active for 
that duration period or half month. 

The 29th of June till July 13th is the Runic half-month of Feoh. 
The Feoh rune is the rune of money, wealth, and financial success. 
From my own personal perspective, I should state that the Runic 
half-months although maybe a Teutonic or Norse legend, but it's a 
legend that has a lot of validity. During the Runic half month of 
Feoh, I had noticed that some luck or forces of good will did come 
my way with money matters around this period of the solar year 
that period. I am not saying that if you were to play the state lottery 
around this period of the solar year that you'll get rich and hit the 
jackpot! I tried this just for argument sake and that particular time 
it came true. But you'll never know next time, it very well could 
make me rich someday. There is a lot of secret forces hidden in the 
cosmos that are just beginning to surface, and the Runes are a ma- 
jor slice in the whole pie. 

Did you know Christopher Columbus arrival in the "new world" 
on October 1 2th, which was a sacred day ofthe ancient Roman 

Goddess named Fortuna Redux. She was regarded by the ancient 
Romans as the Goddess of successful journeys and safe returns, 
who was commemorated or worshipped on that same day, October 
12th. How ironic! This was in the Pagan Book of Days. The book 
also gives charts of all the solstices and equinoxes up the year 
2,000! As for the day of Samhain, (beginning on the eve or night 
of 31 October-Halloween through 1 November), has nothing really 
to do with Satan or Satanists. Satan or "Lucifer" as he's sometimes 
called, is a character created by the practitioners of Satanism and 
Christianity alike and was really originally derived from one of 
the Norse Gods and modified. 

You should also read another book called "A History of Pagan 
Europe" by Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick (1995) by ROUT- 
LEDGE. They're on 29 West 35 Street, New York City (Hymmie- 
town), NY 10001. The ISBN# 0-415-09136-5. This and the other 
book is a great lead for scholars of faith, even though they don't 
always go into descriptive details as to how these actual rituals 
ceremonies are performed. It is highly recommended! 

Another book which I'm presently reading is "The Secret Of The 
Runes" by Guido Von List, translated from the German by 
Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D. (1988) also out by Destiny Books. Call 
1-800-246-8648. In Von List's book, there's a section in the first 
chapter under the "The Occult Master" (1902-1919)" paragraph 
where, it mentions where upon recovering from an eye operation 
in 1902, bandaged and in a virtual state of blindness and utter 
darkness, Von List is said to have envisioned the hidden meanings 
of the Runes. This reminds me of Odin. As for my own theories 
about this, perhaps the Gods or one of the Gods. Odin\Wotan him- 
self might of helped give Von List the vision or insight as to their 
true hidden meaning. Von List's various works and beliefs have 
had a somewhat influence on Germany as far back as 1908, even 
among some Germans prior to and during World War One and 

I believe the Guido Von List Society still might exist in Ger- 
many this very day as it once did before 1919. They were even 
allowed to exist through out the Third Reich years. There is an- 
other work by Von List called: "DIE RELIGION DER ARIO- 
Burdeke (1910) Eng. Transl. "The Religion of The Aryd-Germanic 
Peoples in Its Esoteric and Exoteric Aspects". This work details 
the Armanic theories of Astrological lore, theology and numerol- 
ogy. There are also other books by Von List that one might want to 
have and look into in order to put the pieces together. I intend to 
seek out and locate these and other English translations of Von 
List's work, or to have them translated from the original German 
by someone or some company in the translation business, who is 
much more thorough and fluently versed in their German than 1. 1 
must find out if the Guido Von List Society still exist.... 

Best regards, May Odin be with us all! For The Folk, I am, Tim- 
othy Drechsel, Queens, New York 

Brother Tim: 

I'm a Pan-Aryan Odinic Pagan. By this I mean my main belief is 
Odinism, and I worship the Norse Gods. I believe since the 
Vikings were way up North, far, far away from non-Aryans and 
their cultural influences that the Northern religion is the purest 
form of the Aryan Ideal. Other Aryan Pagan religions are tarnished 
by alien contact. However, this doesn't mean that all other Aryan 
Pagan religions are bad. Through religious comparison between 
different Aryan faiths, you can find the common religious truths 
of our Aryan Folk. Also, many things in Odinism were lost, misin- 

terpreted, and destroyed by the Christian Occupational Government 
(C.O.G.). By studying say the Romans and Greeks, or Zoroastrian- 
ism and Vedic Hinduism, you can find common truths to fill in the 
gaps die Christians created in Asatru. I believe the New Odinism 
must study all Aryan and, to a much lesser degree, non-Aryan Pagan 
religions in order to create the New Religion. There is much to be 
learned from Mirthaism, Druidism, Satanism, and even Hitlerism as 
a religious force, albeit I am an Odinist first. Even Egyptian Pagan- 
ism had Aryan ties. The First Kingdom of Egypt had many founding 
fathers who were Aryans, and Aryan Sumerian and Aryan 
Mesopotamian Paganism acutely influenced Egypt from early times 
on, and, also, the Third Kingdom from at least the time of Alexander 
the Great, and up to until the Aryan Romans took over, was ruled by 
Aryan Greeks. So Egypt is worth some study. 

There are many, many, many Odinic and Asastru rituals floating 
around. Ed Finch's book The Rites of Odin is full to the brim with 
Nordic rites. I don't care much for magic and rituals, so I didn't like 
the book all that much, but you would most likely enjoy it very 
much. Finch is the one who wrote the Wiccan ritual Bible in the '60s 
or '70s. I think it is called the Pagan Books of Rites or maybe Ritu- 
als. Many Wiccans call this book the Book of Shadows, which the 
T.V. show Charmed is always talking about. Sometimes Buffy The 
Vampire Slayer alludes to Finch's book Finch is the king of rituals, 
and some7ears back he converted from Wicca to Odinism. There are 
a lot of Odinic rituals on the Internet. The Asatru Folk Assembly 
publish a lot of Odinic rites, as does the Asatru Alliance. The Ring 
of Troth has mail order courses in Asatru rites. There are many 
Norse pagan groups and most have tons and tons of rituals already 
written. Keep in mind that none of these people or groups are racial 
and will freak out if you use the word White. 

Wicca and most modern pagans celebrates the "eight" fire fests, 
but the eight fests are a modern idea. Albeit, being modern doesn't 
automatically make it bad. Most Germanic tribes, generally, made 
major holidays out of the two Solstices and the two Equinoxes, but 
viewed the so called cross road fires fests as minor holy days. Most 
Celts had just the opposite view. Yule and Summer Solstice, gener- 
ally, were the two biggest Germanic holy days. May Day and 
Samhain were the two big Celtic days. The Germanic peoples cele- 
brated Walberg Night on April 30th. Freyja, Frey, and the Vanir 
were little known in Southern German, so Frig, Fricka, or Frau 
Wotan was the leader of the Valkyries or Walkyries and she took the 
fallen to her husband, Wotan. Walberg means mountain of the slain. 
On Walberg Night, Frau Wotan collected all the souls and took them 
to Walhalla. So Walberg Night was to the Southern Germans as 
what Samhain was to the Celts. It is of some interest to know that 
Hitler and crew died on Walberg Night.. April 30th, 1945. 

Some Nordic tribes had a minor holy day on May 1st. They had a 
ritual of Odin and Frigga getting married. They were the May King 
and May Queen. Thor was the God vvho married, or more correctly, 
re-married Odin and Frigga. This was a welcoming of summer ritual. 
Except it was not a very wide spread holy day among the Norse. 
Pennick wrote some on this. 

If I remember right, Green Egg magazine, P.O. Box 488, Lay- 
tonville, CA 95454-0488, about two years ago, had a great piece on 
Beltaine\May Day. It said that on the old Celtic Pagan calendar May 
DayVBeltaine did not fall on May 1st, but was determined by the ar- 
rival in the Northern skies of the Bel star* what the Romans called 
the Mae star. The Bel star arrived usually on April 20th. The Celts 
didn't believe in Mae, but the God Bel and they saw the arrival of 
the Bel Star as the birthday of the Great Warrior King. King Bel was 
believed to conquer the darkness of winter and bring on the New 
Summer. So April 20th, sometimes the 19th, was thought of by 

some Celts as the first day of summer, the birthday of the Savior 
King. It is of interest that Hitler came in with the Bel star and went 
out with the Valkyries. 

If you are into Runic time, check out Nigel Pennick's books Prac- 
tical Magic in the Northern Tradition and Runic Astrology from 
Aqurian Press, Thorsons Publishing group, Wellingborough, 
Northamptonshire, NN8 2RQ. These are great books. There is so 
much in these two books that can't be found any where else. He 
has Runic day and month dials. Not only are there 24 Runic half 
months, but each half hour in the day has its own Runes. He also 
gives Runic year cycles. He has a drawing of an alter to Thor from 
1 7th century Finland. There is so much in these books that each 
page is a treasure. 

I have A History of Pagan Europe, but I've only had time to read 
the first few chapters. It talks a little bit about Odinism in America 
in the 1920s and '30s. This is a subject not explored much. I 
would be thankful if you could write a review of A History of Pa- 
gan Europe for Pagan Revival. 

On sex and Aryanism. A good sex life is important to good men- 
tal health. People who fear and loathe sex are the true perverts. 
There is nothing wrong with Aryan heterosexual erotica. It is odd 
how many in the race movement believe that Jewish hatred for sex 
is an Aryan quality. People portray our ancient ancestors as if they 
believed in a Victorian morality. Pre-Christian Europe was a very 
sexually free place in many ways. Tribal marries were common 
place. Group sex was common. Pagan orgies were a religious 
sacrament in fertility sects. There was one Viking who had 20,000 
wives. However, since tribal marriages were common each of his 
wives may very well have had 20,000 husbands. I mean everyone 
in a tribe some times were married to everyone else. Albeit Frigga 
was Odin's number one wife, he had nine primary wives and 
countless minor wives. Frigga had other husbands than Odin. 
Adultery was frowned on, but that usually meant one could not 
have sex outside the clan or the tribe or his or her social caste. ' 
Adultery in the Pagan world didn't mean the same thing it did in 
the Jewish\Christian world. The Aryan view of sex is not what 
most people think it is. The White fear and hate of sex comes from 
the Bible. 

I don't know what you mean by racism, but I want my people to 
live. If this is racist, great. Non- Whites don't care about the Aryan 
race. I don't care about non- Whites. They can all live happily ever 
after on their own land, and that would suit me fine. I'm not on a 
crusade to wipe them off the face of the Earth, but if I have to pick 
between them of the White race. I'll pick my own people over any 
one else. Why shouldn't I? Non-Aryans are like rattle snakes. If 
Aryans find rattle snakes on our homeland, we should get rid of 
them in order to protect our loved ones, but I don't think we 
should go out of our way to hunt them down. Even rattle snakes 
have a place. Non-Aiyans have # place on Earth; their place is out- 
side the Aryan homeland. Of course, when I talk of non-Aryans, 
Christians are Semitic enemy number one. 

On the will of the Gods. The ancients knew what the Gods 
wanted because the Gods spoke to them through dreams. One of 
the main jobs of the Odinic priests and priestesses was to interpret 
dreams. The Pagan priesthood kept records of dreams. They deter- 
mined which dreams were just dreams and which dreams were 
communications from the Gods. High Priests, Kings, and people 
who* were valuable to the Folk had their dreams examined more 
closely than less important people, although occasionally Thralls 
had their dreams examined. Blind people and children, not infre- 
quently, had their dreams interpreted. The Eddas and the Sagas 
were written by Christians 100s of years after Odinism was out- 

lawed. Christians had burned all the Pagan books, and the writers 
of the Eddas and Sagas only had gossip and beer hall songs to 
based their writings on. Without the help of books, the History 
Channel, or schools, could you write an accurate account of what 
people 100s of years ago thought? I think not. But this is what we 
are to believe the people who wrote the Eddas and Sagas did. 
There is a very good chance that our Pagan ancestors could not 
recognize a single story from the Eddas. For instance, no pre- 
Christian references exist for the God Balder. No towns were 
named after him. I know no runic writings mentioning him as a 
God, no weapons inscribed with his name, nor are there any fu- 
neral stones calling for his protection. Why? Even minor God- 
desses lite Zisa had towns named after her. All the Gods are men- 
tioned on funeral stones except Loki and Balder. I understand why 
Loki isn't mention, for he was considered a bad God. But, if 
Balder was a major God, why was he never mentioned as a God 
until 300 years after Odinism was banned? I believe it was Bebe 
who talked about Balder as a human warrior, but he was not 
thought of as a God. How correct are the Christian Eddas? Should 
we base the New Odinism on a Christian book? If the Gods spoke 
to the Folk directly in the old days, why would they not speak to us 
today. The Gods have spoken to people in modern times. As you 
mentioned, Wotan spoke to Von List Many people believe Wotan 
inspired Hitler with the vision of a Folk revival. I believe the Gods 
talk to all uncontaminated Aryans regularly through our dreams, 
but we all ignore their messages or misinterpret them as just mean- 
ingless apparitions. We need to develop apriesthood, and one of 
the main duties of the new clergy would be to study Jung, Aryan 
myth, and other works that can aid in dream interpretation. This 
will help us to determine which dreams are just dreams, which 
dreams are merely falsehoods from Loki, Hel-hound, Allah, Jesus, 
Yahweh, and other demons, and which dreams are messages from 
the living Aryan Gods. 

Odin has talked to many people recently. Odin told a rock star in 
Scandinavian to have his fans burn down Christian churches. 
There was an Icelandic prophet woman who said the God Thor 
will kill the demon Jesus Christ by crushing his skull in with his 
hammer and drive the alien cult back into the serpent's belly. Un- 
til Thor's Hammer crushes the demon's skull, Wyatt 14\88 

Dear Wyatt: 

Thank for the Pagan Revival. Good stuff. The impossibilities of 
Xianity are sure being exposed in the alternative press. There are 
several other Pagans here who will enjoy your publication, so I'll 
pass it around. 14\88 David Lane 

Dear Mr. Kaldenberg: 

I loved your magazine. Christianity is a disease rotting the soul 
of the White race. The forced conversion of our people to this 
evil, middle eastern cult has scarred our history and our racial 
sub-consciousness. You are right! How can we survive as a people 
when we have sold our soul to a foreign creed? Clark 

Brother Clark: 

The sooner we drive Christianity from our land; the sooner the 
wounds of the White race will heal. Christianity is a virus that 
causes gangrene of the Aryan soul... Wyatt 

Heilsa Kinsman; 

I would like to thank you for the issue that you sent. I must say I 
Letters continued Page 33 


Make checks out to Wyatt Kalctonborg. All the 
books reviewed below I pay the sales taxes and 

Some of these books I have only one or two 
copies, so when ordering books always Include 
possible substitutes. Most of these books are 
mainstream books, and not all the Ideas ex- 
pressed within them are White, but I fee! If you 
use your mind for something other than pickling 
It with booze, then you can find a lot of useful 
Info to help build a Pagan Revival. 


The family is the cornerstone of the New Paganism. 

TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR FERTILITY: The Definitive Guide to Nat- 
ural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement by Toni Weschler, MPH 
Harper Perennial, 383 pages, Large soft cover, $22.00 Taking Charge of 
Your Fertility is a revolutionary book. Stop taking birth control pills! Birth 
control pills work only 94% of the time, which means they dont nicking 
work at all 6% of the time! They cause cancer. They cause birth defects. 
They increase your chance of having heart problems. They can make you 
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grow facial hair on some woman. Fuck the pill! Taking Charge will teach 
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when you are at your fertility peak, for those wishing to have a baby, and 
how to increase the odds of choosing your baby's sex. Taking 
Charge has 8 pages of color graphics and is crammed full of 
chiarts and helpful examples. Powerful info the pill pushing doc- 
tors dont want you to know. It's sad how many White woman don't 
know what is happening within their bodies. I've seen three other 
books on the Fertility Awareness Method and this book is by far 
one of the best. 

Howard T Shapiro, M.D., Harper Perennial, $1 7.00, Large soft cover, 530 
pages. The Pregnancy Book is a gigantic book packed full of everything you 
could ever want to know about pregnancy. The author is one of the nation's 
leading obstetricians and the senior attending physician at Norwalk Hospi- ■ 
tal. This book gives answers to nearly every question you could ask about 
your pregnancy. Will interest in sex decline? Is there a safe way to control 
nausea. What is ultrasound? Amniocentesis? CVS? PUBS? Fetoscopy? 
Laparoscopy? Are there risks to you and your baby? How much weight gain 
is normal? Will breast feeding increase your babies I.Q.? (Yes!) Do birth 
control pills increase the chance of birth defects and mental retardation? 
(Yes!) The Pregnancy Book is 530 pages of info that can help make more 
healthy Aryan babies. 

MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY, Harper Collins College Out- 
line, Author Norman Goodman Large soft cover, 344 pages $12.00 
The Aryan family is the foundation of Odinism. Lefs face it the so called 
race movement talks about family, but White families, even in the race 
movement are falling apart Marriage And The Family is a great book for 
Aryan families, Kindred leader, and those training for the priesthood, the 
book is a well written college text which deals with a wide range of subject 
such as work and the family, divorce, re-marriage, raising children, dating, 
family violence, economic crisis, intimacy, and it even touches on polygamy 
and group marriage. 


DEFEND YOURSELF! Every Woman's Guide to Safe Guarding 
Her Life by Matt Thomas, Denise Loveday and Larry Strauss, Medium soft 
cover, $8.00, Avon Books 221 pages Odinic woman; don't be a victim! 
Defend Yourself! is a must for women living in the declining West The 
book claims that women who stop rapes: have the (hive to survive, know 
formal fighting skills, know how to street fight, exploit the surprise attack of 
a fighting woman's advantage, and exploit a male attacker's vulnerabilities. 
Defend Yourself! tells how to spot a rapist and when to be on your guard. 
Ifs full of photos to help explain moves and even gives you a warm up exer- 
cise. First line of defense is a good fighting stance. It has some good win- 
ning combinations. There are chapters on how to escape, fighting an armed 
assailant, fighting multiple assailants, what is legal, and how to believe in 
your self: It shocks me how many women in the movement don't know how . 
to defend themselves against rapists. Defend Yourself! May save your life, 

PAVN People's Army of Vietnam, Medium Soft Cover, 384 pages 
Da Capo Press $14.95 PAVN is a great book on how the Communist under- 
ground defeated the French, men the United States in Vietnam. A worthy 
history of the struggle and important details on the organization and admin- 
istration of one of the most successful terrorist underground movements in 
history. The book deals with leadership, ideology, and how a people's liber- 
ation army can defeat the United States. Critical reading for any one serious 
about fighting evil. 


FLYING SAUCERS by C.G. Jung, Hard Cover 150 pages Fine 
Communications $12.00 FLYING SAUCERS is a very interesting read by 
the master himself. Jung's concerned with the UFO's psychic aspect. Jung 
takes a look at history and finds that people always have had mass halluci- 
nations at times of extreme adversity. People who believe in little green 
men may not like this book, for Jung believes that UFOs have to do more 
with people fears of the decline of the West than with life in outer space. 
Could it be that in this age of P.C. police and the fear of sounding too 
racist, when people talk about being invaded by aliens, it is really their 
natural disapproval of non-White aliens invading the West, manifesting 
itself in the only way possible? "Help! Help! Aliens have taken over our 
government, our schools, our newspapers, and no one will believe me! " Tell 
me about, brother! The problem is the aliens aren't from outer space, but 
from the Third World. 

THE HANDBOOK OF FOLKLORE by Charlotte Sophia Burne, 
Medium soft cover, $15.00 Senate, 364 pages 
Folklore is a notable collect of traditional folk beliefs, ancient religious 
practices, stories, folk sayings, and customs the world over, but with special 
attention being paid to Aryan folklore. Folklore is crammed full of info 
about folk lore, social and political institutions in a folk culture, rites of the 
passage, calendar festivals, and a lot more. I only have two copies. 

HEROINES by Norma Loire Goodrich Medium sized soft cover 
$12.00 Harper Perennial 282 pages Heroines is written by the distin- 
guished Arthurian scholar, Goodrich, who has put together a superior col- 
lect of heroic women. Many of these women are Aryan Pagans and all but a 
few fit within our Aryan world view. Heroines deals with legendary good 
women, lovers and women who loved demons, the White Goddess, Hero- 
ines and paganism, Viking Heroines of Iceland and Norway, the women 
warriors of the Amazons, and a great piece on Joan of Arc, which states 
one of the charges against her is she danced in a pagan ritual around a May 
pole on May day. Remember, the Bible outlaws dancing. In much of the 
Christian middle ages women and men were flogged and even burnt alive 
for dancing. Dance is a pagan thing. Heroines is a celebration of women and 
shows clearly that with the death of monotheism; the West will see a return 
to the pagan Golden Age of strong Aryan women. 

THE HERO WITHIN: Six Archetypes We Live By, by Carol S. 
Pearson, Medium soft cover, $1 3.00, Harper Collins, 205 pages. 
The Hero Within expands on the theories anthropologist Joseph Campbell 
expresses in his classic THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES. Pear- 
son is a liberal, but her book can be turned upside down and used by racial 

pagans. Pearson uses six archetypes: Innocent, Orphan, Wanderer, Warrior, 
Martyr, and Magician. A lot of good insight on Aryan myths and literature. 
Although her world view is rucked up, and some of her heroes suck, her 
theories are of use. 

Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, 
Large soft cover, $12.00, Harper San Francisco, 160 pages 
K.W,M.L. is a popular introduction to the neo-Jungian idea of masculinity. 
The book has some great ideas about manhood. Deals with both pagan and 
Christian views of the male. The book is divided in two parts: From Boy 
Psychology to Man Psychology, and Decoding the Male Psyche^ the Four 
Archetypes of the Mature Masculine. A New Agebook, but some good stuff 
for people who are smart enough to cut through the liberal bullshit. 

THE CODE OF THE WARRIOR by Rick Fields, $16.00, Large 
soft cover, Harper Perennial, 338 pages 

Fields' book deals with the warrior cultures and codes of the samurai of 
Japan, the American Indians, and the medieval knights of Europe. The 
warrior code is a whole school of thought on the nature of aggression, com- . 
petition, struggle, and self-control. This is an important book for the Aryan 
movement. A warrior has self-control and too many skin .head are not 
Aryan warriors, but merely out of control drunken White thugs. The gang- 
ster rap culture has more influence on the "White power" skin head move- 
ment than any Aryan warrior code. Most skins have turned into such fuck- 
ing gangsters that you can't have a White power show without a rapper style 
gang tight breaking out. This book deals with warriors before war and how 
warrior brotherhoods began, Warrior-Kings of Aryan Sumer, Indo- 
Europeans and the warrior dilemma, a great piece on Aryans and India, the 
Taoist solution on war, martial arts, Knights and chivalry, Samurai and 
Bushido, Sioux warriors, the lone warrior, and even a chapter on women 
warriors. The last chapter is about the warrior code and the business world: 
A great idea. 


Consumer Guide, Standard soft cover, Consumer Guide Press, 640 
pagesThis book is not an untested collection of "miracle" cures. The Con-: 
sumer Guides people have tested nearly 100 home remedies for common 
illnesses and gives us the ones that really works. This is an alternative medi- 
cal handbook that isn't written by a bunch of New Age kooks. A great book 
that can save you a trip to the doctor's office. 

Consumer Guide, Standard soft cover, Consumer Guide Press, 608 pages 
Another great book from the people at Consumer Guide magazine This 
book teaches youhow to prevent such diseases as cancer, AIDS, infertility, 
etc. and what are the symptoms and treatments of 100s of common ailments. 
A good handbook for the Aryan family. 


The only way to beat the capitalist system is to become a capital' 

ist Being a wage slave and making some other bastard rich is not 
revolutionary; it is just stupid. The Jews are smart to Unit their 
religion to their livelihood. Christians become doctors, teachers, 
lawyers, while Jews become Jewish doctors, Jewish teachers, and 
Jewish lawyers. To a Christian, work is just a way to earn money 
and put bread on the table. To a Jew, work is a way to advance 
their world view. I admire that about the Jews. Most Jews see life 
as a means to change the world. Jews are a hard working people, 
and this is why they are so powerful. The secret to the Jewish con- 
spiracy is they push their people to success. 
If the Jews just got drunk arid bitched about how hopeless the 
world is, like most people in the White Power movement do, then 
they would be losers too. The Christians don 't incorporate their . 
religion into their daily lives. Most Christians restrict their Chris- 

tianity to Sunday Mornings, while the Jews are Jewish 24 hours a 
day, seven days a week. They have turned their religion into a 
Fblkish mission. If the New Paganism is to regain control of our 
homeland, we most create an economic foundation for the Folk. 
We must make Paganism our racial mission. There can be no dif- 
ference between our life and our religion. 

Hammer, Prentice Hall/ARCO Books, Large soft cover, 217 pages, $10 

We need people inside of the Iron Heel. One Trojan horse inside the 
walls is more powerful than ten catapult randomly slinging missiles from a 

For over 50 years, ARCO has helped millions of people get Federal jobs. 
Why pay 1005 of bucks taking the ARCO course when you can just buy the 
text book. This guide teaches you bow to get Federal jobs at home and 
abroad. How to get hired in civil service jobs like computer programming, 
clerical, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, Health Care, Accounting, Budget- 
ing, Fiscal management, Postal work, and much more. There are two full 
sample tests to give you an idea of what areas you're weak in. This guide 
has the addresses you need to get the job of your dreams. 

LAWYER PROOF YOUR LIFE: A Do It Yourself Guide To 
Avoiding Lawsuits by Robert Bauman, Esq., Shot Tower Books, Large soft 
cover, 227 pages, $18.95 

The enemy of the Folk has discovered the lawsuit Let's face it Democ- 
racy Is bullshit Democracy only works for the people in power. When we 
get sued, we lose. It doesn't mean shit to be innocent Democracy only gives 
justice to the evil. Outside of bombing a court house or gunning down a 
judge, we will never get justice inside a court house. This book teaches 
you how to protect your home, land, and income. You can lose a multi- 
million dollar law suit, and if you plan ahead, the enemy will get little to 
nothing. If you plan to be a White activist, assume that some day you'll lose 
a civil suit Any Aryan racialist who does not build well thought out shel- 
ters, belongs in the poor house. 

LEADERS: The Strategies For Taking Charge by Warren Bennis 
& Burt Nannus, Harper Perennial, Medium soft cover, 244, pages, $13 The 
greatest obstacle to White survival is this joke we call the race movement If 
talking shit, getting drunk, fighting with your own trite, and going to prison 
for stupid crimes made you powerful, then East L. A. would be the center of 
international affairs. We can't save the White race from extinction if we 
can't get control of our own lives. LEADERS is a great book which teaches 
you how to lead the masses by first learning how to manage your own life. 
LEADERS is one of the best selling business management books in print 
Acting like drunken thugs has not advanced our struggle, perhaps if we 
acted more like the people who run the world we could help our Folk 

Avon Books, Medium soft Cover, 278 pages, $12. SO 

The Muslims and the Hindus are bom building a religious foundation in 
America by buying quickie mart franchises. Money is power. Whites get 
drunk and tell jokes about the wogs at the local 7-11, but in 10 or 20 years it 
won't be so tunny when these people control our economy. If Whites don't 
grab up America's wealth, other people will. The New Paganism needs 
financing and franchising is a great opportunity for the right people. This 
book teaches you which franchises are ideal for you and how to secure the 
best deal from the parent company. This book has lots of addresses and 
phone numbers which help you investigate companies. It even teaches you 
how to get financing for your new business and how to protect your busi- 
ness legally. It is easier to start your first business with a powerful organi- 
zation behind you. The great thing about corporate franchisers is they profit 
from your success, and many franchisers "mother" people who buy their 
franchises. If the Jews stayed wage slaves and did not form a Jewish busi- 
ness community, then their religion would never had survived in a Christian 
world. Help build Pan-Aryan Paganism by making yourself rich. Being poor 
means being weak. And the weak are doomed. A rich Aryan is a powerful 


David R. Eyler, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 241 pages, $17 

Are you tired of traffic jams? Auto bills? Slaving to make some one else 
rich? Do you spend way too much time at work and not enough time with your 
family. If, yes, then maybe a home based business is for you. Home businesses 
are ideal for women with small children. This is a hut and bolts book which 
details many areas. It shows you how to set up a home office. How to prepare 
for business taxes. It teaches direct mail and. telemarketing techniques. 


And Religious Professionals by Mary D. Pellauer, Barbara Chester, and Jane 
Boyajian, Harper San Francisco, Medium, Soft Cover, 281 pages, $17 

This book was written by three Christ puke cunts, and there is a lot of evil 
Jesus puke bullshit here. Believe it or not, the filthy rucking Christian cock- 
suckers can't even write about sexual abuse without including an attack on the 
White race. If you over look the typical anti-White lies of this evil alien cult, 
then there is much that can be useful in aiding the construction of an Odinic 
clergy. The New Paganism must learn to solve the problems of our Folk, or 
else, the aliens will* remain our teachers, culture creators, trend setters, and 
leaders. If we don't help Whites who are victims of monotheistic sex prob- 
lems, then they will be sucked into the alien camp by default. Christians, the 
people who caused all the White race's sex problems, giving advice on sexual 
abuse is sick and wrong. The filthy tucking Christians know no shame. This 
book is good for women and men who are interested in forming an Aryan 
clergy that can tight Christian Ritual Child Abuse. This is a book that should 
only be bought by people who are smart enough to pull the pearls out of the 
Christian bullshit 


Wicca and Goddess worship are the newest fads among feminists 
who reject a male dominate world. Books like Riane Eisler's CHAL- 
GODDESS have set the ground of a new thealogy ( Thea = Goddess 
+ logy - logic). The Wiccan Feminists rightfully condemn 
monotheism for casting out and demonizing women. By studying 
the Wiccan Feminists, we can make Asatru more women friendly. 
We will never get large numbers of women to join the Aryan move- 
ment if we remain a HE MAN WOMEN HATERS CLUB. We can 
recruit women to the New Paganism by pointing out that there is no 
breathing room for females within the Male Only cults of monothe- 
ism. However, the Goddess Revival is the other side of the sexist 
coin to monotheism. Feminist Goddess worship is as unfriendly to 
men as monotheism is to women. The New Aryan Paganism must 
celebrate both male and female spirituality in order to heal the 
wounds between Aryan man and Aryan woman that monotheism and 
feminism have created. Just as most monotheism tend to be homo- 
sexuals who don't like women, most feminists are lesbians who hate 

A lot of the Wiccan Feminist theory is merely left wing, men hat- 
ing utopianism. 

The Wiccan Feminists go against the mountain of evidence from 
archaeology, anthropology, and environmental history when they 
claim that before the year 1 ,000 B.C.E. people lived in a communis- 
tic Utopia run by strong women and obedient men. As Carol Christ 
put it "...the peaceful and egalitarian matrifocal societies of the Ne- 
olithic period came to an end as agriculture began to be transformed 
through the invention of technologies such as the iron plow and cen- 
trally organized irrigation techniques, that allowed some individuals 
to control large plots of land that were worked by others." 

The evidence shows that mankind was never a peaceful, egalitar- 
ian, nor matrifocal society. The Neolithic folks were as blood thirsty, 
war loving, and greedy as we are. And men, judging from grave 

sites, held a high position in Neolithic society. 

Albeit, a lot in the Wiccan Feminist writings is pure bullshit, 
many of these book contain solid attacks of Judaism, Christianity, 
and Islam. 

THE SKEPTICAL FEMINIST: Discovering The Virgin, Mother, 
and Crone by Barbara Walker, Harper Collins, Medium Soft Cover, 280 
pages, $13 Walker's belief is that 3,000 years ago, ( it is worth noting that 
there are two schools as to the age of Judaism: most Jews claim their religion 
is 5,000 years old while most historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists 
claim Judaism less than 3,000 years old), the followers of a patriarchal sky 
cult (the Jews) began to de-humanize, derogate, and demonize Goddess wor- 
ship in order to devaluate women and promote masculine supremacy in the 
form of monotheism. The totally male oriented Middle Eastern cults of Ju- 
daism, Christianity and Islam used lies, bribes, and military force to crush 
paganism; seize power over the West, and drive a wedge between Aryan man 
and Aryan woman. The folly of the Wiccan Feminists, and Feminists in gen- 
eral, is they view the anti-women hate crimes of monotheism as the creation of 
the White male and "his" culture, and White women must join the Third 
World assault against Aryan men. The reality is that in pre-Christian Europe 
women were valued and they made up half of the Gods of our people. The 
attack on women didn't begin in the White world until Jewish cultural imperi- 
alism forced the genocidal cult of Christ on our people. Monotheism is Jewish 
men attempting to enslave Jewish women, and Feminism is Jewish women 
attempting to blame Aryan manhood for the crimes of Jewish men. Monothe- 
ism and Feminism are two sides to the same Middle Eastern coin. The New 
Paganism must bridge the gap between Aryan men and women that the alien 
inspired sex war created. The White racialist movement will never be strong 
until we purge alien ideas from our collective soul. 

THE MOON AND THE VIRGIN: Reflections on the Archetypal 
Feminine by Nor Hall, Harper Pereninial, Medium Soft cover, 284 pages $12 
Hall sees women as having four archetypes: the Mother, the Maid, the Ama- 
zon, and the Seer. Hall explores pagan images of women. A lot of good stuff 
we can use to recruit Aryan women to the New Paganism, but, as with most 
main stream books, you have to weed through some crap to get to the gold. 

WTTCHCRAZE: A New History of the European Witch Hunts and 
the Legacy of Violence Against Women by Anne Llewellynn Bartow, Harper 
Collins, Medium Soft Cover, 256 pages, $13 

Bartow shows that sexual violence and abuse against women are rooted in 
monotheism. She argues that violence against women began during the Chris- 
tian witch trails where the majority of victims were women. Bartow calls the 
burning of Aryan women a sacrifice to the Christian god. Bartow's book de- 
scribes in shocking detail the sexual torture Aryan women suffered under the 
iron heel of Jewish Christianity. There are many examples of how the alien 
cult violated our women. Barthow's big faults are, (like most Left wingers), 
that she rips Christianity apart while forgetting to condemn the equally evil 
Judaism and Islam. Also, she repeats the Left wing lie that Aryanism is to 
blame for the crimes of the Middle Eastern cults. The White race is a victim of 
the alien invaders and their Semitic cults. To blame the White race for the 
Christian tradition is like blaming a woman for being raped. In Germany 
alone, 20, 000 Aryan women were tortured to death by Christians each year 
for nearly two hundred years. Keep in mind this isn't counting the number of 
our women murdered by Christians in other Aryan countries. 2,000 years ago, 
over 50% of the Earth population was White. Today, we are less than 8% and 
dropping like a rock. During the Pagan Golden Age, the White race controlled 
most of the world. The Aryan homeland once reached into China, Northern 
Africa, India, and beyond. After 2,000 years of the cult of the dead Jew, not 
one nation calls itself pro-White. Even Christian Iceland prides itself in being 
multi-racial. The White race no longer has a homeland, but we got Christian 
churches up the tucking ass. 

"Contempt of sexuality is a 
crime against life." - 

Friedrich Nietzsche 

SECRETS OF BETTER SEX by J.D Block, PH.D., Parker, Hard 
Cover, 285 pages, $30 Block is a sex therapist who disrobes the secrets to 
passionate sexual fulfillment Most men are awful in bed. The majority of 
women will gp through life without ever having a orgasm. Christianity has 
fucked up fucking and made it a sin. Block's book can help you unchained 
the magic with his direct, no non-sense guide that answers nearly any ques- 
tion you have for enjoying a more pleasurable sex life. The book reveals 
over 500 tips and techniques that help you experience the kind of pro- 
foundly pleasurable sex most men and women only dream about The differ- 
ence between a poor lover and a fantastic one is often only a small amount 
of information, a slightly different touch, and the learning of one or two 
small tricks. 

SEX: A Man's Guide by Stefan Bechtel and Laurence Stains, Ro- 
dale, Hard Cover, 500 pages, $30 

SEX is a great sex handbook for men who are stable enough about their 
manhood to admit that no man is born a great lover. In fact, most men are 
born crappy lovers. Sex; is not just a handbook on fun. It also has sections 
on family planing (YUCK!), sexual disease, and the affects of goodhealth 
on sex. 

Article And Latter Submission 

Pagan Revival magazine is a voice of the Pan-Aryan and Euro- 
centric Pagan community. 

We practice an US FIRST! policy or otherwise known as Odinic 
Meritocracy. The more you do for Aryan Paganism and the Pagan 
Revival the easier it is to get articles and letters published. The 
less you do the harder it is to be printed. Also, we believe in the 
nobility of great bloodlines and the inferiority of lesser bloodlines. 
People whose ancestors, relatives, or progeny are recognized by 
the Pagan Revival as people who have contributed to the creation 
of the Pagan Revival have a higher social status and an easier 
chance of being published and advancing up the world tree. 
Submitted manuscripts should be type written, double spaced, 
original, clear copies, so they can be scanned. However, if you 
can't type your stuff, please print clearly!! 

Articles should be written from a Pagan view point. 
I am NOT interested in long anti-Jewish or anti-black rants. They 
have been done already and they don't do a whole lot to build the 
Odinic Community. 

Review Of Pagan Revival 

Here is a review of Pagan Revival which appeared 
in Nexus, P.O. Box 1627, Paraparaumu, New Zealand 
"Pagan Revival.... Published by Wyatt Kaldenberg, 
this has a radical, political Odinist orientation. In- 
cludes a CIA published manual on guerilla warfare, 
a comprehensive history of the Odinist revival in the 
English speaking world, starting with the Australian 
lawyer A. Rudd Mills during the 1920s; Zoroastrian- 
ism & the Old Aryan religion with an overview of the 
legends of the Iranians. Mithraic rites of the cult of 
the Roman soldiers. The goddess Ishtar." 

Letter Continued from Page 5 

NSW 2059 Australia. Poms is doing a lot of work rebuilding 
Zoroastrianism. He has a lot of ritual info. Also, Neville Gandhi, 
2/25 Old Khareghat Colony Hughes Road, Bombay 7, India. Mr. 
Gandhi, also, is doing a lot to rebuild the ancient Aryan religion. 

Hail Wyatt: 

Thanks for the magazine. I agree with you that monotheism has 
demonized our women. What a different world it would be if 
Christianity never was. The Bible has assassinated the White race. 
To be frank, I think the White race is lost Christianity has contam- 
inated the minds of White people so entirely that nothing less than 
a totalitarian police state will free their mind. Yours, Bill 


Great zine. I like the wide variety of Pagan traditions. It's great 
to read a White pub that doesn't waste space endlessly ranting 
about non- Whites. We need to focus on ourselves.... I was wonder- 
ing why you don't review skin music....? Mike... No one sent me 
any skin CDs to review. Wyatt 

Dear Pagan Revival, 

Momentous! I've known about Odinism for two years now, but 
this is the first time I've ever heard about Zoroastrianism and 
Mirthaism.. My background is Slavic. Did Slavs have their own 
brand of Paganism.. ...Ron 

Brother Ron: 

The Baltic people and Northern Slavs practiced a type of 
Wotanism, so did the Croats. Most people think Iceland was the 
last place to worship the Norse Gods, but many Baltic and 
"Polish" people were a type of Wotanists up to the 1600s. How- 
ever, the Baltic people, also, appear to have had some Gods and 
Goddesses that were their own. 

There may have been a lost Slavic Paganism, however, the 
Christians so destroyed Paganism in Eastern Europe that all the 
names of their Gods have been lost. No one knows if the southern 
Slavs worshipped the Germanic Gods under Slavic names, or 
whether there was a separate Slavic Paganism. Today, there is a 
Slavic Paganism floating around, but it was created in modern 
times.Even the names of the so called "Slavic Gods" were in- 
vented in modern times. The so called "Celtic Paganism" that is 
floating around is also a modern invention. While many of the 
names of Celtic Gods survived Christianity, almost no legends 
about them did. Nothing is really know about Druidism. It isn't 
even clear if most Celtic God names were male or female deities. 
The Celts have no surviving books like Eddas to record any info 
about the Gods. The Wiccians worship Morgan Le Fey as a Celtic 
Goddess, but Morgan was never a Goddess, just the half sister of 
King Arthur, and the King Arthur legend wasn't even a Celtic tra- 
dition, but an Anglo-Saxon one. The Wiccians worship Ostara as a 
Celtic Goddess, but she was Germanic. There is a Wiccian rune 
book by Ralph Blum, which claims the runes where Celtic. The 
Celts never used runes.... Wyatt 

Live Rent Free, World wide 

Become a caretaker of rich people's summer and 
winter homes! 

A friend of mine does this for a living. It took him a 
while to figure out the ropes, but the last time I 
spoke to him, he regularly house sat for two sepa- 
rate families. His summers were spent in this giant 
five bedroom ski resort in Wolf Creek, Colorado, and 
his winters were spent in a summer resort on the 
shores of Lake Tahoe. He got paid over $1,000 a 
month for caretaking the Colorado home and a few 
hundred for the Tahoe plate. Not a bad deal. Some 
people will let you bring your whole family so you 
can re-enact Stephen King's The Shining. n H-H- 
Here's Johnny!" 

The best place to go to look for info on caretaking 
is THE CARETAKER'S GAZETTE. Only $27 a year. The 
Caretaker Gazette, Box 5887, Carefree, AZ 85377. 

The newsletter has over 600 property caretaking 
opportunities each year. Everything from private 
homes, resorts, lodges, seasonal hotels, etc. But 
just remember: 

All work and 
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no play 
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Jack a 
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dull boy. 
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dull boy. 

Letters From 28 
am extremely impressed (and I'm only halfway through)! You 
have a very good writing style that allows you to bring your points 
across with devastating effectiveness. I agree with your view on 
the Identity issue and laughed my ass off on that crack about the 
Spice Girl. You are a true treasure, sir. I applaud you! 

For Folk, Family, and Future, 
Richard Miller 
Pear Wyatt: 

Greetings Kinsman! Since you don't like long letters, I'll keep 
this short. Thanks for sending me your Pagan Revival. It made for 
excellent reading and I could not put it down. Pagan Revival is 
now making its rounds with the other 1 1 Whites here in the hole 
with me. I'm sure all will find it a breathe of fresh air just as I did. 
Again, thanks for the support. Give my regards to all. 

14 words, Richard Scutari 

Brother Richard: 

I can read your hand writing. So you can write as long as a 
letter as you like. In fact, all the letters I received from your Odinic 
kindred had writing I could read. So they are welcome to write as 
long letters as they wish. I appreciate them, since it is boring to 
only hear my own opinions. People in the hole and lock down 
can't use the library typewriters, so the type writer rule doesn't 
apply to them. It's mainly for people with awful writing. There is 
nothing more exasperating than trying to translate and then type up 
a long letter written with poor penmanship. I am one to talk, even 
my printing looks like it was penned by an inebriated orangutan. 

This is why I never write letters. No one could understand them. 
And, like I have said, I type with one finger. It takes forever for me 
to type anything. I am fairly typed out for the day with what I do 
on the magazine. Wyatt Hail Odin! 

Heilsa Wyatt: 

Hello! I just received your issue #41 of Pagan Revival and I 
must say that it is a very crisp and clear magazine. I am enjoying it 
tremendously. Thanks for your show of support. I particularly 
liked the short E-mail from Tom Metzger about Christianity. I am 
fairly new to the Pagan beliefs of our ancestors after being lied to 
most of my life. I was raised by parents who are Jehovah's Wit- 
ness', and I am sure you know about that so called faith. Mr. Met- 
zger hit the nail right on the head when he said Christianity is 
killing off our race. The religion I was raised in promotes the type 
of mentality that will be the suicide of all White people. They 
teach the Bible to the point of being extremists. When a child is 
led to believe that weakness, cowardice, and subservience are 
strong virtues, and the phrases, "Love thy neighbor" and "Turn the 
other cheek" are foundations of a good life, something has gone 
wrong. As if that was not enough, they take another step further by 
making the concepts of pride, strength, honor, and courage into 
sins that will send you to hell. This is totally ridiculous because 
it goes against the natural way things have been for centuries 
longer than the Christian way of thinking. 

What's wrong with honor, duty, loyalty, knowledge, pride, con- 
trol, protection, courage, and strength? But the Christians want to 
block these attributes from everyone except the Jews. Since I 
started studying the Pagan religion, religion isn't the right word, so 
let's say the Pagan way of life, I have had my eyes opened and 
instantly realized that Odinism was right. I could feel it in my 
blood! It wasn't alien to me and didn't seem unnatural. That's the 
whole point, Paganism is based on nature and therefore can not be 
wrong. I've said my two cents worth now and once again I would 
like to say thank you for the copy of your magazine. 

14 Words, Jerimy Sneed, #052700-030, 
3901 Klein Blvd, Lompoc, CA 93436 

Brother Jerimy: 

Pride or self-love is one of the seven deadly sins. A true Chris- 
tian can not be proud of himself, his family, his race, nor his na- 
tion, for as the Bible teaches, us, a proud person puts himself above 
the Jew "god". A good Christian must be lowly, humble, submis- 
sive, self-effacing, meek, and remorseful. Pride cometh before a 
fall, and all of that other self-hating Christian bullshit Pride is a 
sin against the god of Israel. When Christian Identity people wear 
the words: White Pride on their T-shirt they are committing 
THREE sins against the god of Israel. Sin one: it is a sin to be 
proud of one's self; and the person wearing the White Pride shirt is 
proud that he was born White, and Jesus doesn't like mat one bit! 
Walkth the path of humility sayth the Lord! Pride is vanity, and 
vanity is the devils playpen. 

Sin number two: Jesus said that for a Christian to go to heaven 
he is to own nothing but the shirt on his back. A Christian can not 
own a book, a gun, a home, a car, or even more than one T-shirts. 
For a true Christian MUST turn his back on the material world and 
devote his life to the spiritual realm. Christians only obey the 
Bible when it suits them, so most Christian Identity people own a 
whole closet full of White Pride shirts. This is a sin against the 
Jew god. For Jesus said that a camel would pass through the eye of 
a needle before a man of means would get into heaven. Most Iden- 

tity people own all kinds of things like guns, pick-up trucks, mo- 
bile homes, televisions.... The Bible says these objects will keep 
their souls out of heaven. Don't laugh. Right mny hell is full of 
rednecks who turned their backs on Jesus and bought themselves a 
pick up truck. You can bet your soul Jesus never owned a pick up 
truck. Nor a horse, a wagon, not even an extra pair of sandals. 
When Jesus Christ walked around the country side, teaching peo- 
ple that their vaginas and penises were unclean, he didn't drag a 
suitcase behind himself with a clean change of underwear. No 
way! The Messiah only owned one pair of sandals, one robe, and 
Jesus Christ didn't wear underwear. 

Sin number three of wearing a White Pride T-shirt is racism: the 
ultimate vanity! If the Bible hates individual pride just think how 
much Yahweh fears and loathes group pride. Nationalism and 
racism are the deadly sin of pride committed by a vast amount of 
people. A sin committed by more than one individual is a conspir- 
acy. Racism is racketeering. Yahweh has RICO laws against na- 
tionalism and racism. 

Racism is the conspiracy to love your own people. Racism ele- 
vates the status of one race to Godhood. Jesus Christ knows that 
the ultimate goal of White racism is to deity the Aryan race, and 
Yahweh is a jealous god. The Bible says put no other god before 
me. Any Christian Identity person who puts the White Race First 
is disobeying the Bible and turning his back on Israel. A true 
Christian must bow down to the vanity of his Hebrew lord and 
master. There is only room enough in the universe for Yahweh's 
ego, so everyone else is forced to hate themselves. 

If an Christian puts the White race about his Jew god, then he 
will burn in hell for all eternity. 

If a Christian Identity person puts his Hebrew god before the 
Folk, then he is a race traitor, because he would rather worship a 
Jewish fairy tale than his own people. 

Christian racism is an oxymoron, becaue to be true to one god, 
you must betray the other. Let's be honest. White racism is a god 
that demands worship. Racism is a religion, and the monotheistic 
cults, unlike Paganism, don't tolerant other gods. 

The thing I hate most about Christian Identity is that they have 
this mental illness which forces them to hang on to what I call the 
Jewish teat: Jewish traditions, Jewish laws, Jewish culture, Jewish 
religion, Jewish literature, Jewish morality, Jewish sex-phobia, 
Jewish self-hate, and so on. 

However, if there is something about the Jew god's word that 
they don't like they'll spend days, weeks, months, years searching 
the ancient Jewish text for just one sentence, one quote that will 
justify their actions. If the Identity people have such low opinions 
of Yahweh's word, why don't they just trash the old, Jewish Bible 
and write their own book? 

Hell, once, a long, long time ago, some smart Jew did just that 
with the so called "Holy Bible". Trash the Jew Bible and create an 
Aryan Bible. This way the Identity folks wouldn't have to waste 
so much time misinterpreting and down right lying about what the 
Jewish Bible says. They could just make up the w*~ " of Yahweh 
as they go. It would be a real time saver. H*'* 'ouldtoss 

out the Jewish book and create a ne" ' jl toss out 

the Jewish god Yahweh and b» ^.un around an 

Aryan God? If the Christian K ^e purged the Jew COM- 

PLETELY from their religious . r iv, then they would be where we 
are at, wouldn't they? For Christian Identity devoid of everything 
Jewish is the pagan revival. 

There is nothing Christian about Christian Identity. Christian 
Identity is neither Christian nor is hour identity. Christian Identity 
people are just Pagans who don't have the balls to break away 

from the Jewish teat 

Christian Identity resembles the Zoroastrian religion more than it 
does Christianity. White people are so fucked up that we have de- 
monized our native belief system and glorified the fables and 
mythology of foreigners. We know nothing about the Aryanism of 
the prophet Zarathustra, but the deranged rants of the termite Jesus 
devour the structures of our inner self. Christianity is the theology 
of self-hating. 

You grew up in the demented Jehovah's Witness cult? That's 
worse than my cultist past. At least, my Christ cult allowed me to 
celebrate the Pagan holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. 
We weren't allowed to drink pop. You ever noticed that every 
Christian cult has a different bizarre taboo? God forbid us from 
drinking soda pop, coffee, and tea. You guys could not go trick or 
treating. Identity people can't eat pork. The Catholics can't eat red 
meat of Fridays. The Amish are permanently frozen in the 1800s. 
And aren't the Southern Baptists forbidden to fart in February? 
Jesus Christ sure is a fussy little hussy. 

The evil, middle eastern cult that tainted my childhood was 
called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What a 
bunch of sex hating Jewophiles! 

Christianity has put chains on White history! I had an English 
teacher who told our class that the ancient Pagan Romans had de- 
veloped a steam engine which operated an elevator. He said that if 
the Christians had not destroyed the Roman Empire, the Pagan 
Romans would have colonized Mars by now. Christianity has put 
Aryan science back 1,000s of years. Actually, Christianity has 
killed Aryan science. Now, we don'i have a White scientific com- 
munity, instead we have multi-racial science. Praise Jesus and his 
cult of universal brotherhood. Thanks to Jesus, soon we won't 
even have a White race. 

Do you guys have a Pagan Study group? If you are interested in 
learning more about Paganism and starting a Pagan study group, 
Llewellyn Publications, P.O. Box 64383, Dept K047-7, St. Paul, 
Minnesota 55164-0383, had, I am not sure if they still offer it, a 
Pagan book loan service to Prisoners. If you put up X amount of 
dollars to insure the return of the books, usually the price of one 
book, then they will loan the study group oncbook at a time. They 
have many Odinic, Celtic, Roman etc. Pagan books. Some are very 
good. Don't mention race, for they aren't racial. But if you can get 
free books, it may be a good deal. Llewellyn books has some 
Odinic authors worth checking out: Edred Thorson, Ed Finch, 
Freya Aswynn, and Kveldulfr Gundarsson. Also, they offer a lot of 
great Celtic books too. Another Pagan prison program is The 
Church of All Worlds Prison Study Group, P.O. Box 8247, 
Toledo, OH 43605-8247. They are Wiccans, which mean they are 
just Christians who worship Pagan Gods. However, they may be 
able to get you materials, free books, etc. These people are not US 
by any means, but if they can get you free books, etc. they might 
be worth your time. Wyatt 14\88 


Thank you very much for the issue of Pagan Revival That you 
sent all of us here in the hole. It is an excellant publication that we 
were happy we had a chance to read. Sincerly, Roderic Russell 

Great Prophet Wyatt, 

Thanks for the copy of Pagan Revival #41.1 read a lot of anti- 
Christ publications, but yours is number one. You really know 
how to rip Christianity to pieces. Man, and people say I'm a 
spooky, evil fuck! Be assured that Pagan Revival is making the 

rounds down here. Mr. Kaldenbeg, you have quite a large fan club 
here. You are the gate way to the New Age! When you decide to 
make your move against the fagot on the cross, you have leagues 
of followers down here who offer you their souls. You are my 
hero! My light house! My lord and master! Keep up the good 
work! Your devoted servant, Satan 666 

Dear Wyatt, 

Just received your zine. I'll review it in the next issue which 
should go to press at the first of the year. 64 pages! My God! How 
your little puppy has grown! And such tiny, tiny print, your zine is 
almost a damn book. It took me longer to read the latest Pagan 
Revival than it did to write, proofread, and lay out my own publi- 
cation. Wyatt, it may be time to cut back on the expressio! How do 
you fine time to write all that? Are you one of those people who 
never sleep? How many words is your zine? A billion or more? 
My God! It took me a week to read the whole thing. Later, dude. 
Yours For the Underground Press, Jim 


Send me your zine with the review of Pagan Revival and I'll 
review your publication. Also, I'll reprint your review of Pagan 
Revival with your address in my zine. This way your address will 
appear twice in Pagan Revival. Your zine will be plugged twice. I 
get a lot of requests to review zines. To save space I am only going 
to review zines that will Pagan Revival. Wyatt 

Wyatt Kaldenberg * 

Thanks for P. R. #41. 1 am enjoying it very much. Are there back 
issues available? As a worldview I have adopted Pierce's term, 
Cosmotheism, which I use as a natural Pagan term. My religious 
and spiritual interests include Wotanism, Satanism, and what the 
White Order of Thule (WOT) calls psycho-dynmics.... 

In The Spirit of the Age, E. Thurman of Arkansas 

Brother Thurman: 

Paganism or Cosmotheism.. .a rose by any other name.... To me, if 
you are not a Christian, Jew, Muslim nor atheist, then you are a 
type of Pagan. Paganism means none of the above. I've got one or 
two copies of other issues I'll send you. Wyatt 

Sehr Gute Herr Kaldenberg! 

Thanks so much for the copy of Pagan Revival. The way of your 
mind is a joy to follow, a true coming home. I'll send you an audio 
of industrial finer than NON, and a video of this amazing forest of 
Celtic monuments here in...called Forest Lawn. My three girls and 
two boys are the living version. Ray of New York 

Brother Ray: 

Better than NON? I'd like to hear that. Thanks for photos of your 
family. You have some beautiful little ones there. Wyatt 


Greetings Comrade! I would like to thank you for the Pagan Re- 
vival zine. I seriously agree with your views on Christian Identity 
and Christians as a whole. I liked the "African Identity" joke!!! I 

get the zine Fenris Wolf and Nate Zorn is a writer like you it seems. 
Both of you hold nothing back and are very to the point and honest. I 
sure would like to be placed on your mailing list. If you have time let 
me know what I need to send you for a subscription. I am a 25 year 
old skinhead from Portland/Eugene Oregon. I'm in the hole here at 
U.S.P. Lompoc for the "race riot" that took place on the yard. 
Thanks again for your support and for all the work you are doing for 
our Folk! Hope to hear from you soon. Take care. 

For Blood, Soil, and Honor! Fritz 
Brother Fritz: 

I've seen FENRIS WOLF, once or twice and liked it. I reviewed 
it in issue #40. 

The White race is sick to death of the Christian Right! The Repub- 
lican Party is in deep shit because they can't free themselves of the 
public image that they are the party of the Christian Coalition. Chris- 
tianity is the religion of sexually impotent old men. Christianity is 
the religion of the iron heel. In God We Trust and all that other bull- 
shit. As the Right wing is always telling us, the Free Masonic, -slave 
raping, founding fathers of this fucked up country were all Chris- 
tians. That alone is enough reason to hate Christianity! Christianity 
murdered our true Aryan Identity and replaced it with Jewish Bible 
stories. That alone is reason enough to hate Christianity! Christianity 
has fucked up flicking with guilt trips. That alone is reason enough 
to hate Christianity! Most problems the White race has is because of 
Christianity. Christianity has fucked the lives of Southern Europeans 
for 1,700 years and Northern Europeans for 1,000 years. People are 
fed up with the Jesus Cult. Most people are turned offby the race 
movement because they think we are all a bunch of Right wing, sex 
hating, Jesus freaks. Young people don't want to get involved in a 
sex hating cult. The only people who Jesus appeals to are old men 
whose penises don't work any more, and young people who are 
afraid of sex. Aryanism should be leading our people to anew age of 
freedom, instead, the foreigners in the Christian Identity movement 
have chained the race movement to the dead horse of our Jewish 
oppressors. Aryan Paganism is a movement within itself. The sooner 
we make a clean split with the Christians, the sooner we can build 
our own movement. Christianity is just keeping the Aryan down. 

Since you are in jail, I don't need any money from you. Write for 
Pagan Revival. I could sent you books to reviews if the prison will 
let them in. I could find Odinist books your kindred could use in 
study group. That way it would serve two purposes. 

Hail Odin! Wyatt 
Dear Mr. Kaldenberg: 

I am writing in regards to the Pagan Revival, and I want to thank 
you so much for it!!! I also want to say that it is an honor to receive 
such things from people like yourself. I have a great deal of respect 
for all of the people like yourself who stand proud and strong for 
our people, our race, and our children. "Heil" to you all who are liv- 
ing and dying for our race. May we all be alive to see the day that 
ZOG falls to their deserved death. With that I will close, with much 
respect and thanks again. Heil to you Mr. Kaldenberg, Rick C. 88/14 


Heilsa Kinsman! I am writing to thank you for the issue of Pagan 
Revival! Your support and acknowledgement is appreciated. 

One of your articles grabbed my attention; The CASE Of VIKING 

I recently read the Egil's Saga, and I consider him a great warrior. 
My opinion is that when these great warriors are read about in these 

myths and sagas, it gives us, Aiyans, inspiration to fight for what 
we believe in. So, EgiPs affliction isn't that significant, or is it? 
Your magazine is great, thank you! Hail Odin! Mike Miller 88/14 

Brother Mike: 

I don't see Egil's affliction as a negative. He was a great Aryan 
who over came great obstacles. Not only did he suffer from 
Paget's, but, also, he was born into slavery and fought his way up 
the social staircase to become one of the greatest Viking leaders. 
He was Odin's favorite "son". I think his disease made his Victo- 
ries in life that much sweeter. 

I believe that eugenics should be a religious quest, but I believe 
in eugenics with a human face. Hollywood Nazism believes the 
system's lies which claims White nationalists are the bad guys. So 
they believe that Aryanism is the enemy of all sick, lame, and fee- 
ble people. They believe this because they saw it in a Hollywood 
movie. To me, eugenics isn't cruel, but an act of love. Eugenics is 
the science of preventing children yet to be born from being sick, 
unhealthy, repulsive, and/or half-witted. Why would anyone want 
a child to be born sick, ugly, and stupid? The people who are 
against eugenics are the bad guys. 

Eugenics dbesn't mean tossing ailing old people off the roofs of 
buildings like the Communist Pol Pot did. Some of the greatest 
Aiyans suffered from hereditary disease. Even Hitler had Parkin- 
son's disease. Did Hitler's suffering make him unfit to live in a 
healthy, Aiyan society? I think not Parkinson's is a hereditary 
disease, which may be why Hitler elected not to be a father. 

The system likes to show us as a bunch of psychos who plan to 
make lamp shades out of handicap children. Hurting children is 
un-Aryan. To answer your question, no Egil's illness doesn't 
matter other than it shows us another side of this great, Aryan 
hero. Why not write a review of the sagas you have read for Pa- 
gan Revival? Hail Odin! Wyatt 


Just wanted to express my thanks for the issue of Pagan Revival. 
Sitting in the hole, it made for interesting reading and really 
helped to pass some time. The dissemination of knowledge is re- 
ally essential if we're to save our race, culture, and heritage from 
extinction. But from my perspective stud experience too many of 
our Folk won't go the next step. They're willing to read and offer 
their opinions (like I'm doing here) but won't get off their fat, lazy 
asses, shut off the TV and go DO SOMETHING! There are a slim 
few like yourself and Mr. Metzger, who are willing to step into the 
limelight and challenge the politically correct, and ZOG. Keep the 
faith, and keep writing your scathing words, so maybe you'll light 
a fire under some of the sheep. Maybe then things will change. 
Thanks again for your efforts for our Polk. Hail Odin! Glen Robin- 
son 14 words./ 

Dear Wyatt, 

Many thanks for the copy of Pagan Revival, which I found abso- 
lutely fascinating. I was particularly intrigued to learn that modern 
Odinism started in Australia with this A Rud Mills fellow. 

Here's the latest Bizanism. I hope you enjoy it. 

Best wishes, Chris of Australia 

Dear Pagan Revival: 

What a great zine! And at the right time too, I just got interested 
in racial consciousness in the past nine months or so. Right now I 
am reading The Turner Diaries (yes, I know it was written by a 
man from Aryan Nations, which is an "Identity" group, but the 
. book is a good starting place). I also have some stuff from The 
Church of the Creator, which was interesting, but as you pointed 
out, they are atheists and this kind of turned me off. I don't know 
how you feel about the Klan, but another good thing I saw was the 
last 30 minutes of The Birth Of A Nation. It really struck me be- 
cause of how current it was, I mean there was O. J. (the black man 
assaulting the White woman), the blacks in the town reminded me 
of the LA riots, and the 
nigger army attacking the cabin was like Ruby Ridge or Waco. 

I will be subscribing in a few months when money isn't so tight. 
Getting your zine has in fact made my money situation even worse 
because I had to put PAVN: The People's Army of Vietnam that 
you reviewed on my "must have" list. IG(or GodS!)WT, T. G. 


As for The Turner Diaries, it is a goofy, fantasy novel that can 
be fun if you realize it is ONLY fiction.. It's good because it 
shocks liberals, but it is no blue print for White victory. I first read 
the Turner Diaries around 1978. When I was young, it impressed 
the hell out of me. I thought all the answers for White survival 
could be found in that book, but I was wrong. From a tactics and 
strategy viewpoint, it's total crap, which will only get you killed or 
jailed. A lot of people in the movement have ruined their lives 
Hying to turn that silly piece of FICTION into reality. 

The United States is the most powerful nation in the history of 
the Earth. How would a movement, (which is so full of fuck ups 
that we can't even raise the money to hire a good lawyer when we 
need one), possibly muster an army to defeat the mother of all su- 
per powers? The Turner Diaries IS fiction. We would do more 
. good for the White race reading the Wall Journal than the Turner 

Even the most successful bank robbers get busted. A person in- 
vesting $2,000 a year in common stock for 20 years will have an 
81% chance of becoming rich. A person has next to no chance of 
becoming rich'by using a gun. 

There are less than 1 00 people in the race movement Who have 
the balls to hide a fugitive, and the FBI knows who they all are. 
Where would an Aryan revolutionary run to hide? There is no 
mass support for us. The. race movement is more yellow than 
White. . 

Whites are a very fucked race of people. The greatest problem 
the White race faces isn't the blacks, the Jews, the capitalists, nor 
any other outside force, but the cowardice, stinginess, and idleness 
of our own fucked people. The so called White racial movement 
claims to be the enlightened saviors of our people, however, in 
reality, 90% of the race movement are no better than the average 
White zombie. 

The White zombies just want to kick back and allow someone 
else to create the future history of our people. Most of our so 
called Aryan comrades are just White zombies who got bored 
watching TV and came to the so called movement to be enter- 
tained by costumes, parades, wild speeches, and general goofiness. 
The Turner Diaries is part of the general goofiness of the race 
movement. So, enjoy the Turner Diaries, but realize it is just fan- 

Continued on Page 38 

Baal The Red Hair Lord off Canaan 

In Biblical Canaan; on the hillsides are grown vines and lives, 
which, with natural pine and cedar forests in the Lebanon and 
Amanus, were the main products of the land. Moreover, soil which 
is eroded builds up fertile pockets of earth and even considerable 
plains. Such cultivable land was regarded as 'Baal's land 1 , that is to 
say, land where cultivation depends on the activity of the god man- 
ifest in the autumn and winter rains. These rains are heralded by 
thunder, and the lord' (Baal) was known to the Canaanites by his 
proper name Hadad, the Thunderer 1 , or Rimmon, which means the 
same. The term 'Baal-land' as distinct from irrigated land has sur- 
vived down to the present day in Muslim law when making tax 
assessment for poor relief. 
John Gray, Near Eastern Mythology 

Baal, one of the sons of El [the chief god of the Canaanites], was 
the executive god of the pantheon, the god of thunder and winter 
storms, the dynamic warrior god who champions the divine order 
against the menacing forces of chaos. He is also identified with 
vegetation and the seasonal fertility cycle. There is little evidence 
in the Ras Shamra texts of the sexual license, the sympathetic 
magic aspects of the cult to secure the productivity of Nature, that 
the Bible writers found so abhorrent. On the contrary there is am- 
ple evidence that some of the aspects of Yahweh reflected aspects 
of Baal as the Divine King, in the destruction of the sea-serpent 
Leviathan and the concept of everlasting kingly dominion; even 
some of the liturgical language is strikingly similar, like the word- 
ing of Psalm 68: To him that rideth upon the heavens of heavens, 
*his strength in the clouds', and so on. 

Baal is sometimes called the 'son of Dagon' J Dagon was also a god 
of vegetation, specifically corn, which is what his name 
means.. ..As the summer drew to an end and the rains were due, the 
peasants would suffer a crisis of anxiety - would the rains come? 
By calling upon Baal, the rain god, and encouraging his interven- 
tion by rituals of imitative magic involving sexual union, their ten- 
sions were released and purged. 
Magnus Magnusson BC - The Archaeology of the Bible Lands 

The goddess peculiarly associated with Baal is Anat, like Ishtar, a 
goddess of love and war. She complements Baal, abetting him in 
his conflict and vindicating him when he succumbs, possibly re- 
flecting the role of women at the critical seasons of transition in 
popular religion or when the order of the gods is temporarily in 
eclipse. Related to such phases is certainly the weeping of the 
women in Jerusalem for Tammuz (Ezekiel 8:14) and possibly the 
annual lamentation of the maidens of Israel, which may be only 
secondarily related to the mourning for Jephthah's daughter 
(Judges 11-39-40). 

The actual death of Baal and his descent to the underworld are 
not described, but they may well be visualized as occurring at the 
coming of the sirocco in early summer, when the annual vegetation 
wilts and the long summer drought sets in. 
John Gray, Near Eastern Mythology 

Verily Baal has fallen to the earth, 
Dead is Baal the Might! 
Perished is the Prince, lord of the earth! 
Then the Kindly One, Ei the Merciful 

Comes down from his throne, he sits on the foot- 

And (coming) off the footstool, he sits on the 

He sprinkles dirt signifying grief on his head, 
On his pate the dust in which he wallows; 
For clothing he covers himself with a loincloth- 
He scrapes his skin with a stone, 
With a chipped flint as a razor 
He cuts off side-whiskers and beard; 
He rends his shoulder (with his finger-nails); 
He scores his chest as a garden plot, 
Even as a valley-bottoni his trunk he lacerates. 
He raises his voice and cries: 
Baal is dead! What will become of the people? 
The Son of Dagan (is dead)! What of the multi- 
tudes (of men)? 
After Baal I shall go down to the underworld! 

Ras Shamra texts 

Here we have the mourning rites, familiar among the ancient 
Semites and in Israel, generally at death, which is a crisis in soci- 
ety when the community is especially open to the influences of the 
supernatural, normal activities were suspended to thwart those 
forces. Thus the normal resorts were avoided, one forsook one's 
usual seat to sit on the ground, like Job on the village midden (Job 
2:8), or begrimed the personal or the clothes with dust and scored 
the face or the body, that last practice was specifically banned in 
Israel (Deuteronomy 14:1) in protest against what was seen as a 
barbarous Canaanite rite. 
John Gray, Near Eastern Mythology 

Movie Reviews 

Continued From Page 25 

Continued Page 37 

A very low budget vampire movie. Its only redeeming value is that 
it is load with female nudity. Lots of teats and ass. A lesbian vam- 
pire love scene. Some interesting gore. One scene that cracked me 
up was where a woman was being changed into a vampire. I've seen 
plenty of people being change into werewolves, but a vampire trans- 
formation is new to me. According to the movie, since vampires 
only drink blood, they don't need their large intestines. They showed 
a woman "shedding" her entrails out through her mouth. They have 
her pulling and pulling her guts out of her mouth. This is a crack up. 
Some of the corn ball jokes are funny. It's worth a buck if you are . 
into B-movies. Did I mention the lesbian vampire scene? • 


LiamNeeson stars in the latest version of Victor Hugo's classic 
novel about greed, injustice, and the quest for higher morality in pre- 
Revolutionary France. 

Albeit, there are Christian overtones, the movie is well worth a 
buck. It is a great description of our Folk's difficult past. Most peo 

Continued Top of Page 38 
pie don't know how hard White working people have had it The 
P.C. police claim White people have always had it easy. This 
movie shows a different story. Sadly, no lesbian vampire scene. 

CATS-The MUSICAL (1998) 

CATS is a British musical which is based on the poetry of the 
pro-fescist, English author, T.S. Eliot. I like the poetry of T.S. 
Eliot. His poem The Wasteland is a classic. Also, T.S. Eliot was 
the best friend of N.S, poet Ezra Pound. So, I've been looking 
forward to seeing CATS for years. I was glad to find CATS at the 
local Blockbuster Video store. You know what. CATS stink! It 
smells like a poop filled litter box. Like get the Lemon air fresh- 
ener! There's not a single song in the whole production I like. 
What a let down! CATS really needed a lesbian vampire scene! 


Based on the great book of the same name by psychedelic author 
Hunter S. Thompson. When I was in Collage in Colorado during 
the 1970s, I wrote a book review of FEAR AND LOATHING IN 
LAS VEGAS for the campus newspaper. Now, it's a major motion 
picture and fairly true to the book too. This movie is about a road 
trip that a heavy drug using journalist and his freaky Samoan 
lawyer take in search of the "American dream" in Vegas. This 
movie is very funny, albeit, it glorifies heavy, and I do mean 
heavy, drug use. It does a great job showing the bizarreness of Ve- 
gas and the abuses of the drug culture. 


A highly praised chick movie about the people in the European 
upper class. Love, betrayal, death, nice scenery. Watch it with a 
woman to show her what a sensitive guy you are. Maybe you'll get 
luck. Don't worry. If all else fails, there is one good female nudity 
scene near the end. 

Letters From Page 36 

Klassen's first two books, the White Man's Bible and Nature's 
Eternal Religion, are very good, however, atheism is a downer. 
Atheism is just as wrong for the Folk as Christianity is. 

The movie The Birth of A Nation was based on Thomas Dixon's 
hovel The Clansman. It is a fairly good book. Dixon wrote many 
racial books: The Leopard's Spots, The Southerner, etc. 

What do I think of the Klan? They are Christians. Christianity 
is a Semitic cult with roots in Judaism. I am a cultural anti- 

There are racial anti-Semites and cultural anti-Semites. Racial 
anti-Semites, usually, only hate the Jewish "race". I don't believe 
there is such a thing as a true Jewish "race". So I don't hate the 
Jewish "race", because it does not exist. I am a cultural anti- 
Semite. I hate Jewish culture, because it is forced on our people 
from birth. 

Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Communism, Capitalism, and so 
forth are Jewish cultural products. White Christian racism is a 
product of the oppressive Jewish culture. Therefore, my anti- 
Semitism causes me to hate the Ku Klux Klan, the Christian 
Nazis, and the whole Lost Identity movement 

14\88 Wyatt 

Thank you for sending me a copy of your zine.... 

,.»you seem to be quite hung up on the "far left", as you devote a 
great deal of space and verbiage within the zine bashing them. I 
and my friends are quite proud to admit that we are both White 
racists and leftists, at least in the economic sense. The study of 
socialist theory in an objective evaluation reveals no true conflict 
with the fourteen words. That is my own personal opinion, any- 
way. Even so, politics and religion are not my main focus, and I 
am content to find friends even among the Christian right wing. 14 
words, This was Mike's first letter, then I sent bin? a letter say- 
ing this and that and he replied:... The "Defense of Leftist 
Racism" you suggested is something I do once a year around May 
Day. 1*11 see that you get the next one. Pagan Revival is quite im- 
pressive...I, also, agree 1 10% that it is high time White people 
became productive as opposed to sitting about whining.... Mike 


I became a socialist at the age of 12. My view is that for social- 
ism to work there must be a high sense of morality, duty, and self- 
lessness among the people. I became a racist when I was 21.1 was 
probably the first left wing racist in America I was a left wing 
racist until the Portland trial. That is when I lost my faith in the 
masses. I no long believe the masses are moral enough to make 
socialism work. Hitler was a socialist, a National Socialist. The 
masses in German in the 1920s were a very virtuous people, so 
Hitler could make National Socialism work. Today, the White 
sheep are so worthless, so lazy and so uncaring that a National 
Socialist government would fall flat on its face. Socialism isn't 
magic. It NEEDS a moral, decent, hard working Folk. Even Na- 
tional Socalism can't turn a turd into a diamond. 

This is also just my opinion. I don't want Pagan Revival to be a 
sound board for myself but I want it to be a voice of the Pan- 
Aryan Pagan community. Most racial publications are so totalitar- 
ian that there is never disagreement. Iron Heels always hate free 
debate. This is why the Anti-Defamation League wants to censor 
the internet You can always judge how evil a group's rule will be 
by their lack of free disagreement, the Left wing idea of Political 
Correctness is the bedrock of a new totalitarian government. There 
are good things Which come out of the Left, mostly the Anarchist 
Left, but there is a great deal of bad. I criticize the Right wing and 
the White power movement just as much as I do the Left and the 
anti-White movements. The Center for Democratic Renewal, the 
People Against Racist Terror, and the Anti-Racist Action are 
Marxist, totalitarian cults, which can only lead to blood thirsty 
dictatorships because they don't allow anyone to disagree with 
their leaders. Even Left -Liberals, generally, don' allow people to 
disagree with their leaders. Have you ever read ANY Anti- 
Defamation League literature which questioned the A.D.L/s use 
of spies to sabotage groups on the Left and Right? No, and you 
never will because they are a totalitarian cult. Have you ever read 
any Southern Poverty Law Center literature which questioned what 
Morris Dees did with the missing 100 million dollars the S.P.L.C. 
can't find? No, and you never will because the S.P.L.C. is a totali- 
tarian cult of personality built around fearless leader Morris Dees. 
However, the same could be said about many personality cult 
groups in the Aryan movement which don't allow anyone to ques- 
tion the ideas of the fearless leader. Only people who hate them- 
selves would bow down to these totalitarian cults. I don't fully 
trust the Left, Right, nor Center. 

I don't want to be the "leader" of the Euro-Centric Pagan com- 

munity. I want the movement to get off its lazy ass and lead itself. 
So, if people get involved with Pagan Revival, there will be so 
many different opinions in Pagan Revival that it is impossible for 
anyone to agree with all the opinions. This is how a voice of the 
community must be. You and your friends are always free to write 
pro-Left articles for Pagan Revival, but, I also should be free to 
disagree with them, for this is how "a voice of the Aryan Pagan 
community" works. Many people in the movement think that any- 
one who disagrees with them is a race traitor, I've always thought 
that was an odd notion. Without disagreement, Pagan Revival 
would be just another totalitarian cult, and the world has too many 
of those already. Wyatt 

Mr. Kaldenberg: 

Greetings from the White North! Your magazine is excellent- 
advanced, intelligent, and no holds barred against the scum of the 
movement. As a former Identity Christian turned Pagan, I, now, 
see the danger in Identity, the most idiotic, ridiculous religion ever 
invented. Any ways, please know you have my support, and I'd 
like to review your magazine in issue #4 of The Werewolf...Take 
care, 14/88, Dan ... Just sav no to Christ! 

Dear Wyatt:: 


Thanks for your zine. I found many of the articles first rate. I have 
long been interested in history, mythology, and the occult I, par- 
ticularly, enjoyed the writings on Odinism, Mirthaism, and Zoroas- 
tianism. However, as a black man, one of the few black men who 
publishes a zine in a zine world that is almost 100% white or Jew- 
ish, it always amazing me how many whites feel oppressed by 
white society. You people control everything.. .be happy. Just a 
thought. Any how, I'll review your zine in my magazine in #12. 
I'm, basically, going to say the same thing I just said to you. I liked 
the occult stuff, I like your writing style, but I'm puzzled by all the 
white "alienation". By the way, I couldn't find a subscription price 
nor the price for a sample copy. I'll need that for the review. Also, 
I noticed you have a Bonsall address on the magazine and an £1 
Cajon address on the envelope. Did you move recently? Drop me a 
note. The black sheep of the zine world.... Marshal 

Hey, Marshal: 

Send your zine, and I'll review it. I want to review mainly zines 
that will review my zine. Why should I promote people who are 
too rude to return me the favor? Pagan Revival is the kind of mag- 
azine that has so many ideas in it no one could agree with every- 
thing. I put out the magazine, and I don't even agree with every- 
thing in it. This is the way a free forum must be. I have no use for 
totalitarianism outside of the fact that advocating it and using its 
symbols upsets the P.C. crowd. Which is ironic, since Political 
Correctness is merely Left totalitarianism. Bonsall is my perma- 
nent address. I move around alot. Right now it's a 1 50 mile trip 
to get my mail at the Bonsall box, so the £1 Cajon box is a lot 
nearer to me for now, but I may have to move any day without 
much notice, so concider the El Cajon box a dead end. By the time 
you get my letter, I'll most likely be gone. I may move to Reno and 
Las Vegas for awhile. Yuck! So the Bonsall box is the "official" 
Pagan Revival mail box, and it's what the dress up Nazis would 
call their "national headquarters" and my £1 Cajon box would be 
called the "the party's El Cajon chapter 9 !. So put the National HQ 
address in the zine but if you want to get "important inner circle 

party communications" to our Beloved National Director , I sug- 
gest sending them to our comrades at the El Cajon unit, the Reno 
unit, or perhaps the Vegas unit where they can hand deliver them 
to our beloved leader. Man, talking like a Halloween Nazi makes 
me feel so powerful! Wyatt 

Dear Wyatt: 

Thanks for the letter and the magazines. I'll pass the extra one 
on.... If you can find the source of that quote, let me know. The 
mag looks good, better than ever. Good to see it out again! I don't 
agree with everything 100% (of course), but I like your energy 
and your style. We just got back from the Blood Axis tour in Eu- 
rope. 16 shows in 1 1 nations. Amazing! Keep in touch.. .Michael 

Hey Michael 

Thanks for the CD. I'll review it in P.R. This issue or the next. I 
am running short on time and space. I met a man who was at your 
Sweden show and loved it. I'll ask the readership about the quote 

Greetings Wyatt, 

Thanks for the card and everything else you have done for our 
Kindred. About half of us, myself included have had our Incident 
Reports expunged. So far two of us have been found guilty of 
"rioting" (Editor's note: Under democracy, if a Pagan woman is 
gang raped by a mob ofmonotheists, since the majority rules,SHE 
would be charged with rape. This is how democracy works). 

The remainder of our Kindred, which has yet to have their Inci- 
dent Reports heard, unfortunately, most likely will be found 
guilty... from what we gather (Editor's Note: Under democracy, 
people in the minority always get screwed by the majority. True 
Democracy is a great system if you are part of the sheep herd, but 
it REALLY sucks if you are outside of the herd. We, Eurocentric 
Pagans, are, today, a tiny minority, so democracy sucks for us. 
One day we may be in the majority, then we can have a democracy 
where we can democratically push around weaker people like they 
do to us. However, at this time, we are a powerless minority and 
democracy is just an Iron Heel stomping the life out of us). 

This is because of the fictitious Reports that had been written on 
them by a guard in a tower three hundred yards from the commo- 
tion. This is the same guard who disregarded other guards desper- 
ate requests for him to fire shots (Editor 's Note: What else would 
you expect from a Christian copper?). 

In addition to his incompetency to do his assigned job, the officer 
lied and rewrote his report a month later stating that he'd seen ev- 
erything through a pair of "binoculars". He "neglected" to mention 
these binoculars in his first Report. 

The above details are but a few of the many injustices done by 
the system during this escapade. One must keep in mind that all 
our circumstances are the same, and our fate will be the same, 
which means we'll all be transferred to other institutions, however, 
some will have rioting on their records. This will cause them nu- 
merous headaches at other institutions.... Thank you again, Hail 
Odin, Roderic Scott Russell 

Mr. Kaldenberg: 

For Personal and Racial (The Destruction of the White race by 

the Jewsmedia and U.S. government), reasons, I happen to be at a 

real low point in my life. I'd like to tap into a Higher power, but I 

want it to be a White one. I want to tap into my Pagan roots...what 

Continued on Page 43 

is an entirely independent English lan- 
guage magazine which deals in-depth 
with issues of importance to the fu- 
ture of our race (ecology, the French 
New Right, religion, Age of Aquarius, 
imperialism, the state...) sample copy $9 

surface, $13 air mail. Checks made payable to Michael 
Walker, Address: Postfach 850505, 51030, Koln, Germany 


Nexus, #14, P.O. Box 1627, Paraparaumu, New Zealand 4 issues 
$15, Overseas (Outside New Zealand) $20, Air mail $25. Half- 
Size Newsletter, 20 pages. 

Nexus opens up with Malaysia Defies Usurers, which shows how 
the international bankers affect the Asian market. Next a reprint of 
theN.Z. Fascist Union's pamphlet: "Fascism As Dialectics". A < 
piece called The Gall of the Aethyrs. Reviews of books, zines and 
Pagan music. A story about evidence of acupuncture on: the mum- 
mified body of the Alpine Ice Man. Greek Nationalism suppressed. 
A great piece about the Aryan in the ancient myths and legends of 
Third World peoples. A piece about the goofy Wiccan warlock 
Gerald Gardner. And a delightful article called "Judaization of the 
European: How the White Christian Right is helping to Judaize the 
West*'. This piece really rips a hew asshole in the Aryan Christ 
myth. Always support our Pagan sisters and brothers overseas! 

Bizarrism, No. 6, P.O. Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, Aus- 
tralia $5 per issue. (I couldn't find a sub rate nor how often it is 
published). Full Size magazine. 40 pages 
Bizarrism opens up with Literary Remains: Some Manuscripts of 
Murderers. A piece called Mary's Voice Box is about the 
"appearance" of the Virgin Mary in Australia and other Christian 
insanity. Comics by Chris Mikul. An interesting story about tales 
of the hollow Earth myth. Starting in 1818, John Cleves Symmes 
believed the Lost Tribes of Israel lived in the center of the Earth, 
and finishing with whacky Nazi tales of Hitler escaping into the 
Earth's core. My favorite piece is The Sick World of Sigmund 
Freud, which had some great insight into the mad doctor. An inter- 
esting article about New Zealand playboy Sir Wayne Martin. A 
piece about Australian motor cyclist Ken Le Breton. A story about 
an ill British boy who wanted to make it In the Guinness Book of 
Records for receiving the ifiost get well cards. The boy got well, 

Paid Ad 

but the cards kept coming. At a rate of 100,000 a week, until he 
racked up 60 million cards. Now, like the tribles on that old Star 
Trek episode, the kid can't stop the cards and he is getting buried. 
Last, a story about recluse Kelver Hartley. Very cool and off the 

The Ravenborn: An Occult Journal of the Politically Incorrect, 
#0, P.O. Box 79006, 17202, Ffimittos, Athens, Hellas GREECE, 
Full-size Newsletter, 7 pages (There is no price listed) Mr. 
oURovoros says he wants to make it bi-monthly. 
It opens up with an engaging interview with the Euro-Centric 
Pagan band Aller Seelen. Next we have a piece called Abraxas 
(Beyond Good and Evil) The Gnostic god of Creation and destruc- 
tion, who had influence on the invention of the Jewish god, Yah- 
weh. They finish with an article entitled Heinrich Himmler-77/e 
Black Jesuit and his Knights qfWewelsbyrg: The &S* Support our 
Pagan sisters and brothers in the Aryan Holy Land (Europe). Send 
them a few bucks for the name of Odin! 

SCAPEGOAT, #11, P.O. Box 381198, Hollywood, CA, ^0038- 
1 1 98, Full-size magazine, slick cover, several color nude photos, 
many ads for Satanic products, subs $15 a year, samples $5, over- 
seas $18 subs, samples $6, 36 pages 

ScapeGoat opens up with tributes to the late founder of the Church 
of Satan, Dr. Anton LaVey by ScapeGoat publisher Reverend John 
Kamieniecki, infamous bad boy, Adam Parfrey, and CoS Magister 
Peter Gilmore, letters to editor, a great interview with Douglas 
Pierce, the lead singer of the Euro-centric Pagan band Death hi 
June, which shines neoteric light on this enigmatic, Odinc bard, 
ne& a wild interview with underground publisher Adam Parfrey, 
then a mischievous article by Cheryl Biggs about one man's sex- 
ual fetishisms, an interview with Satanic musician Gen, and tons 

of Pagan and Satanic music reviews by Geremy Redbeard, John 
Kamienieoki, Phil Martinez, and Wyatt Kaldenberg. This is a great 
magazine, which is put out by a couple of friends of mine. So, don't 
be a cheap bag of shit, buy a sub or at least send them $5 for a sam- 
ple issue. 

PANISCUS REVUE, #2, P.O. Box 464, Alexandria, VA 223 13- 
0464, 64 pages, Full-size magazine; Sample $3 Tom Crites has put 
out a great underground review zine. It has a full color cover which 
must be done by an ink jet. It's so well done I didn't realized it was 
Xeroxed until I read the info. This is the review zine of the sick and 
twisted Every page has something cool and demented. The variety 
of subjects is amazing: punk rock, death metal, even a review of Tri 
State Terror's Mudoven that was pretty funny. 7" Play Off with Two 
Dicks is a music review with two guys named Dick which was enter- 
taining. They reviewed Attack of the Mushroom People! That goofy 
horror flick scared the shit out of me when I was eight. Tom Crites 
and I are probably the only people on the planet who are deranged 
enough to love the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. 

Euro-American Quarterly, #19, P.O. Box 210081, Milwaukee, WI 
53221, Half-size newsletter, 11 pages, $10 for four issue sub, $3 for 
sample. This little guy has been around for some time, but I think it 
was called The Talon, right? It is full of short White racial articles, 
nearly two on every page. This zine may be coming from a White 
Christian viewpoint, but it's hard to tell since the author doesn't talk 
about religion much: I liked his piece on the TV show Hercules, 
which pointed out how multi-racialism is in many shows about pre- 
Christian Europe. Remember, the movie Erik the Viking where they 
had the Viking Goddess Freyja played by a Negro woman? They 
really love to distort history. Disney is doing that now. Their cartoon 
Hercules showed ancient Greece as a rainbow nation and the Muses, 
Goddesses of music were all Negro, however, when they made their 
next cartoon about a Chinese girl who became a warrior, Disney let 
the Chinese people be all Chinese. We always get ripped off. 

Batteries Not Included, #1 1, 130 W. Limestone St., Yellow 
Springs, OH 45387 Full-size newsletter, 12 pages $3 for sample is- 
sue, published irregularly(?), no sub price. This zine opens up with 
David Steinberg's fascinating book review of Other Powers by au- 
thor Barbara Goldsmith. This book is about the politics of free love 
and the Victoria Woodhull sex scandal of the 19th century. There's 
an interview with adult film star Jenna Jamesson. There's an up and 
coming section on sexual related products. A letters section. An arti- 
cle about being bisexuality. What this zine is really famous for is 
they sell X- rated movies dirt cheap. Movies are only $5 and CDs 
$10 each. 

Jesus People Newsletter, #25, 4338 Third Ave, Sacramento, CA 
958 1 7, Full-size newsletter, 24 pages, Free 
This zine is a Christian out reach project. They are very critical of 
other Christians. They hate Mormons, Pagans, Satanists, Catholics, 
Gays, Calvinists, Identity, everyone except, of course, the Jews. 50 
years ago, when the A.D.L. weren't so powerful, they would have 
been anti-Jewish as well. Fucking chicken shits! They hate gays even 
though neither Jesus nor Yahweh were heterosexuals. This never 
made any sense to me about Christians. Why do Christians hate gays 
when they worship a "god" who hates pussy? They sell a book, The 
Cult Named Christian Identity, which uses Bible study to trash the 
lie of Aryans being lost Jews. That looks good. There is an article 
attacking White nationalism, because Jesus hates the White race, 
but they have no attack on black, Jewish, latino, nor other forms of 

racial nationalism. Jesus likes black pride, but hates White pride. 
They tell us that the black nationalist holiday of Kwanzaa is okay, 
but Jesus would get his panties worked up into a wad over an 
Aryan Yule. Christianity has been fucking the White race for 
2,000 years. It's time for this evil, alien cult to get the fuck off of 
Aryan land and go back home to the middle east and fuck up 
someone else's life for a change. I hate sex hating cults! Jesusfreak 
go home! Damn foreigners. 

Why do Christians hate gays 

when they worship a "god" 

who hates pussyP 

The Civil Abolitionist, Box 26, Swain, New York 14884, V. 9 #3, 
Full-size, 10 pages, Quarterly, Free, Published by the Protect Ani- 
mals in Parks & Refuges. This is a very activist centered zine. It's 
packed full of info and projects which animal rights activists can 
volunteer for. Volunteerism. This is what separates the so called 
Left from the so called Right Volunteerism; The Left are volun- 
teers, givers, winners. The Right are apathetic, takers, losers. You 
should send for this zine. The whole concept of volunteerism, self- 
sacrifice, and unselfishly giving to a cause will be so foreign and 
new to you that you will think someone has slipped you a hit of. 
acid. Volunteerism: what a concept 

Social Deviate, #6, 10220 Shoal Creek CT., Louisville, KY 
40291, Full-size newsletter, 16 pages, Irregularly, Free? This is an 
interesting zine, but it's hard to tell where it's coming from. 
There's hints of Satanism, the Klan, punk rock, motor bikes, 
Christian Identity, and Charles Mason admiration. It has news 
clips. Reviews. Poems. An interview with Yaiquib Gabar of the 
Black Israelites. An article Racial Pride: The Decline & Fall of 
America. The Hillbilly Bohemians Guide to the Bay Area. Arid a 
piece called In Defense of Anglo-Saxons. 

The Nationalist Observer, #9, P.O. Box 152603, San Diego,, CA 
92195 Full-size newsletter, 8 pages, $30 for a years-, slifer It opens 
with an article charging the U.S. government with hate crimes 
against the White race. A piece about killing Jewish abortion doc- 
tors. News bites. 

Incredible Inquiry Review, #11, 153 Village Circle, Garden Val- 
ley, ID 83622, Full-size newsletter, 8 pages, $12 for 6 issue. This 
zine is basically Christian Identity with a Hindu twist. They be- 
lieve in Karma, reincarnation, Jesus, and the Jewish "god". They 
are anti-Zionism, anti-Fascism 

Hidden Agenda, #10, P.O. Box 3, Freeport, PA 16229, Quarter- 
zine newsletter, 30 pages, $1, Last issue. Sad, but true. This is the 
end of Hidden Agenda so send in your buck while supplies last 
This is the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms issue. It opens up with 
a history of the BATF. A piece on reasons to drink. A history of 
alcohol. A recipe for dandelion wine. Reasons to smoke. A history 
of tobacco. A history of guns. And more. 

Farming Uncle, Vol XXII #1, Box 5801 18, Bronx, NY 10458, 
Half-size newsletter, 24 pages, Quarterly, $5 for one year. This is a 
very interesting American Indian zine, Loaded, and I mean loaded, 
with contacts and ads. Many, many Indian contacts. A great num- 
ber of farm ads. Farming Uncle is promoting a Native American 
Holiday. Peyote and Shamanism contacts. A lot of info on health. 
And poultry news. 

Ancient American: Archaeology of the Americas Before Colum- 
bus, Vol. 4 #25, P.O. Box 370, Colfax, Wisconsin, 54730, 38 
pages, $MM for 6. This zine is connected with the fringes of the 
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. My dear mother just 
bought me a sub to this zine for Yule in hopes that I'll return to 
the Church. This zine is cool and the LDS slant is only noticeable 
if you undeistand the Book of Mormon^ which is the history of 
ancient, White America, B.C. When I was in Sunday school, the 
Church taught me that the angel Mormoni was a blond hair, blue 
eyed warrior from prehistoric White America. Jesus came to 
America, they accepted his teachings, then later they rejected 
Christ and the curse of Cain and the mark of the beast was cast oil 
the White people of America and turned their blond hair black and 
White skin dark: this is where the American Indian came from. 
The Book of Mormon use to say that if an Indian becomes a Mor- 
mon his skin will turn White again. LDS denounced racism in 
1 974, so the main Church doesn't teach this any more. The first 
story is about a Mormon sponsored expedition to the Amazon 
j urigle in South America and find ancient artifacts from Aryan 
Mesopotamia. Then Searching for Lief Erickson's Vindland. Then 
arj article: Inscribed Bone Puts Vikings in Utah. Viking art, runes 
on bone and Viking Age cup recently found in Utah. Petroglyph 
near El Paso, Texas of 14th century Viking. News Items. 5,000 
year old petroglyphs in Minnesota show European roots. 1,000 
year old weapons of Germanic origins discovered in Southern Illi- 
nois. They sell many books on Old World-New World connec- 
tions. An article: The Lost Celtic Gold Mines of Prehistoric Ari- 
zona. And a story about the Kennewick man, the oldest human 
remains found in the Americas, dating back 10, 675 years. They 
just happen to be of a White man, TJie Indian community got so 
freaked out that they demanded the government re-bury the re- 
mains. They did. What would the American Indians do if it came 
out that they aren't the real native Americans and that Whites were 
here first? The Kennewick totally blows the notion that Whites 
took America from the Indians. We owned this land first. Last, is a 
piece about the Ancient American Conference 1998: a talk on the 
recent Utah cave discovery of a group of red hair mummies and 
another on Norse antiquities in America. 

Stuff: Distribution for the Small Press #3, 5879 Darlington Rd., 
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-1600, 30 pages, $5 for six issues. This zine 
is a review zine, and distributor of zines. They carry a wide varity 
of zines among them is Worgard The Berserkir, which is a comic 
book about a Viking hero. A comic book called Christ the Vam- 
pire, which is about the holy bloodsucker. Here is their review of 

"...A voice of the Eurocentric polytheistic communities. This mag is part 
of the Pagan Revival Network, which is dedicated to the more Aryan pa- 
gan beliefs such as Odinism t Wotanism, andAsatru. Full of strong honest 
and Mepth articles and discussions on the pagan religions aforemen- 
tioned: Among these other things is an excellent article on Zoroasterism, 
its origins and history." 

The Werewolf, #3, P.O. Box 172, Chisago City, MN 55013, Full- 
size magazine, 18 pages, $3 per issue, irregularly. Begins with a 
editorial. Then a good piece called "White Unity" Hais Become A 
Ship Of Fools. A article called Hope: Why We Still Go On. Next 
is Being Alone: "Whether you are far away from the nearest be- 
liever, or in the midst of those who follow, but don't understand, 
isolation can do all but kill.* 9 Lots of racial rock reviews. And The 
Werewolf ends with Blood and Soil: The Agriculture Policy of the 
Third Reich. 

Gauntlet: Exploring The Limits of Free Expression, #16, Full-size 
magazine, 122 pages, $16 for 2 issues. This issue is devoted to 
the hotly debated topic of nude children in art. Gauntlet takes the 
position that nude children in art is natural and those opposing it 
are either Right wing Christians or extreme feminists on the Left. 
This zine carries an article reviewing many "art" books of nude 
children. They also show many nude photos of kids. One book, 
The Last Day Of Summer, by Jock Sturges is mainly just normal 
nudism. The nudist family walking on the beach, etc. I don't know 
why any one would buy this book, but people should have the free- 
dom to be nudists. However, some other books are way too sexual 
and are merely kiddie porn masquerading as art The writers 
claims that none of these pictures have anything to do with sex and 
are just art. If they don't have anything to do with sex, why not 
make a photo book just showing children's feet or hands or the 
tops of their heads. One picture shows a five year old girl sitting 
nude with her legs spread wide open. Where is the art value in 
this? I normally defend pornography, but fuck, these are little kids. 
You can't defend some of these photos The minor topic in this 
issue is free expression on the Internet. They have an article on 
how to fight "hate speech". Photos of nude children are art, while 
love for the White race is a hate crime. What a fucked world we 
live in. 

The only thing 90% of the 

movement is good for is they 

make great witnesses for the 


Obscure Publication, #44, 45 Albert St. S., St. Paul, MN 55105, 
6 pages, $5 for five issues. This zine is a NEWS letter for the zine 
world. This issue talks mostly about the fate of Factsheet Five 
after R. Seth Friedman announced in #64 that he was giving up 
publishing the zine. Seth is selling F5 for $70,000, but without 
hirn would it be the same zine? There's a piece about Mike Gun- 
derloy, formerly of F5, who burnt out on reviewing zines for F5 
and nearly had a "break down". Can you blame him? Once F5 
boasted over 2,000 reviews. How can you even read that many 
zines let alone write reviews for them? Info about Jim Goad, au- 
thor of The Redneck Manifesto, a daring defense of White word- 
ing people, (a book which most people in the so called White 
movement are too worthless and lazy to read and to support. What 
do you expect from a movement filled with free loaders. The only 
thing 90% of the movement is good for is they make great wit- 
nesses for the prosecution). Jim Goad is being set up and targeted 
for his writing. The Iron Heel is trying to give him 25 years for his 

writings. Obscure zine ends with a nice little ad section. This is a 
great zine to find out what is happening in the zine revolution. 
Samples only a buck. 

"Weak people need strong leaders; 
strong people lead themselves/' 

Tom Metzger, director of W.A.R. 

Spearhead, Issue #358, P.O. Box 1 17, Welling, Kent DA 16 
3DW England Overseas 24.60 English pounds for 12 (I have no 
idea what a pound is worth in US$ anymore). 30 pages. This is the 
voice of the British National Party, which was created when the 
English National Front fell apart some years back. They open up 
with Nationalist comments. Next an article called The Conspiracy 
Against Free Speech: Jewish Group Tries to Sabotage BNP rally. 
Here's an interesting quote from the BNP: "We in the British Na- 
tional Party do nowhere advocate ill-treatment of the Jews. Those 
who are loyal to Britain, observe the laws of Britain and play no 
part in poisoning the minds of the people of Britain, have abso- 
lutely nothing to fear from us. On the other hand, of those who are 
disloyal, break the law and/or play a part in poisoning the public 
mind-whether by means of press, TV or any other medium- 
Gentiles are equally guilty as Jews and should be treated equally." 
An "anti-Gay" article which 4s actually veiy liberal by movement 
standards. Hie BNP says that if gay people weren't always in your 
face about their sex life, then gays should be free to live as they 
please, but the BNP has a problem with the gay movement's rude- 
ness. This is a far cry from, say, the National Alliance's policy of 
"The Day Of The Rope". There's a lot more in Spearhead maga- 
zine. One policy change 1 like in the BNP is they are opening up 
debate in their zine. I hate totalitarianism. And in America, outside 
of WAR and a veiy few others, most American racialists don't 
allow any disagreement within their ranks. Many "leaders", on the 
so called Right, Left, and Center, have failed in their private lives, 
and since misery loves company, they want to fuck up other peo- 
ple's lives so they won't feel alone. As Tom Metzger always says: 
"Weak people need strong leaders; strong people lead them- 

WAR, November 1998, White Aryan Resistance, Tom Metzger, 
P.O. Box 65, Fallbrook, CA 92088, Monthly, Newspaper, 12 
pages, $30 U.S. $40 Canada, $50 overseas. This is by far the most 
racist newspaper on Earth! WAR opens up with an Editorial by 
Tom Metzger, who tells us how WAR is different from the Right 
wing of the race movement. There's letters. A piece about govern- 
ment power over our children. Next, The Rise of the Aryan Mafia. 
An open letter from Richard Scutari, explaining about the attack 
on his Odinist kindred. An article that says Affirmative Action 
hires less qualified non- White air plane mechanics, and this is one 
reason so many airplanes have crashed in recent years.And, of 
course, A. Wyatt Mann comics. And tons and tons of racist goods 
for sell. 

Sistah, #3, Sarah Falkiner, 3049 W Cortland #3, Chicago, EL 
60647, Half-size newsletter, 32 pages, $1, Irregularly. Sarah has 
created a nice little women's zine. She's a Buddhist and has a lot 
here about freeing Tibet from Communist tyranny. Chairman Mao 
killed 60 million Chinese people, mostly Buddhists and Taoists. I 
don't know how the Free Tibet movement can win if they are 
afraid to even mention the genocide the Red Chinese 
Continued On Page 44 

Letters From Page 39 

books are essential (Our Bible) for the reawaking Nordicist? ...are 
there any groups...that would be helpful in understanding 
Norsc.religion? I'm aware that at one time you published a Pagan 
newsletter. Do you still put it out?...Sincerely, Tom S. 

Hey Tom S. 

Don't get depressed about your personal life nor the state of the 
White race. We were born in this day and age for a spiritual rea- 
son. Odin said: "A gift demands a gift." This is the roots of Odin- 
ism. You serve the Gods and the Folk and you will be rewarded, if 
not in this life time, then the next. The White race is in the greatest 
mess it has ever been in. This is Odin's gift to us. Crisis is oppor- 
tunity. Our generation has been handed such opportunity to rise to 
greatness that it is in our power to become the finest generation 
pur race ever produced. Few great people were ever created during 
good times. Our biggest problem is our people don't see mis age 
as being a time of grand fortune. This is the best time in the his- 
tory of our people to be alive. The fate of our race rests in our 
hands. We are the most important White people who ever lived. 
What an honor the Gods have given us. They have given us the 
chance to be the saviors of our people. That is so cool! My biggest 
fear is most White people are so lazy and worthless that they'll see 
this as a curse and not a blessing. Tom, the Gods just gave you the 
opportunity to be a hero and shine like the sun. My only question 
is are you a good enough man to take advantage of this great op- 
portunity the Gods have given you? 90% of the race movement 
are not White enough to receive the gift of greatness. 
We don't have a Jewish problem, a black problem, nor a Latino 
problem. We have a White problem. The greatest road block to the 
survival of the White race is the White race. And this joke we call 
the race movement is just a bunch of losers who want to find a 
scapegoat to blame for the avarice, inactivity, and general worth- 
lessness of their own lives. The Jews aren't killing the White race, 
White people are. There is a great shortage of White children; who 
is to blame for this other than White people. A growing number of 
White men refuse to support their children; who is to blame for 
this but White men? The White race is fucked up, and only Whites 
are to blame. We must become better White men and women. We 
must take responsible for our lives as true men would and as true 
women would. White adulthood; what a new concept! Wyatt 


This article appeared in the December, 1998 issue of Discover, 
and I thought, if you haven't read it yet, it would be worth a quick 
"personal" (Love fancy words!) This Viking dude is a real Jew 
gold mining his own people's genes in the rich Jewish tradition of 
blind, materialistic exploitation.... 

...Guys like this Viking dude give our race a bad name-so that 
you stop giving a shit about most of 'em- the White race? You 
can count the members these days on your fingers and toes! ... Ray 


Thanks for the article. Discover is a great magazine. Some years 
back, Discover had a cover article about Celt mummies recently 
found in Northern China. The Communists found hundreds and 
Letters Continued 44 

Letters Continued From 43 
hundreds of these red and blond hair mummies, which were 1,000s 
and 1,000s of years old The Reds were freaked because they had 
discovered that CMna wa$ a part of the ancient Aryan homeland. 
They were so upset that they refused to allow any non-Chinese to 
go near the site. Many felt the Communists might begin destroying 
the site and all the artifacts. We, as a people, have lost so much. 
Our ancient homeland once engulfed all of the Americas, North- 
ern Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and huge hunks of Asia. 
Now, what little land we have left is being colonized by the Third 
World. Democracy is taxing pur race to pay for the Third World 
invasion of our hprne, arid all the ^ood little Christians welcome 
the invaders into their rucking churches. Across the borders and 1 
into the churchy the preachers usher in the mud flood to join their 
congregation. You're right about howfew people below to ouf 
race. White people are the White race's greatest enemy. Non- 
Whites wouldn't be taking over our homeland if White people 
didn't allow it. Wyatt 


I have received trie issue #4^1 of Pagan is without a 
doubt one of the better publications I have read for some time. 
Thank you for talcing the time to respond to my letter. I would be 
honored and glad to contribute some work to your publica- 
tion. Jmtde is a book review of The Barbarian Conversion : From 
Paganism to Christianity by Richanj Flecther, published 1997 by 
Henry Holt W$ Company, 556 pages.... 

....In regard to your response to my letter. It was around 1982 
when I saw your AD (in Easy Rider Magazine), perhaps earlier. I 
wrote back to you in 1982. You sent me information about the 
Odinist Fellowship, a paper about the values of Odjnism, A pam- 
phlet advertising The Runestone (the newsletter of the late Asatru 
pree Assembly), and $Pitfe itetiis put out by the Los Angeles chap- 
ter of the Odinist Fellowship. Your ads were the first I'd ever seen 
that made me realize that there were others out there who were 
interested in the Gods and the ways of our forefathers. Through 
them I made contact with Else Christensen and Tom Padget. A 
number of his childhood friends are followers of Odin. All of 
whom I met here in the joint in Ohio. 

I am glad you have a network of Odinists. I am not into rituals or 
bizarre mysticism. One should put one's creed into one's deed, as 
the Odinist Fellowship saying went. I; also, feel that there must be 
a genetic connection between Odin and hts followers. We are all 
(from the North) children of the Gods, or at least, children of those 
who over the long centuries followed and were as one with the 

I assume that you prefer that one reviews non-fiction type books. 
I work in the law library here at the prison, so I can do something 
on basic rights and safeguards that may be of use to one if one is 
arrested. One has limited rights here in the U.S.., but it does help 
if one lias the sense to make use of the ones that are still allowed 

I assume too that you'll be wishing to work towards an Odinic 
nationalist state or community. I will attempt to find some books 
that deal with things like wiring and construction. One thing 
which would be good for any community is skilled people with 
trades that can add to the common good. One must be a warrior yet 
one must, also, have the skills of a craftsman.... 

...also, after writing the book review, by examining the means the 
Christians used to forcefully convert the free people of Europe, . 
and applying some of the basic tactics Pf Clauswitz and Sun Tzu, 
Continued On 45 


A Book Review by Michael Miller 

Egil Skalla-Grimsson, born in Iceland in the early 10th cen- 
tury, was a warrior from the start Going on Viking raids 
and traveling to lands such as England, Germany, Sweden, 
Denmark, and Norway in search of adventure and riches. 
He lived and breathed for both (my opinion). He lived a lav- 
ish lifestyle and often he would entertain warriors loyal to 
him for the entire winter. He was respected and feared by 
many warriors; those loyal to hint would fight to the death. 
Egil was a fierce and relentless fighter. Taller and boarder 
than most men; his strength and combat skills were impres- 
sive. Egil, also, looked the part of a furious warrior with his 
oddly shaped face. Some would say he was ugly and ill- 

Egil was a gifted poet His poems were spoken in kindness, 
in times of need, and to give thanks. He spoke bis poetry 
before and after battles. Egil was a kind and caring man, that 
is until he was crossed, then he -became a beserker (enraged 

If we Aryans lived by Egil's code of conduct and character, 
our struggle would be fought with the type of ferocity we 
need in our movement today. 

On this day, all of us, Aryans, are being crossed. We must 
pick up our board swords, battle-axes, shields, and hammers 
and fight for a homeland we' can call our own. 

Tyranny is as present now as it was in Egil Skalla- 
Grimsson's time. We must rise up together and fight to- 
gether, then victory will be ours! 

Egil composed his first 
sassy poem at age three, 
and through out his life he 
retained the habit of an- 
swering straightforward 
questions with spontaneous 
eruptions of verse. 

Zine Reviews From Page 43 
committed. There's lots of poems. There's a poem called Eve, 
which questions the wisdom of using birth control pills. Photos of 
cats drinking out of toilets. And an interesting article on women 
and Christianity. 

SHENADOAH Newsletter, Vol. 26 No. 10, 736 West Oklahoma 
St., Appleton, Wisconsin 549 14, 2 1 pages, Full-size newsletter, 
monthly, $17.50. This is an Volkish American Indian zine. It starts 
out with an article on the American Indian wars. Actually, there is 
a lot of Indian history here. One thing I like about this newsletter 
is they oppose the Iron Heel attack on Iraq. The editor, Scan do$ 
relates thelndlan struggles with the Iraqi resistance. They're Pan- 
Indian Nationalists, and there's even a lot of info on South Amer- 
ica Indians* Peppered through out this zine are the interesting com- 
ments by Scan doa. There's a lot of good anti-government opin- 
ions. Many Indian contacts. There's letters to the editor. This is a 
good zine to get in touch with the growing Indian Volfc movement 

Letters Fron 44 
one would have an article of interest on the means of ensuring a 
conversion of a hostile people. 

I am interested in your ideal of an Odinist meritocracy. There are 
rulers and followers. Some were born to be masters and others 
slaves. I think, although, I would give the free peasants a little 
more credit. The citizen farmer and citizen warrior were an impor- 
tant aspect of the old world and often Jarls would take Children of 
peasants into their services as war thanes. I think that peasants 
only shoveled shit in the old days when they were too poor to own 
a Thrall. However, today, I believe that the middle section of our 
people have been conditioned to be Thralls, instead of free peo- 
ple, and if one is a mental slave, one is more of a slave than the 
person in bondage. 

Are you familiar with the warrior Starkad the Elder? He was a 
Danish hero, who is of great interest to me as an Odinist hero. The 
Thralls and peasants all hated him, but all the warrior caste ad- 
mired him. He is a good example of a proud warrior in an Odinc 
Meritocracy. When he was wounded in battle he refused aid from a 
Thrall woman, a man who was in love with a bond woman, and 
from a court bailiff, because all were unworthy to give aid to a 
warrior. He did allow a woodcutter to help bind his wounds as he 
was a free man about his business. I think the legend is a good 
one. Too many people today will hang out with and accept as 
friends those who are against what we stand for. How can they 
truly be a racially aware people and live their creed if they hang 
out with various muds, or those who support our foes? If you like I 
can expand this into an article....once again, I really liked your 
publication, and the people I have shown it to all liked it as well. I 
am glad you use the term Odinist, as natural English speakers, I 
feel this is the term we should use, plus Odin is the Supreme God, 
and whether you hold with him or his children, you still should 
hold with his example.... Ves Heil! Allen J. Semenchuk #A156- 
157, Box 788, Mansfield, Ohio 44901 

Brother Allen, 

Thanks for your book review. It was great! It will appear in issue 
#43. 1 am getting to the end and not everything will make it in #42. 
Next time, I'll start the letter section closer to the front, so I'll 
have more room. I want the letter section to be an open letter to 
the Odinic community from the Odinic community: as if it were a 
group of Odinists, sitting around at a pizzeria, drinking beer, and 
talking about Paganism, life, sex, books, their kids, a cool movie 
they just saw, you know, things that apply to our everyday lives as 
Pan Aryan Pagans. In Viking days, it would be a gathering 
around the mead bench. This is why I try to answer most letters 
publicly. I send Pagan Revival all over the world. This way some- 
one working for an oil company in, say, Chad or South Yemen 
can feel like they are a part of an international Odinc kindred. I 
want to start local kinreds for the Pagan Revival Network, and the 
first kindred will be the Snail Mail Kindred of the letter sections. 
Many people in the movement won't give out people's addresses 
because they fear losing "control" (as if they ever had control) of 
their people. I understand that there's a "White power" cult , 
which is so terrified of people rinding out that there is something 
better out there that they have officially outlawed any literature at 
their meetings which is not OFFICIAL cult literature. No cult can 
brainwash its cult members with other people's ideas floating 
around. Cults can't handle people thinking for themselves. Groups 
which are afraid of "dangerous" ideas will never free our people 
from the tyranny of the Left, Right, and Center, nor will it free our 

people from the tyranny of their own inactivity, the tyranny of their 
own rapacity, (rapacity is a great word which means a predatory 
greed so great that one would betray even their loved ones to satisfy 
//), nor the tyranny of their own innocence. Is there a greater oppres- 
sion than the slavery of one's own innocence? The White masses are 
innocent people, and this is why they are the most terrible enemy our 
White race has ever faced. Our principal adversary in the war for 
White survival is the White majority. Majority rule is the dictator- 
ship of innocence. 

We need neither a dictatorship of the masses (democracy) nor a 
dictatorship of one individual (autocracy). Only the rule by a tribal 
council made up of the best, most active, and most devoted will free 
the sheep from the tyranny of themselves. The mindless sheep in the 
so called race movement are looking for a leader in jack boots to be 
the next Hitler or Stalin, because they are too lazy, stupid, and 
worthless to lead themselves. Odinism should never stink into a cult. 
We need all the bitching, screaming, and disagreeing to keep us a 
free people. As Baxter the Pagan said, disagreement and infighting 
makes us strong ....and free. This is why I open the letter section up 
to all ideas of the Aryan Pagan community, because all leadership of 
the new age has to come from The Illuminated Folk, not the mind- 
less White sheep herd. The White sheep are, well, just sheep. Sheep 
just mindlessly roam the country side, allowing wolves and coyotes 
to feast on them, until a sheep herder and his sheep dogs come along 
and leads them, all to the slaughter house. The masses will always be 
sheep, waiting to be exploited by someone. Be it by the wolves and 
coyotes or by sheep herders and their dogs, the White majority are 
just a resource, a meal to satisfy someone else's hunger. Hitler was a 
great sheep herder, so was Churchill, Stalin, and President Roosevelt 
The capitalists are wolves. I don't believe Odinism needs a great 
leader, but a great cadre to make up a caste of enlightened warriors 
to herd the White sheep. There is no equality, not even among White 
people. The White sheep herd were born to serve The Illuminated 
Ones, This is the natural order of man and the animal world. The 
only way to save the White race from extinction is for us to become 
The Illuminated Ones. The sheep don't have the genes to be free. 

On topics to write for Pagan Revival. Non-fiction and fiction book 
reviews are good since most people read both. People seem to like 
the historical pieces the best. I want to keep Pagan Revival a voice 
of the Eurocentric community, and since you are a part of this com- 
munity, what ever topic you wish to write about is right Reviews of 
the Sagas would be great, albeit I don't see them as a Bible as some 
Odinists do, nonetheless, they are not without some merit I read 
many of the Sagas about 20 years ago, so I've forgot most of what I 
read. I seem to recall the name Starkad the Elder, but I can't remem- 
ber any of his legend. He would be a great subject for an article. 
Like I said, White people are hungry to know about their history, 
their true culture, and the old ways. And, Allen, since you have been 
a part of The Illuminated Ones since 1982, how many people 
know as much as you what is right and what is wrong for the Folk? 
Very few....Hail Odin! Wyatt 

Dear Cocksucker Wyatt Kaldenberg: 

In your article titled "The Death of the White race?" you wrote: 
"In tiny Iceland, the Vietnamese refugee birth rate is four times 
higher than the native Whites...." Of course our birth rate is much 
higher than Whites cause we are better in sex than you little White 
bastard! We are going to increase our population in North America 
and Europe until you guys become minority in your own land. We 
will take away all your jobs and everything you own. There is noth- 
ing you guys can do about it. Remember the Vietnam war? Well, 

we'll teach you Yankees a lesson again if you guy$ don't smarten 

Since there is only a few days before Christmas, I decided to send 
you a good picture of a White woman sucking a Black man's cock. 
White men are fagots... John Lieu, 44 Elana Dr., North York, On- 
tario, Canada M3N-2C2 


I agree with you. Most White men are fagots. Jesus cut off their 
balls. Yes* for all practical proposes, the White race is extinct. The 
teachings of Jesus Christ have murdered the White race. Yes, 
there's no way for the White race to hold any land any where on 
the planet Earth. Jesus Christ is the father of all of this. But, no, 
you people didn't defeat the White race. We defeated ourselves. If 
the White race had the' balls to purge Christianity from the West, 
then we would have a chance to live, but Whites don't have any 
balls, so we are dead ..Wyatt 


Thanks for your arine. Seriously entertaining ideas on 
"Aryanism". However, I like your style of writing. Some of your 
jokes are pretty tunny. We both hate the Christian Right, although 
for far, far different reasons. I was part of an anti-Klan rally in 
Chicago awhile back put on by ARA. It was fairly absurd. Noth- 
ing funnier than watching you brave "Aryan" warriors hiding 
behind "ZOG" police for protection. If 20 clowns in dunce caps is 
all you people can field, isn't it time to pack it up? It was your 
damn rally. You clowns were organizing for months. We had a 
weekend notice and had over 300 supporters. What does that tell 
you? Jim, Riverside, IL 

Hail Dear Komrade! 

Thanks a lot for your letter and your copy of Pagan Revival. 
Please, could you send me, more stuff about your organization and 
magazine. S.N.R. , BP252, 13608, AIX CEDEX 1, France 

Hail Brother: 

I understand you folks are trying to network with as many anti- 
system groups as you can. I try to send Pagan Revival to a wide 
variety of people all around the world. I'll include your address in 
P;R. If you know any Eurocentric Pagans on your side of the At- 
lantic Ocean and could give them my address, I would be be- 
holden to you. I see you sell CDs from the Death Metal band 
Burzum. Isn't this the Swedish band whose leader singer was told 
by the God Odin to burn down Christian churches and killed a 
Communist rocker? If you are in contact this brother, give him my 
love! Send me a copy of Radikal and I'll review it in Pagan Re- 
vival. Even if it is in French, I have a friend who can write the re- 
view. I'll send you the new Pagan Revival. I am working on creat- 
ing literature, but have none right now. ...Wyatt 

Dear Wyatt, 

Thanks for sending Pagan Revival #41.1 really enjoyed it... 

I've been involved in the White separatist struggle for about 4 
years now. Although I'm not an Odinist nor a Pagan, I've had con- 
tact with many racialists who are. I do reject the Christian religion 
in any form, this includes "Identity". Religiously, I would describe 

myself as a naturist, I do not worship any God nor Gods, not because 
I'm necessarily an atheist, but simply because I don't have any evi- 
dence to justify any super natural beliefs. 

I find your writings very radical as well as very informative, and I 
appreciate this. Too many people within the movement are worried 
about what others will think, no movement can last like this. I, also, 
enjoyed your comments on Plato's Republic, and that you favor a 
caste system stich as a Meritocracy. 

You, also, stated under the Business section on the Books for Sale 
page, that the only way to beat the capitalist system is to become a 
capitalist, and I do agree. Economics almost always enters into any 
serious discussion of race. I am for the most part against capitalism. 
What economic system would you support? We hear a lot about how 
evil capitalism is, but virtually no one offers a solution. I am anx- 
iously await your reply. 14 Words, Jon, P.O. Box 7364, Jackson, TN 

Brother Jon: . 

An Odinic Meritocracy is an economic system. Under capitalism, 
any maggot has the freedom to start a business. People who have 
never done a fucking thing for society are free to start a business 
because under a free enterprise system money is God. Under capital- 
ism, it is everyone's right to start a business, however, under a Meri- 
tocracy, ownership of property is a privilege, not a right. Why should 
people who have never served the White race have the right of own- 
ership? Under an Odinic Meritocracy, only those who serve the 
White race have the right to own anything; be it a business, a house, 
a car, a dog, or a pair of under pants. People who don't serve the 
Folk must borrow from the state. Under an Odinic Meritocracy, the 
Jarl caste, or those who serve the White race, are the state. In 1999, . 
under American capitalism, 1/3 of all homeless people are Vietnam 
vets. The Vietnam war ended in 1975. What does this tell you about 
how America views those who serve her? Draft dodgers stayed home 
and were given the freedom to start businesses. Bill Clinton is a draft 
dodger, and he was free to become President The free enterprise 
system gives race traitors the freedom to murder the West, and they 
are taking full advantage of that freedom. Capitalism allows the bad 
to excel, while the good sleep in gutters. Under an Odinic Meritoc- 
racy, all Folk heroes would be given a chance to enter the Jarl caste, 
where they would recent a 99 year land lease from the state and be 
given the freedom to profit. Maggots who never serve the Folk 
would have the freedom to sleep in the slave quarters. The Jarl caste 
would determine what a Folk Hero is. An Aryan woman who moth- 
ered many Aryan children might be seen as a Folk Hero. Perhaps 
another woman who found the cure for cancer would be seen as a 
Folk Hero. The point being you would have to earn the right to be 
rich. People could not get rich making kiddy porn nor by selling 
heroin to 1 4 year olds like under the free enterprise system. Owner- 
ship is a privilege, not a right. This is what I mean by the Jarls must 
become the Capitalists. The Jarl caste must take ownership of all 
property in the Aryan homeland. Those who refuse to serve the Folk 
can sleep on the sidewalks. 

We have White sisters and brothers inside the serpent's belly do- 
ing life plus 500 years. When the New Age comes, why should any- 
one of them be poor? Why shouldn't their families be given the right 
to kick White maggots out of their beach front mansions and claim 
that property as theirs? 

A caste system is an economic system. One thing I don't 
like about the National Alliance is their Day of the Rope theory. 
Why kill race traitors? If they are all dead, who will work in the coal 
mines? It won't be me. Day of the Rope is such a waste of White 

slaves. Hanging a traitor and his family will hurt him for maybe 
two minutes, however, making him work long hours picking 
grapes with his family will hurt him for a life time. And, of course, 
if the race traitors are allowed to live AND WORK at all the 
crappy jobs, we have more time to erqoy life. What to do about the 
middle section of apathetic White sheep is up for debate. Brother 
Allen's ideas about the Karls are more kind than mine are. The 
White masses have turned their backs on our race. I, personally, 
will never forgive them for the mess they have gotten us in. Of 
course, under an Odinic Meritocracy, the Jarl caste must decide 
what to do with those who turned their backs on the Folk in our 
darkest hour. As I say, there are people far more forgiving than 
me. And for Christians, they are the reason the White masses are 
so fucked up. Christianity isn't a religion, but a disease like cancer 
or AIDS. Why would I ally myself with a sickness? Christians be- 
long in the middle east. Sadly, most Odinists have a kinder view 
of Christians than 1 do. Pagan kindness and liberalism towards the 
Christians, Jews, and Muslims is what lead to Paganism being out- 
lawed in our own homeland and to the rape and torture to death of 
millions of Pagan children. Pagans who unite with monotheists are 
setting the stage for future executions of Pagan people. .All 
monotheists are demons, not humans... Wyatt 

Heil Wyatt: 

...Cheers to an excellent Pagan Revival; it's hotter than the flames 
arising from the Folkish Samhain bonfire. I like your no non-sense 
brand of racially pure barbarism, and your refusal to compromise, 
beat around the bush, nor hold back punches on the "Christian 
(lack of) Identity" cretins. 

You really summed it up with the statement: "Jews are a hard 
working people, and this is why they are so powerful The secret 
to the Jewish conspiracy is they push their people to success. If the 
Jews just got drunk and hitched how hopeless the world is, like 
most people in the White power movement do, then they would be 
losers too. " Damn! That was Mjolnir hitting the nail on the head! I 
just fell off my chair when I read that! I was , also, enthralled by 
your comments on the "true Jews" and Plato's Republic. It hit me 
like a bolt of White lightening! Heil to you kinsmen. I would like 
to reprint your diatribe on the "true Jews" with your permission, I 
have never read a better assault on the Judaization of the Aryan 
soul. Enclosed is a copy of my Odinic magazine Fenris Wolf, P.O. 
161, Clinton, WA 98236 and some pamphlets detailing the philos- 
ophy of the White Order of Thule, which is the Aryan Pagan oc- 
cult brotherhood that Fenris Wolf is affiliated with. 
Keep your blade honed, the Day of the Wolf draws nigh! For 
blood, soil, and the Fenris Wolf...Nate Zorn 
P.S. I saw your review of Type O Negative's "Bloody Kiss", 
well, that was a great CD, but if you haven't heard "October Rust", 
the band's latest, then you're missing out on some great Pagan 
Volk melodies. With Aryan Pagan tunes like "Be my Druidess," 
Green Man", "In Praise of Bacchus", "The Glorious Liberation of 
the People's of Europa", and even "Wolf Moon". This CD strikes 
a chord deep in the Aryan soul, summoning forth the Aryan super 
predator! The lyrics are written in a Futharkian, runic font, and the 
lyrics booklet is adorned with beautiful scenes in autumn, and 
even anew "Flag of Vinland" to replace the decrepit, old "Star 
Spangled of David", or as some of my Southern California friends 
have renamed it: "The Star Spangled Beaner!" May Mjolnir crush 
the skulls of our enemies! Heathen holds arise! 

Dear Nate: 


MOONDANCE magazine, Issue #4, C/O Timo Rolling, An der 
Friedenseiche 7, 32457 Porta Wesfelica, Germany, .72 pages, En- 
glish, Full-size magazine, I thought issue #41 of Pagan Revival 
had a lot of text when instead of using the standard 12 pitch font, I 
used a tiny 9 pitch font . Moondance uses an 8 font. The only 
complaint I have is it is hard to read, especially when they use 
these damn tiny Lucida fonts. Some of tije stories I cottffittot redo" 
Albeit so, Moondance is a great Euro-Pagan music magazine. It 
started out as a Black Metal zine, but it now includes all Euro- 
Pagan music. It opens up with music news. They have in-depth 
interviews of 18 Euro-Pagan bands from Helheim to Menhir. A 
special on Euro-Pagan music in Ireland. They have book reviews, 
tons and tons of music reviews, zine reviews. A tribute to the late 
Eurocentric Pagan Ernst Junger. tons of AJ&S cmS contacts witlj 
€uro>}0agan$ in Europe. Moondance is very into the ideas of Os- 
wald Spengler, Nietzsche, Carl Jung, and Julius Evola (who wrote 
Revolt Against The Modern World). There's an interview with the 
head of the Dutch Pagan and Satanic Circle of Jormungandr. COJ 
are into the Dark Gods, so they seem to be more into Satan and 
Loki than Odin. I had the price of a sub, but in this sea of tiny text 
I lost it. It comes from Germany so send at least $6 or $7 for a 
sample issue. Postage alone is $4, and it costs about another $3 or 
$4 dollars to exchange currency. Hell, send $10 for a sample. Give 
the guy a break. Moondance is the most complete guide to Euro- 
Pagan music I have seen. 

Metal Mafia, #6, P.O. Box 308, Deer Park, NY 1 1 729, Full-size 
magazine, 32 pages, I could not fine any sub rate, price per issue, 
nor how often it comes out. I think ten cents per page is a fair 
price for any zine within the U.S. So, $3.20 for a sample copy 
seems fair to me. This is a Death Metal fan zine run by three 
women, who give the Death scene an unique perspective. It opens 
with an editorial on why this issue is late. They trusted people. 
People let them down. The human race would not be so awful, if it 
wasn't full of people. They run Death contests. They have band 
interviews with Lividity, Garden of Shadows, Dead Army Guy 
(D.A.G.), Adnauseam, The New Breed, and Skinned. Tons of 
music reviews. Fan zine reviews. Sick and twisted cartoons. An 
interview with the publisher of Intellektual Spew. And they rap it 
up with an article about Ohio Death Fest "98. This is a great zine 
for any one, like myself, who loves Death Metal. 

Sure, use what ever you want. Thanks for Fenris Wolf. I'll review 
it next time since I am running out of room and I want a longer 
review of your zine than I can fit in this issue. Wyatt 

Dear Kaldenberg: 

...Jerry from WarHorse here. Thanks for the Pagan Revival zine. 
Real pro, and very informative. I am enclosing our debut CD for 
review. It's our older material, but it's all we have right now. For a 
full bio and shit check out our web site at 
WarHorse. Hope to here from you soon. Doomed, Jerry 

Hey Jerry: 

I am glad you liked my zine. Thanks for the CD. It is great. I like 
what Scream magazine said about WarHorse that you are so 
Doom you make Black Sabbath's first album sound like speed 


Letter from 7O00 47 

metal. How true! I took forward to hearing your forthcoming CD 
"Lysergic Communion". Wyatt 


Hey! Got your zine the other day. Thanks. I'll review it in the next 
issue of Metal Mafia. Here's a copy of our zine. Let us know what 
you think. Jenn, 


Great Death Metal magazine you folks put out It's good to see 
women active in the metal scene. I liked the cartoon by Lisa R. 
First, I thought it was an attack on Jesus. I thought about reprinting 
it in Pagan Revival. I enjoyed the many nails driven into Christ's 
two inch penis, but after looking more closely, I realized it wasn't 
Jesus, but Bill Zebub of Grimoire of Exalted Deeds magazine, 248 
Lakeview Ave., Suite 237, Clifton, NJ 0701 1. 1 only know Bill 
Zebub through his magazine. Bill has a brutal sense of humor, so 
take everything he says about you with an enormous gain of salt 
Hell, I think it would be funny if you had a Death Metal beefcake 
contest to spoof all tjie cheese cake contests of Bill Zebub. If peo- 
ple don't like it, fuck 'em! I thought it was really cool that you 
dedicated the latest issue of Metal Mafia to your late grandfather. 
Too many people are afraid to publicly express love for family 
members. It shows you're not a part of the sheep h^rd. Wyatt 

Do you care 
enough to 


Only $16.95 

Make AH Checks & Money Orders Payable 

to Wyatt Kaldenberg 

Single issues $5.00 each 


For United States Prisoners 

Innate Subs Only 

If you are in an American jail and do not have 
eight bucks, nor eight bucks worth of stamps, you 
can write 4,000 or more usable words, ff Pagan Re- 
vival uses them in any form, in our magazine, or as 
a leaflet, or other medium, including letters to the 
editor, you will get a one year sub. Also, artists who 
send in four or more drawings which Pagan Revival 
uses will get a one year sub. Write Wyatt Kaldenberg 
first to see what the needs of Pagan Revival are. Pa- 
gan Revival is sent all over the world, so I can't use 
any art that conflicts with overseas laws.